Precision Alloy Winding Mechanism High Elastic Alloy

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t is very good material for manufacturing watch and clock, timer and other elastic elements.

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GradeChemical Composition(%)

 Mechanical Property 

Alloy delivery stateDiameter/mmTensile Strength ób/MPaElongation δ10(%)
Cold draw wireO.40~0.70≥2058
Soft hot rolled wire8.00~12.00≤835>40

physical properties
Average linear expansion coefficient in different temperature range

Alloy stateAverage linear expansion coefficient /(106/K)
solution treatment16.4~17.615.4~16.O16.0~16.416.3~16.716.8~17.217.3~17.7
solution treatment+aging17.1~18.116.5~18.216.0~16.216.3~16.516.7~16.917.2~17.3
Cold draw18.014.6~15.615.9~16.416.7~16.816.8~17.217.2~17.4
Cold draw+aging17.8~18.115.5~15.915.9~16.116.3~16.516.6~16.917.2~17.4

Elasticity modulus and frequency temperature coefficient

Alloy stateelasticity modulusE/MPashear modulus G/MPafrequency temperature coefficient βf/(106/ºC)30~50ºCQ20ºC
solution treatment186500~19600072500~74500-190~-21017000~19000
solution treatment+aging186500~19600073500~74500-190~-21015000~18000
Cold draw166500~17650068500~71500-200~-2405000~6000
Cold draw+aging181500~19600073500~75500-190~-21014000~17000

The magnetic permeability and resistivity of the alloy 3J9

Alloy statemagnetic permeabilityμ/(mH/m)Resistivity ρ/(μΩ@m)
solution treatment0.0012589~0.0012595O.0012589~O.0012595_
solution treatment+550ºC×4h0.0012594~O.0012596O.0012594~O.0012596_
solution treatment+≥43%deformation rateO.0012602~O.0012624O.0012602~0.00126240.87~O.88
solution treatment+≥43%deformation rate+480ºC×3hO.0012615O.00126140.84~O.86

The vickers hardness of the alloy

deformation rate(%)
Alloy state
Cold state270~300340~360380~400420~450470~5005l0~540
Cold state+480ºC×3h230~260390~420440~4805lO~550570~590600~620

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