Pre-Galvanized Steel Wireway In China Shanghai

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Product Description:

Pre-Galvanized Steel Wireway In China Shanghai

Quick Details

Place of Origin:

Anhui China (Mainland)

Brand Name:


Model Number:



Ventilated or Perforated Trough







Side Rail Height:



ventilated cable tray


Support, support arm and accessories and fittings

Surface treatment:

Electronic galvanized, hot dip galvanized, painted


petrochemical, metallurgy, electric power

Standard package:

Plastic Film inside and Steel frame outside

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Standard package:Plastic Film inside and Steel frame outside
Delivery Detail:Within 20 to 25days


Ventilated raceway for cables 
1.Simple structure 
2.beautiful appearance 
3.flexible configuration 
4.convenient maintenance.

Simple Structure Hot Dipped Galvanized Wireway

Product Description

Cable tray

Cable tray is the carrier which is to support and protect all kinds of cable laying cable.


Cable tray classification

Non-ventilated cable tray, ventilated cable tray, ladder cable tray, wire mesh cable tray


The material of cable tray
St03z galvanized steel, Q235 steel plate, aluminum alloy, glass fiber reinforced plastic 


Cable tray component

Support, support arm and accessories and fittings


Cable tray surface treatment

Electronic galvanized, hot dip galvanized, electrostatic spraying, prevent fire coater materials, painted


Cable tray advantages

Simple structure, beautiful appearance, flexible configuration and convenient maintenance.


Cable tray application

Which products are widely used in petrochemical, metallurgy, electric power, the school of communication, high-rise building, etc


The selection of cable tray and recommendations:

1. Can independently set up within the building bridge, can also be attached at the various buildings and on the pipe gallery

2. The installation outside the building, if it is in near the sea or belong to the corrosion area, which must have the anti-corrosion material, moisture resistance, good adhesion, impact resistance properties of high strength characteristics.

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Q:What is the meaning of SC15 WC CC to SCE in building electrical drawings?
The bridge is taken once the equipment of the trunking is the secondary equipment
Q:Cable bridge 90 degrees bend how to do
A cable tray cover relates to a power line apparatus, and more particularly to a cable tray cover for electrical or communication cable routing. The utility model is composed of a cover plate and a locking device. The two corresponding sides of the cover plate 3 are bent at 90 degrees to the inner side surface, and there is a circular groove at the center of the cover plate 3 perpendicular to the groove body . The rivet 1 and the butterfly-type locking piece 2 are movably connected to the circular recess, and the butterfly-type locking piece 2 is located on the inner side of the cover plate 3. The wing 21 of the butterfly-type locking piece has an angle with the inner side of the cover plate . The rivet 1 is fixedly connected to the butterfly type locking tab 2 through the circular groove. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, beautiful appearance, connection and sealing effect, and easy to use.
Q:How are the cables in the vertical trunking of the electrical wells connected to the electrical distribution of each layer of the electrical wells?
Hello, you must be in the use of non-original charger for charging, usually rush, try to use the original charger for the red, try not to use the USB connection charging or non-original charger for charging, later use Is the key, you can install a Tencent mobile phone housekeeper, each time you will give you the most secure charge of the best quality charge, you can extend to more than 30%, will reduce the CPU frequency, keep the minimum power hope which can help To you, thanks for adoption
Q:Is there a replacement for high-voltage cable clamps for aluminum alloy cable clamps?
The cross-sectional area of the cable through the embedded pipe is 40%
Q:Whether the motor wiring need to consider the starting current, or just consider the rated current of the device, please enlighten me !!!
Can be done, set-top box if the AV output, buy an AV capture card, installed on the computer, you can convert the AV carrier signal into a digital signal, the acquisition card itself is generally provided to play the long workers, The Collection card if the consumer is about 500 in general
Q:How the bridge slot is connected to the ladder
Press the remote control can be switched button, (that is, whether there is no picture in the painting button), press this button to achieve picture-in-picture function, but also to achieve whether the painting in the switch, while watching by painting , Only show the normal big screen so far.
Q:Can an ant video camera connect with millet smart u sb socket?
With a multimeter, test, or ask, install the elevator technician ah! Is the same ah, there is no difference ah
Q:What is the difference between wire and cable and power cable? RVV-PVC sheathed PVC insulated flexible cable belongs to which?
1: hard drive power cord 2: hard disk data cable (CD-ROM data cable) 3: graphics cable cable (if your graphics card is dual 6PIN power supply interface, but your power supply is only a 6PIN power supply interface, then the root switch on the use of ) 4: hard disk data cable (optical drive data cable) 5: hard drive power cord two hard drive power lines were inserted mechanical hard disk and solid state hard drive, two data lines were inserted mechanical hard disk and solid state hard drive, graphics card power supply cable are generally not , Believe that your power supply supports dual 6PIN power supply interface.
Q:Which of the national standards can not be laid in the national standard
Concentrated wiring using the bridge, do not use the bridge where does your line put? Mainly in the electric wells, the corridor above the wiring where the collection, how many lines with the bridge, do not know why you ask this question, is to buy a bridge?
Q:Can high - voltage cables and low - voltage cables be placed on the same cable trench?
Layout: automatic fast manual is reasonable is the first automatic and then manually change the automatic layout you use PROTELDXP2004 right to hope to help you

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