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Branch cable is a new generation of middle-and-low-voltage electricity-supplying wire system successfully developed by electric power system in a few advanced industrial countries in the late 1990s. The advantages of being safe and trustworthy in electricity supply,  low-cost to use, easy to install, needing low environmental requirements and no maintenance makes it popular and widely applied.
According to promising development of branch cable and the reform of the power industry, our company has employed relevant senior engineers and experts, under whose guidance we have developed "Chongchao" brand branch cable by absorbing foreign advanced technology and summarizing the domestic advanced experience.
due to its reasonable structure, advanced technique, strict inspection and a higher level of quality than the other products in the same line, "Chongchao" brand YFD branch cable can be widely used in electricity distribution systems of residential, high-rise office buildings, tunnels, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls etc, and can also be used in the lighting systems that have requirements for branches in the trunk. (Roads, bridges, tunnels and airport runways).
the main characteristics of YFD series branch cable
1, insulation resistance is over 200 M Ω.
2, insulation pressure endurance is over 3.5 kv/5min.
3, the allowable long-term working temperature for PVC insulated cable is 70 ℃, XLPE insulated cable up to 90 ℃.
4, the auto off time of the sheathing of fire-retardant branch cable is less than 12 s, which complies with the requirements of GB/T19666-2005.
5, the fire-resistant type not only can supply power under the normal working conditions, but also can maintain the normal operation for 90 min in case of fire, which meets the requirement of GB/T19666-2005.

6, it is well endurable to corrosion of inorganic halogen, oil, alkaline, acids and organic solvents.
7, XLPE branch cable has excellent thermal stability and ageing resistance.
1、 Advantages of the FYD series branch cable
a good reliability in power supply
1, the trunk cable conductor has no joints and a good continuity, thus reducing possible failures.
2, all branch joints are made mechanically, thereby connecting joints are of so good quality and the contact resistance is so weak that they are not expanded by heat and contracted by coldness.
3, the branch joints finish sheathing in a short period of time to avoid the exposing of copper conductor at the joint in the air, which causes the change of contact resistance.
Evidently reducing electricity distribution costs
1, compared with the cable slot transmission, it can reduce the construction cost and has high technical and economic indicators and significant comprehensive economic benefits.
2, branches with no joints can be made within a certain length scope in accordance with designing requirements.
many varieties and specifications, freely chosen and arbitrarily combined

1, the main cable from 10 mm2 to 500 mm2 and the branch cable from 10 mm2 to 240 mm2 can be freely chosen and combined.
2, the cable has many varieties such as VV, ZR-VV, NH-VV, YJV, ZR-YJV, NH-YJV, which can be chosen accordingly.
3, the branch joints can set arbitrary positions for branches according to the need of floors, tunnels, forks in a road, highway lights.
Low requirements of installing environment, convenient construction
1, with no requirements on the space size of land building, it occupies a small building area and is easy, convenient and labor-saving to be installed.
2, the length of branches can be settled according to the load use requirement, thus reducing transferring junction boxes. Branch wires for lighting can be directly laid, which can save such items as bracket and reduce investment.
3, it can be laid in an appended manner, which requires the conductor directly connect with load distribution counter (box) through the branch point.
4, it can work in bad environment and can meet the requirements of being flame retardant and fire-resistant.
5, the small bending radius of the branch wire reduces difficulties in installation and the cost of materials, and also narrows the space dimension.


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Q:Can we wire coxial cable beside power cable?
Do not run your coax with your power. It will cause interference with your tv. Especially if you have satellite. That is why they are run separately when the home is built. If they must touch or cross in the attic, make sure to cross at a 90 degree angle. Like a cross or X. Cat5 can be run with coax just fine, though.
Q:Can I buy modular power supply cables separately?
Cable thickness is there for a reason. The more current something uses, the thicker the cable. I'm sure you could probably replace the cable with any other cable, but a smaller cable will heat up more easily, especially if compressed in with many cables in a cable management system. You probably can, but should you??
Q:How do musicians typically transport instrument/power cables?
you can get little velcro ties for like $3 for 50. learn how to coil cables correctly (most pros use under/over) and then secure them with the velcro strip (I like to keep the velcro at the male end of the XLR cables so it's not danglight around on the mike end) and then they should be kept pretty well organized even if you just throw them in a backpack or something
Q:PCI-E power cable?
If and order it online, they might not have them at Bestbuy.
Q:mac power cable quality?
Umm well we have had our Mac for about 9 months now and we have had to replace it once. So I think so, just like in iPod touches the headphone jack is screwed up.
Q:I'm looking for a power supply. Does it really matter what I get if it's the right wattage?
Hi switch mode power supplies come with such a variety of different connectors these days and you would want enough to connect all the components in the computer with enough power to drive them all which in some cases might mean a larger power supply that what you have in mind.
Q:computer build power supply help?
Your power supply will come with a standard assortment of cables to supply power to various components ASSUMED to be in your system. But you will want to read reviews of your chosen power supply before you buy it to find out what (specific) cables are included. Most modular power supplies will have the right cables for motherboard and hard drives and optical drive. The connections you need to pay attention to are the PCI-Express cables. High-end video cards will need at least one power connection. Some video cards need TWO power cables for EACH card. If you plan to run multiple cards, you could need 4, 6 or even 8 PCI-Express power cables! So you need to think ahead to decide how many (maximum number) of video cards you will want to install in the system. Then figure out what specific model. Then add up the number of PCI-Express power cables needed by type. Such as: (2) six-pin plus (2) eight-pin. Now you are ready to read reviews of your chosen power supply to see if it has the right cables included. Thermal paste often contains heavy metals. So it's not good to touch it with your finger. But momentary contact is not a problem, as long as you wipe it off and/or wash your hands shortly afterward. The main problem with touching thermal paste (with finger or otherwise) is that you don't want to remove too much of it from the heatsink/CPU area...or it won't cool properly. In general, don't touch it with your finger. But if you do, it's not a big deal. Just don't leave it on your skin for very long.
Q:is it safe to solder a power cable?
safe if you do it correctly but not recommended as there is too much chance for problems that could cause a fire later, if the joint came apart or the tape dried up. .
Q:How to hook up power control cable to factory deck?
attatch it to acc power on the back of your head unit, unless you have a chevy or gm newer than 2002 then use the switch method
Q:My psu came with a U.S power cable could I use this?
so?? if you want to use it, go ahead baby!!

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