Prefabricated (American) Compact Transformer Substation(Double Transformer)

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Product Description:

Product structure:
1.It's with small volume and compact conformation. It covers just about 1/3 to 1/5 of the usual European-style substations, which have same capacity with it.
2.It's full-sealed and all-insulated. And it uses the S11-type transformer, which has low-wastage, low-voice and strong ability of overloading. adorpts devides box type.this type protects the transformer from polluting by the oil which is in box.

4.high voltage side adopts double fuses all range protective makes cost less . can be used as ring net ,and also as end,cable lug can be insected and extracted when it is 200A loading current. body is honeycomb double sandwich composite panels type,has  thermal insulating and heat release performance.this technical is our patent.

Normal using conditions:
Altitude ≤ 1000m

Environment temperature: the highest:40°C; the lowest: -35°C

Quakeproof:horizontal acceleration not larger than 3 4m/s2

Inclination of installationsite: no more than 3°

Installation condition: there should not have danger of fire or explosion, serious nasty, chemical etch and strenuous vibration.
Wind ≤ 35m s ( not larger than 700pa )
Relative humidity: the annual average value is no lager than 95%. monthly value is no larger than 95%
Vertical acceleration:0.15m/s2

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Q:What is the role of the pebbles in the transformer base
Shandong Yi River Pebble Factory ---- Transformer dedicated pebble production suppliers.
Q:A 8000kva transformer can bring the maximum load
A good transformer can work at full capacity. But affect the service life. It is best to 80% of the power of this transformer is the best.
Q:Transformer oil filter method
2, vacuum oil filter to ensure that there is a certain number of power, taking into account the size of your transformer, oil pillow position level, the oil filter is too small may not go oil cycle 3, the oil circulation from the oil pillow on the opening of the valve, where the best open after the bandaged, to prevent other debris in the filter oil fall into the transformer oil pillow. 4, filter oil after a certain time, take oil samples. Qualified to stop the oil filter, add the oil inside the oil can be closed after the oil pillow upper check valve. The transformer can be powered by one night after standing.
Q:Sichuan transformer manufacturer that a best?
Chengdu Tianma electronic appliances limited liability company the best quality, our company with its cooperation for more than ten years, trustworthy!
Q:Altium designer DXP transformer in the same name how to change?
The same name is a painting of about 2-3mil radius of the solid circle, can not directly change, must be copied from the source file to the schematic library file can be changed, that is, to re-create schematic symbols.
Q:The main transformer is chosen in principle
Transformer selection, you can refer to the following, but still according to the actual production needs! 1, the number of transformers to determine    (1), the number of main transformer to determine the principle is to ensure the reliability of power supply. When one of the following conditions is met, two or more transformers shall be installed.    ①, there are a lot of first-class load and although the secondary load but need to set from the security (such as fire, etc.).    ②, when the seasonal load changes greatly.    ③, when the load is large.    For large-scale hub substation, according to the specific circumstances of the project can be installed 2 to 4 main transformer.    When installing multiple transformers, it is appropriate to group the transformer according to the characteristics and changes of the load in order to flexibly switch the corresponding transformer group. Transformers should be operated in the sorted manner. Transformer low-voltage outlet of the neutral and neutral ground wire should be laid separately. For the convenience of testing, in the ground circuit, close to the transformer to do a removable connection device.    (2), the general three-level load or capacity is not too much power and lighting should be a load with only one transformer.    (3), when any of the following circumstances, can be dedicated transformer    ①, when the lighting load is large or power and lighting using a common transformer seriously affect the lighting quality and lamp life, can be set for lighting special transformer.    ②, single single-phase load is large, should be set single-phase transformer.    ③, the impact of a larger load, seriously affect the power quality, can be set for shock load special transformer.    ④, when the seasonal load (such as air conditioning equipment, etc.) about the total load of the project 1/3 and above, it is appropriate to configure a dedicated transformer.
Q:Transformer and the middle of what is the difference
Often referred to as the transformer is the frequency transformer, is used to change the size of the AC voltage electrical equipment. It is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction, with the same frequency, between two or more windings, the exchange of AC voltage and current to transmit electrical energy of the static electrical equipment.
Q:220V to 12V transformer L N + V + V on behalf of what? The more detailed the better! Thank you prawn
LN represents the line of fire and zero line, + V is the input and output voltage
Q:This transformer outputs AC or DC
The transformer on your diagram is the power frequency isolation transformer. Input communication, the output is also communication. If you encounter a transformer with DC output, it can only say that it has pre-installed rectifier components rectified and then output, but this situation is almost no, mainly practical and electrical safety.
Q:Transformer copper row selection
Selection principle of transformer copper Meet the load requirements; Transformer corresponding to the rated current in accordance with 1.1 times the overload factor to consider; To meet the safety distance, and components aligned; Satisfy the dynamic stability. Transformer copper selection considerations The choice of copper can not just consider the current carrying capacity it also consider the maximum short-circuit current size, that is, consider the choice of a copper after the most short-circuit when the short-circuit current short-circuit the size of the current matching the size of the protection (that is, Relay protection value size).

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