PP tarpaulin in rolls

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Product Description:

PP woven fabric

Ground cover

Geotextile sheet

• Specification :

   - Material-Polypropylene

   - Weight : from 50/ 60/ 70gr/sq.m to 200gr/sq.m

   - Weaving condition: 10x10/sq.inch, 12x12/sq.inch, 18x11/sq.inch, 24x12/sq.inch

   - Black color with colored identification thread at each salvage

   - UV treated

• Application :

  1) Silt Fence:

     - Water-run off and sediment control

  2) Weed Control Mat :

     - Inhibits weed growth

    - Allow soil to breath/Water to permeate

  3) Other application (Ground cover/ Geotextile sheet etc.) of PP woven fabric also available

• Roll Size :

 - Width : 0.91m(3feet), 1,82m (6feet)       Maximum 4.5m (14.76feet)

 - Length : 10m,50m,100m

 - Various roll size available according to customer’s request

• Packing : Export standard roll packing with paper core

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