PP Nonwoven Fabric

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Product Description:


PP Nonwoven Fabric


Specification of PP Nonwoven Fabric


Material:100% Polypropylene material
Weight: 12-260
Color: Any color is available
Certification: CE,ISO9001:2000


Feature of PP Nonwoven Fabric

1.Excellent softness and drapeness
2.Nontoxic,anti-bacteria, and endurance of corrosion
3.Good air-permeability and water-repellence
4.High level of tensile strength, and elongation rate


Application of PP Nonwoven Fabric:


Home textile, interlining
Hospital and Hygienic products,
Agricultural applciation,
Industrial field, package use


 PP Nonwoven Fabric  PP Nonwoven Fabric


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Q:What material is lamb wool?
Fleece is a knitted fabric, is a small ingot knitting structure, circular knitting machine woven, woven fabric after first dyed, after picking and carding, wool, fleece and other complex finishing processing, positive brushedabric, fluffy fleece dense and not easy to lose hair, pilling, nap sparse thin negative symmetry, short fluff, texture clear, fluffy good elasticity. Its ingredients are generally polyester, soft feel. It is the first choice of nearly two domestic winter cold products. In addition, the fleece can also be composite, and the fleece can also be combined with all the fabrics to make it better. For example: roll and fleece composite, roll and denim composite, fleece and lamb composite, fleece and mesh fabric composite, waterproof membrane, such as waterproof membrane.
Q:What material is the Gong Duan?
Twill: the warp and weft are interleaved at least once between the 1 yarns, i.e., 2, 1, or 3. The fabric structure is changed by adding warp and weft points, which is called twill fabric. This kind of cloth is characterized by its relatively thick and strong three-dimensional structure. There are 30 branches, 40 branches and 60 branches.
Q:Features of wool fabrics
Wool fabric of chemical fiber:Polyester wool fabric: for worsted, surface smooth, clear weave. Gloss and color than pure wool fabric, natural and soft, and some slightly shiny, slightly dazzling. Wool like polyester fabric crisp, good elasticity, but the lack of pure wool fabric softness and Fengnuo sense, because of different wool processing with rigid sense and different degrees of rough sense. Hold tight, pinch, loosen, almost no wrinkles. Warmth and fullness are less than pure wool fabric.
Q:What is Gong Sijin
The surface of the fabric Gong Sijin plain structure, and the opposite for the exquisite satin twill, compact non hairiness, its unique structure avoids and reduces wear due to friction, "Aurora" ills; intellectual change blend simple and fresh introverted, exudes a natural luster; because of its production Readymade Garments, delicate texture, crisp and good wear, anti wrinkle, excellent wearability, and become the product of choice for uniforms, dress like many other industries, especially high-end business suits for the most.
Q:What's the difference between fabric and lining?
Take an overcoat for example. The wool that is worn outside is the fabric, which in turn is particularly smooth, commonly known as lining or inner liner.But as consumers demand more and more variety of clothing features and styles, sometimes fabrics and lining can be switched.
Q:Will the clothes of polyester fabrics fade?
Polyester fiber belongs to chemical fiber, and its coloring degree is much higher than natural fiber,General polyester fabrics require more than 3.5 color fastness, and NIKE and other well-known brands of polyester fabric color fastness requirements to more than 4. Color fastness of more than four polyester products, light colored cleaning almost fade, and dark (such as black, red, Navy, etc.) will be slightly faded
Q:What is the silk like fabric?
In the absence of chemical products, are natural fibers, such as cotton, linen, wool fabrics, silk fabrics, chemical fiber appearance, has its unique advantages, such as strength, color fastness, polyester wash and wear, crisp and so on
Q:What fabric is cashmere like?
This is a functional fabric, 100%Acrylic (100% acrylic), feel good, and cashmere almost, so it is called cashmere. Is made of acrylic through special craft processing, make the acrylic fiber with natural cashmere that smooth, soft and elastic feeling, and has excellent dyeing properties of acrylic yarn, called imitation cashmere.
Q:What is the main component of Tencel fabric
Tencel (TENCEL), a new kind of viscose fiber, also known as Leigh Asay Lo (LYOCELL) viscose fiber, the brand name of tencel.Modaier MODAL, Tencel TENCL, are registered trademarks of Austria Lenzing Lenzing Co.Tencel Tencel fibers are made from conifer dominated wood pulp, water and solvent mixed amine oxide.MODAL modal fiber raw material is produced from the European shrub forest, made of wood pulp after special spinning process produced.Specific details can be found in the Baidu encyclopedia.Viscose rayon:: artificial cotton, modal, Tencel, bamboo fiber.
Q:Simmons mattress fabric is knitted brocade good or good ah what are the difference between
Brocade should be better. It is a kind of silk fabric. It is made of satin with patterns or patterns. It is more comfortable to wear. However, we should pay attention to distinguish between true and false. Brocade is made of pure silk and contains no synthetic fibers.

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