PPS Non Woven dust filter bags for power plant

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Our company can supple all kinds of PPS non woven bag filters.

PPS fiber can be used under a temperature below 190.it has good acid and alkali resistance. Its shortcoming is bad oxidation tolerance. that allow oxygen content is related with the application temperature.

Our company PPS filters bags are sewn with 3 - needle chain stitch to ensure seam exacting. Top constructions consist of ring top, flange top, snap band, gasket, hem, button or raw edge. Bottom removal bags are constructed with a raw top or soft cuff. Top and bottom removal bag bottoms have disc bottoms that can be sewn using a lock stitch. We can also provide wear reinforcement or custom skirts to the bottom portion of the bag to prevent premature wear from bag-to-bag and bag-to-cage abrasion

Application: coal-fired power plant, melting of metal, electric power generation by refuse incineration,


Cheaper price
High tensile strength

High abrasive resistance

Easy for cleaning

High precision of filtration

Good air permeability

Good chemical corrosion resistance

Good thermal resistance

Long service life


We pursue quality products, reasonable price and excellent service.

When you choose to use the products of our company, you only need to call or write to the company, we will solve all you troubles and give you a satisfactory results.





100%   pps



Air   Perm


Warp   Tensile Strength


Weft   Tensile Strength


Warp   Elongation


Weft   Elongation


Continuous   Temperature


Surge   Temperature


Moist   Temperature



PTFE   , stabilization

Chemical   Resistance:

Acid   Excellent

Alkalis   excellent

Oxidizing   Agents fair


PPS is degraded by strong oxidizing agents such as O2 NOX, SOX, Br2.The recommended operating temperatures stated above are for environments which do not include these oxidizing agents. The inclusion of these oxidizing agents in the operating environment in elevated concentrations lowers the recommended operating temperature below that stated above. The inclusion of the PTFE scrim can extend life of the media in those extreme chemical conditions.

PPS Non Woven dust filter bags for power plant


PPS Non Woven dust filter bags for power plant

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