PP white tarapulin

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Specification :

  1) Fabric quality

     -Weaving Condition (mesh weft x warp/ sq.inch) : 7x7, 8x8, 10x8, 10x10, 12x12,14x14,16x16

     -Weight : 55gram/sq.m~ 250gram/sq.m

  2) All four edges are reinforced by P.P rope in hem

  3) Aluminum eyelet at every 1meter (1yard or 3feet) interval

  4) Each piece in a polybag with your leaflet (or Size sticker)

  5) Special treatment : U.V., F.R. / Brass Eyelet, Plastic Eyelet also available

Color : Any color available

Packing : Carton Box packing or Bale packing

Available use :

  General Cover, Construction and Equipment Cover, Covers for open-stored goods,

  Covers for trucks/automobiles/boat, Lining materials for storage tanks and containers,

  Lining material for irrigation Canals and grain silos, Machinery Cover, Tents, Picnic mats,

  Covers for Swimming Pools and Garden Furniture etc.

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Q:pleace can you provide me some informatiom on the plastic product for household and waste plastci per year?
Q:smoking out of a plastic bottle?
it will pretty much be bad for you. whay make a bong just go and buy one you can get some bongs pretty cheap.
Q:can acetone melt plastic?
There are many different types of what people usually call plastic. It's best to leave acetone in its original labeled container. If for some reason you want to put it in another container, do a test first. Put some acetone on a Q-tip and rub it on the outside of the container for several seconds. If the surface feels tacky then the acetone is dissolving it. If the acetone evaporates and the surface is clean and smooth then the acetone should be safe in it. If the surface is not smooth and clean then the acetone is attacking it and over a period of time could dissolve enough of it to leak. Again, it's best to leave all chemicals in the original labeled containers.
Q:Plastic Hairbrush SCIENCE PROJECT!!10 points!!?
Plastic is chosen for hairbrushes because it weighs less than metal and its heat conductivity is lower (if you touch you head by a metal hairbrush it feels cold). If you drop a plastic hairbrush or bend it a little, it won't break, so plastic is a rather safe material. Besides, it's easy to give different shapes to plastic. as for the origin and history, see Wikipedia
Q:Is plastic harmful? blablabal?
I don't trust plastic. When heated I know it can leach out carcinogenic chemicals. It's full of them. I don't know if just putting a bottle cap in your mouth would do it but there are no benefits from doing that. Seems like the rise of cancer coincides with the rise of plastic materials.I wonder if your parents never drink out of a plastic bottle. My suggestion is don't heat food in plastic or pour hot liquids into a plastic container to drink.
Q:difference between plastic lens or glass lens for glasses ?
Stick to the plastic lens if you do a lot of sports activities as its much safer than glass lens. Glass lenses will also be a lot heavier.
Q:how to fish with plastic worms for bass?
if there is a bass where you throw it, it will gobble that thing up before you even begin to reel in. just give it a bit to sink in a good spot, thats all it takes. crappie like them too, but sometimes they only get a hold of the tail and not the hook, so you end up losing tails. no tail you just throw away the lure and put a new one on.
Q:does melted plastic release toxins?
YES, melting plastic releases toxins that if are breathed in can cause sores and blisters to the skin and can have a similar effect to long term smoking on your lungs, breath shortage and lung disease such as emphysema and asthma , recycling plastic is difficult because of these reasons
Q:Is microwaving potatoes in plastic dangerous?
plastic where heated, releases carcinogens which are none agents to cause cancer. its not recommended to heat plastic in any situation.
Q:What are biodegradable plastics made of?
Biodegradable okorder.com

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