Pre-Galvanized Steel Wireway In China Shanghai

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Product Description:

Pre-Galvanized Steel Wireway In China Shanghai

Quick Details

Place of Origin:

Anhui China (Mainland)

Brand Name:


Model Number:



Ventilated or Perforated Trough







Side Rail Height:



ventilated cable tray


Support, support arm and accessories and fittings

Surface treatment:

Electronic galvanized, hot dip galvanized, painted


petrochemical, metallurgy, electric power

Standard package:

Plastic Film inside and Steel frame outside

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Standard package:Plastic Film inside and Steel frame outside
Delivery Detail:Within 20 to 25days


Ventilated raceway for cables 
1.Simple structure 
2.beautiful appearance 
3.flexible configuration 
4.convenient maintenance.

Simple Structure Hot Dipped Galvanized Wireway

Product Description

Cable tray

Cable tray is the carrier which is to support and protect all kinds of cable laying cable.


Cable tray classification

Non-ventilated cable tray, ventilated cable tray, ladder cable tray, wire mesh cable tray


The material of cable tray
St03z galvanized steel, Q235 steel plate, aluminum alloy, glass fiber reinforced plastic 


Cable tray component

Support, support arm and accessories and fittings


Cable tray surface treatment

Electronic galvanized, hot dip galvanized, electrostatic spraying, prevent fire coater materials, painted


Cable tray advantages

Simple structure, beautiful appearance, flexible configuration and convenient maintenance.


Cable tray application

Which products are widely used in petrochemical, metallurgy, electric power, the school of communication, high-rise building, etc


The selection of cable tray and recommendations:

1. Can independently set up within the building bridge, can also be attached at the various buildings and on the pipe gallery

2. The installation outside the building, if it is in near the sea or belong to the corrosion area, which must have the anti-corrosion material, moisture resistance, good adhesion, impact resistance properties of high strength characteristics.

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Q:How many phone points can be connected to a voice patch panel?
4v to 5v? This is not much trouble, just buy a mobile phone charger is 5V output, the direct use on the line. Line is too long, then the other power supply, or should add a 16v / 2200uf above the large capacitor filter. USB cable directly more than 10 meters of finished products for sale. If you want to use a wireless card, it is best to find a shielded USB cable, if not, with the cable is no problem, the connection is recommended to use a twisted pair as a signal, the other as a power supply, then the different power and Even so that the power cord can reduce interference for the signal.
Q:How does the three wires of the air conditioning plug connect to the plug?
Transfer test Note: in the high-pressure test equipment and high voltage around the lead, should be installed to block and hang warning signs When conducting a high voltage test, the operator and the high voltage circuit should have sufficient safety distance after the end of the high-pressure test, the DC test equipment and large capacitance of the equipment to be tested multiple discharge, discharge time of at least 1min or more Where the absorption ratio of less than 12 of the motor, should first dry and then exchange pressure test circuit breaker AC voltage test should be in the sub-closing state were carried out separately In addition to the complete installation of the factory, the insulation equipment should be separated from each other to do DC voltage, the test voltage 05 times the rated voltage per stage increased in stages, each phase to stay 1min, and record the leakage current
Q:What kind of video cable is it even more clear? The The Master! ~ ~
5 interface (headphone jack size Ji muscle irrigation can kill Jiu ghost snow Handan grinding) turn 3 lotus interface
Q:In the integrated wiring system, the use of the 110 patch panels, fiber patch panels, RJ45 patch panels are different between what? How to use it?
First to figure out what the three lines are, if I guess good, it should be a FireWire, a zero line, a switch line. (But how is there no ground?) Come on according to this then L connected to the line of fire, N then zero line, there is a sign of the ground wire. Do not know their own words, do not mess up, called an electrician to pick up better, or easy to accident Oh!
Q:Through the heart of the current transformer installed because the site can not be fixed, with a cable tie firmly through the transformer wire up
There is no room for the ground to be able to track unless you do line box planing board, but do not shoot the geothermal so it is not recommended and affect the appearance of walking on the skirting line is not on the line also reluctantly on the line tube as space is not enough you start to consider the wall and ceiling it past the past not ideal
Q:There is no specification for the cable tray requirements.
The easiest way is to download ktv software, basically with ktv almost! I used the cool I k song pretty good!
Q:What is the difference between galvanized pipe and galvanized pipe?
If it is the same style, then the cable protection tube its inner wall may be 2.8mm it, like .20 and the like may be inside the bar.
Q:Can the main cable be aluminum cable? And explain why, thank you!
See what you take, if it is mobile hard disk, the general mobile hard disk above have a separate power supply interface, buy a power on the line. And your USB extension cable is the kind of Y-type, two USB jacks should be inserted into the computer's USB interface above. Other U disk class power consumption is very small, there are printers or something, these devices must have a separate power supply. do not worry.
Q:Why do you want to use white cable ties in the communication room?
The simplest way is 20 to 30% larger than the outside diameter of the conduit / copper nose
Q:Wire and cable all the standards, the more the better!
The difference is obvious, . the use of different materials: YC rubber cable insulation and sheathing materials are rubber insulation using IE4 rubber, jacket with SE3 rubber; and WDZNYJV insulation is used cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE), protection Sets of PVC (PVC) . the voltage level is not the same: YC-type cable rated voltage of 450 / 750V and below, while the WDZN-YJV-type cable rated voltage of 0.6 / 1KV and below. . the use of different occasions: YC cable use for a variety of electrical equipment such as: household appliances, electrical machinery, electrical equipment and equipment, mobile power lines. WDZN-YJC is used for combustion requirements are low halogen, or halogen-free flame retardant places, as a fixed laying transmission and distribution of energy. . the maximum long-term use of the conductor temperature is not the same: YC cable conductor maximum allowable operating temperature of 65 ℃, and WDZN-YJV cable conductor maximum allowable temperature of 90 °. In addition to the same cross-sectional conditions in the latter than the former carrying capacity to . the manufacturing process is not the same: YC cable manufacturing process is usually used in continuous steam vulcanization production, and WDZN-YJV is used in ordinary extrusion processing . the price Not the same: WDZN-YJV is much higher than the YC cable.

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