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1.no--toxic ,breathable ,mothproof ,anti-bacteria ,eco-friendly .

2.original manufacturer with good quality and cheaper price .

3.many colors and function product for you choose .

4.good service and timely delivery .


Medical supplies(15-80g/square meters)

Agricultural harvest fabric(15-70g/square meters)

Rice seedlings floppy disk(30-40g/square meters)

Agriculture wood greenhouses(100-160g/square meters)

Car interior materials(80-100g/square meters)

Geotechnical fabric(150-200g/square meters)

Waterproof material(40-85g/square meters)

Industrial fabric(40-85g/square meters)

Tourism products(90-150g/square meters)

Daily civil products(90-150g/square meters)

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:

rolls with paper tube and pack with polybag

Delivery Detail:

Within 15 days


1.100% polypropylene
2.Waterproof, Eco-Friendly, Breathable, Anti-Static, Anti-Bacteria
3.Good quality,avaliable price

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Q:How much carpet can I afford?
You actually need a 12x41 piece of carpet (total--with one seam in hallway). This is 54.66 square yards. This means you can spend about $42 per square yard and stay within your budget. You can have most anything in the store if you come to my store. The same will apply wherever you shop. Your budget is great for what you want. You have no worries. DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT...EXACTLY. Then have both companies bid on that product. You should be able to get something nice for about $35/sy. If you happen to live in the Dallas, Tx area, I would love to give you a quote.
Q:how would i clean a old shaggy rug?
What is the rug made of? Is it like a sheepskin... or is it like normal carpet but with really long yarn? that will make a huge difference in how you handle the rug. Response to Additional Details: First try to hang it out where it can get some good air circulation but is protected from weather. After a couple days see if the smell has diminished. Otherwise, go get some Bissel Deodorizing Carpet cleaner and give it a good going over with a carpet shampooer. The best kind of shampooers look similar to an upright vacuum cleaner with a beater bar. It sort of does a wet, scrub, suck thing.
Q:Hep-I want to put an area rug between my sofas in den-wood floors whitewalls, bookcases-sofas leather paprika?
find colors that compliment the coloring in your furniture as well as add color to the white walls.. go to a store and get some color swatches.. or looka t area rugs an picture your living room in your mind and go through the differnat choices and see what appeals to you... this is very easy..
Q:What is the name of a steel carpet that is used to filter dirt on the front door of the hall?
The middle part is made of metal materails. It's called aluminum alloy dust mat which can be put on the doorway because it's dust removal effect is particularly good, you can also see them in some office buildings. Generally, you can see them in the large-scale hotels.
Q:Three rugs have a combined area of 200 sq meters....?
First, the 140 sq meters of floor can be cateogrized into three categories: 1 - area covered by exactly one rug 2 - area covered by exactly two rugs 3 - area covered by exactly three rugs. If the combined area of the three rugs is 200 sq meters, and you are only covering 140 sq meters of floor, then 200 - 140 = 60 sq meters must be overlapped (meaning it is covered by either 2 or three rugs). Now since you say that 24 sq meters is covered by exactly two rugs, that means that the area covered by three rugs is 60 - 24 sq meters = 36 sq meters covered by three rugs. Hope this helps.
Q:How to fix a bleach stain in carpet?
My neighbor did that. She bought a box of 94 Crayola crayons and experiment with them until she found a color that matched. She then colored in the spot on the carpet. You have to redo every now and then but it worked. Next time you spill something on the carpet, try using table salt. Just pour it on, let it absorb the wet spot and most of the color will come up. Do not wipe it up just vacuum it up, while it's wet. If the stain is still there do it again. I had to do mine about 3 times but it is hardly noticeable now. My carpet is light tan and the spot was berry red. The spot now is a very, very, pale pink and gets lighter every time I clean it. There is also a cleaner call Krud be gone and Goo gone that may work.
Q:Does man-made fibre carpet contain formaldehyde?
Decoration materials are containing formaldehyde, but as long as not beyond the scope of the relationship is not, because we have to use more materials in the decoration. The plywood used for interior decoration, joinery board, MDF and particleboard and other man-made sheet. The adhesives used in the production of wood-based panels are mainly formaldehyde, and the residual and non reactive formaldehyde in the plate will gradually release to the surrounding environment, forming the main body of formaldehyde in the indoor air. The use of wood-based panel furniture manufacturing. Some manufacturers in order to seek profits, the use of substandard plates, or in the bonding of veneer materials used inferior glue, plates and glue formaldehyde exceeded the standard. The other decoration materials containing formaldehyde and possible to emit, such as stickers Qiangbu, wallpaper, carpet, paint and paint. Decoration materials used are still more, and each material contains a little, then it will make formaldehyde content higher, so that we will cause harm to the human body.
Q:Best way to cover a carpeted floor while painting walls?
Are you painting the base boards also? If not, then do the same routine you did for the hardwood floors. If you are painting the base boards, the carpet needs to come up.
Q:What kind of material is good for home bedroom carpet?
In many of the carpet material, nylon carpet occupies an outstanding performance in the one and only strength and elastic and durable, the material of the carpet not only in the long time kept the inherent fiber appearance, also has excellent antifouling dustproof performance, many features, but also makes nylon fiber material carpet, wide income consumers favor and love, but this material is often used in the living room and bedroom carpet.
Q:How would you carpet your walls?
1 you need to seal the walls. Use carpet glue, spread on the wall with a fine notch trowel. get dry over night. 2 use a larger notch trowel to spread the final glue. Hold in place with staples every 6 across the top, put in a few as needed in the balance of the wall. use some type of hand roller to roll the carpet after its been up for an hour or so. For home use only. Do NOT use in a commercial building. Also do NOT block a fire exit with carpet unless you are sure of the flame spread rating. Carpet on the wall burns faster than on the floor.

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