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As the economy rapid  development, the high buildings pile up one after another. The modernizing  hospital, hotel, living house, highway and bridge are spring up. The capacity of  the distribution system and the illumination system increase continuously, also  with the complexity.The traditional method of the line distribution is directly  adopted the common bus-bar groove, this kind of method makes the construction of  long duration, high cost, the joint infirm, easy to occur the breakdown,  occupying the large building area, the joint does not bear damp and corrosion.  Thus, in the late of 90’s, the minority of developed countires have created the  new power supply system of prefabricated branch cable, with low-voltage. This  system is made up with the in special cable, distribution box,power etc. It has  the characteristis of the power supply dependable,cheap price, simple  installation,the requirements of the environment is not so strict,  no-maintenance, etc.

The prefabricated branch  cable developed by our commany is as the special cable of this system. According  to the customer’s demands, the needed quantities of branch cable are connected  in the set position of the main cable. When construciton, it is very convenient  that the hook hangs the cable drum in order to reel the cable out evenly.  Through the special treatment of the branch joint, it has the property of power  supply dependable and certain waterproof.

Product Characteristic:

Excelent reliability of  power supply

1)       There is no joint on the  conductor of main cable, thus it has a good continuity while the fault points  reduced.

2)       The joint of branch cable  is reasonable designed and manufactured with advanced technology. The contacting  resistance is very small, never influenced by expanding with heat and  contracting with cold.

3)       The branch joint is  shaped in a short time, thus it prevented the conductor from exposing in the air  for a long time which will cause the oxidation and result in the change of  contacting resistance.

4)       For the branch cable,  there are the strict technical standards, inspection needs and quality assurance  system.


By comparing with bus-bar  groove, it can reduce the engineering cost while its technical and economic  targets are so high; the comprehensive economic benefits are  obvious.



No.  of cores

Nominal  section mm2




PVC  insulated and sheathed branch cable




2  3



XLPE  insulated and sheathed  branch  cable







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Q:What does the cable ZR-YJV22-4 * 16 mean?
Copper core flame retardant XLPE insulated PVC sheathed power cable, three core, 6 square
Q:Power Cable for a keyboard?
what type of power cord does it use? if its a regular ac input, you could just use any ac plug with the correct amount of power <-- this isn't the recommended choice, just a posibility.
Q:can you use a standard molex power cable on a SATA HD or do you have to use a SATA power cable to power it?
First the motherboard would desire to have SATA connections.. to make certain what they appear as if, google SATA in photos or something, i cant clarify it, yet all of them look the comparable. No, the cables are way smaller, and handy. SATA information circulate is likewise quicker than IDE
Q:What type of cable is the power cable?
It seems to have not heard of our unit to do the professional cable bridge to the current domestic ranking before 3 I did not see we have this certification ah there is a professional health and safety management system has an environmental management system and other quality management system Science and technology innovation patent what a lot did not see the CCC
Q:9800gt and 8800gt VGA and 6pin cable ?
The question was not making sense to me. 1. If you wanted to know if you wont connect any power cable to the video card will it work. No It will not work. The video card has its own power requirement hence it has to be connected to six pin PCIe power. If you don't have one of those in your power supply then then you have a molex to 6 pin power connector. 2. If you want to know if the PCI'e power connector canbe connected somewhere else the answer is no. 3. The graphic card can only be installed in PCIe X16 slot. Hope it helps Rocky :)
Q:if we provide power through power cable will there be need of extra capacitor near load?
Yes, if you are talking about a bypass capacitor. Electronics always requires a bypass capacitor near the circuit/IC. Having one at the end of a cable means the cable inductance is in series, and the impedance seen by the IC power supply leads is inductive and high instead of the needed low impedance that a local bypass cap provides.
Q:96 Chrysler Town & Country power windows. Cables a spool and a window.?
if your dad loves chrysler he knows they have this problem . i will bet its not the first one to be replaced on that car. it has probably been going for a while, they get old and bind up. call a local junkyard since cost is such a factor or call auto zone and get a price. but this should not be the problem you think its going to be call him and tell him now, that will give him time to cool off before he gets to you!!
Q:A sub-eight splitter, behind the link ONU equipment, which also need to add fiber patch panels, or can be directly connected?
How do you not say that the three-phase system or two-phase system, if the two systems is the power in addition to the voltage is equal to the current, three-phase power per kilowatt multiplied by 2 equal to the current, such as 220V, 3000W / 220V = 13.6A, 380V, 3KW * 2 = 6A. Wire 10 square below, each square can be with 5A, which is the calculation of aluminum core line, copper wire line operator count, 220V aluminum core must be greater than 2.5 square, copper core must be greater than 1.5 square, 380V with aluminum core The line must be greater than 1.5 square and the copper wire must be greater than 1 square. At this time should also consider the equipment to start the current and increase the appropriate diameter.
Q:How can you tell which lines on telephone poles are power lines, cable lines, and phone lines?
electric on top cable in the middle telephone on bottom,,,, i notice as they are installing FiOS that they appear to be installing it below the cable, but above the copper telephone wiring,...
Q:i only have a power cable for my ps3 how do i set it up with hdmi cable ?
1) put the hdmi cable in the back of the the console. 2) put the other end in the telly. 3) also make sure the power cable is connected to the console 4) change the telly channel to hdmi That should be it and yes you will get sound :)

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