PP Level Loop Carpet tile

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Quick Details

  • Material: 100% PP

  • Style: Modern

  • Pattern: Loop Pile

  • Design: Modern

  • Technics: Machine made

  • Use: Home, Hotel, Bedroom, Outdoor, Decorative, Toilet, Commercial, Other

  • Size: 50*50CM/60*60CM/100*100CM

  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

  • Color: As required

  • Pile height: 3-6MM

  • Pile weight: 450-850G/SQM

  • Backing: PVC/PU/Bitumen/Non-woven

  • Design: Modern

  • Pattern: Elegant

  • Area: Public,Hotel,Commercial

  • Technics: Machine made

  • Feature: Fire resistant

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Waterproof packing and standard export package
Delivery Detail:30-40 days


carpet tiles
1) High quality
2) Competitive price
3) Various colors

4) Different patterns

PP Level Loop Carpet tile

Construction            Level Loop
Fiber100%  Polypropylene
Gauge                   1/10''
Stitches10 per inch
Pile Weight16 oz/yd2
Pile Height           3mm±0.5mm                
Backing                PVC      
Tile size   50cm*50cm            
Packing20 pcs(5 sqms) per carton
Other option of backingCushion Backing
Other option of tile size 18'X18', 60cmX60cm(only for PVC backing), 36'X36', 100cmX100cm, 50cmX100cm, 18'X36'

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Q:How much would it cost to carpet my house?
Well that all depends on your square footage and how BIG each room is (sometimes with small rooms you can get two rooms out of one piece also if there are hallways and stairs you can save money that way by using the scraps (long edge pieces) for those areas... If you are lucky, you may be able to get decent carpet and pad for 10-15 per sq yard... of course that doesn't include installation. The best place to go is to a wholesaler (most all are open to the public) they usually have installers or at least can refer you to installers who will do the job for a reasonable price and sometimes even the wholesale places will arrange it as part of the price (costs a little more but worth it). We carpeted most of our house right before we moved in... was about 800-1000 square feet and it cost us 1300 *roughly* including everything...
Q:My rug always rolls up...?
then common sense tells you that the rug that is always rolling up isn't necessary/needed
Q:how to make a carpet cat climber.?
First of all you need some wood and some long nails and a hammer and a staple gun. Take a large flat piece of wood and use as a base. Wrap the carpet around it and staple the carpet on the bottom of the wood. Depending on high you want to make your carpeted climber for your cat, take two pieces of 2 x 4's and nail them together. Wrap the carpet around them and staple gun the ends together and make sure after they are stapled together, that you pound the staples in good and deep so that they don't catch on the cat's claws. Then taking long nails nail the one end onto the base. Note, the end of the 2x4's shouldn't have carpet on it, just bare wood. Do the same for the perch as you did for the base. The cat will love to climb up and down and you can play with your cat with bungie type of toys too. However don't let bungie toys left unattended. Cats and kittens can get too rough with them and they could end of strangling themselves with these toys when you are not present with them. Good luck and I hope you and your cat have many long hours and days ahead enjoying each other's company and friendship in play!
Q:My room is Purple what rug...10 pnts?
Here okorder.com/ find for now. Best of luck! ~ Natalie
Q:What is pearly carpet, what is pearly carpet?
Colorful colors, colorful effect, is another milestone in your wedding. This product is divided into three types:A, fine surface pearly carpet (surface pearl powder is smooth and delicate).B, large pearl carpet (surface with large particles of pearl, brighter and brighter colors).C, glossy pearl carpet (on the original basis, made a layer of glue on the surface of the surface, smooth surface, not falling film).
Q:Rambo horse rugs size problems?
Here okorder.com . Sizes from 5 foot to 7 foot (60 to 87 inches). You want 5'3 rug, or slightly smaller? 5'3 = 63 inches. So I would order a 62 or 63 inch rug. Note: I have only ever bought rugs in feet too, however this site uses inches. I would guess it depends on what country you are in :)
Q:Is there a way to flatten out an area rug that curls up?
Lay heavy books on top of any areas of the rug that aren't flat. Let them sit there for about a week. The rug will be flat as a pancake!
Q:Do i need to use a carpet stretcher to install carpet. How to install carpet?
The stretcher is a key component. Without the stretcher you could end up with wrinkles in the carpet and the edges may pose a problem.
Q:How should I wash my rug in washing machine?
Carpet In Washing Machine
Q:when do you have to rug and urug horses?
A okorder.com/ The higher the denier the tougher the rug. 600 denier will tear easier and be less water proof then a 1200 plus denier rug. I have the last one shown (Defender) is a great rug for really cold frosty winters. Tough denier and no neck rug attached, which I prefer for my horses that are not in much work. In spring I then switch it for a lighter rug, which they usually wear for a month or so before I leave it off completely. But please remember, even if you switch to a lighter rug, it will still need to come off each morning if it is warm and during their heavy moulting in the first month of spring.

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