PP/PE Woven Fabric for Weed Control and Ground Cover

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2000 m²
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100000 m²/month

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PP/PE Woven Fabric for Weed Control and Ground Cover

Weed Control fabric not only prevents weeds, it encourage root growing by keep soil moist and cool. Made of UVtreated polypropylene,

this costeffective weed control fabric feteures allow the free flow of air,water and nutrients to the soil while blocking sunlight and weeds.

This chemical free method for stopping weed grow for years.


Weed Control Fabric helps minimize your yard work since it stops weeds from growing. You do not have to use herbicides, which can damage your lawn andcause harm tochildrenand animals.Made of 

Polypropylenematerial , weed block is easily cut to fit inyour garden or hard landscape areas.



Woven PP/PE Fabric


0.5m - 4.4m


50m - 2500m


Black/Grass Green/Japser/Black-Green


9*9 to 13*13




With or Without U.V.

Life Span

3~5 years with U.V. treated





PP/PE Woven Fabric for Weed Control and Ground Cover

PP/PE Woven Fabric for Weed Control and Ground Cover

PP/PE Woven Fabric for Weed Control and Ground Cover


1.       Where is your factory located in?

Factory is located in Jiangsu Province, Neat to Shanghai Port.

2.       How long have you been in this product production?

We have been in the business more than 10 years,

3.       Can we have some sample or trial order before bunk order?

Yes, we can provide you some free samples, and for trial order, we will offer you the lowest price. 

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