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Product Description:


1 Material : 100% polyester
2 Pile height:3-5mm
3 Pile Weight:1600-2400/sq.mt
4 Good price and quality, best service

Detailed description:

Material: 100% polyester with grey/white back or cotton washable

  1. Pile height:3-5mm

  2. Pile Weight:1600-2400/sq.mt

  3. Back: White-grey back with latex adhensive .

  4. Any Design: Modern design, children design, traditional design, Persian design,etc. Can make according to customer’s artwork and colors. Colors better control within 6 colors per design.

  5. Size and shape: Max size is 70x140CM, can make size as per client’s requirement.  Shapes are rectangle, square, shape size, etc. Our standard sizes are: 40*60cm, 50*80cm, 60x90cm, 70x140cm.  1.75’X2.75’, 1.83’X2.83’, 2’X3’, 5’X8’, 8’X10’

  6. Lead time: about 30-45days which depend on the order quantity.

  7. MOQ: 500SQ.MT per order.

  8. Feature: cheap, soft and affordable.

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Q:carpet stain, help walked in automotive grease?
first off, i gotta say this: you are a brave woman having beige carpets and a mechanic in the same house! i avoid buying anything light colored for that very reason. to remove the grease though: Dawn dish soap. it is great stuff! just take the Dawn, mix a tablespoon or so in you sink and add like 1/2 an inch of water. swish it around with your hand to get it super bubbly. take a damp sponge and scoop it through the bubbles. rub the bubbles into the stain really good getting more bubbles periodically. let them sit for about 20 minutes, get your carpet shampooer out if you have one, and use that to rinse the spot. if not, use a rag and warm water. you might have to do it a few times, but that has gotten grease out of my carpets on more than one occasion. Gojo works pretty good too, or fast orange, or whatever he scrubs up with at work, but the pumice is hard to get out of the carpet, so look for one with no grit. the Gojo works great on greasy work clothes though, with or without the grit. (with grit works great on denim.)
Q:What to do with my carpet?
Here are several ideas Rent a carpet cleaner and clean the carpet. Put a small bright colored rug in the main area of the floor. People will look at the rug and not the wall to wall carpet Measure the room, go to a carpet store and get a left over carpet piece. Install it yourself or have a friend put it down.
Q:bleached carpet!! HELP!!?
Dying bleach stains in a carpet can be done, but that is something usually best left to a professional. Try contacting local flooring companies, or check your local registry to see if you have someone in your area that does 'carpet repair, or dye'. If the bleach stains aren't very large, then it might be possible to 'swap' a portion of the carpet out of a closet, and patch it. Again, this isn't something I would recommend for a novice. It does take a bit of skill to make a patch that blends in so it isn't visible. Using carpet dye, or patching a carpet, are two things that can very easily end up with more problems than you started with, hehe. In a worst case scenario, the carpet could be replaced.. so it would be a toss up, as to which would be more expensive, losing the deposit, or installing new carpet. Before replacing it, I'd suggest you double check with the apartment management. Many apartment complexes will keep at least a portion of the deposit, for 'cleaning' anyway, so there is a chance you won't get your full deposit back, even if you leave it with absolutely no damage at all. The only way around it would be to hire a professional cleaning company yourself, and that usually costs more than letting the apartment management have their maintenance/cleaning employees do the work. I would recommend that, if you cannot find someone to repair the carpet, that you get some estimates on replacing it. Then, if the apartment management tries to keep the entire deposit, you make them break it down by cost (in writing). If their cost for carpet replacement is higher than your estimates, you've got something you can use to barter with, if it is worth your time. Good Luck
Q:air bubbles under carpet?
Carpet doesn't get Air Bubbles - it's just not possible. What you have is a badly stretched carpet. It's bunching up... You need to either have it stretched or replaced.
Q:What is wrong with my area rug?
I am not sure what is wrong with it but my brother was having that problem and he decided to place it exactly where he wanted it and then he used a nail gun and tacked it down on the 4 corners and it has been a great resolution. Try it out!
Q:How should I wash my rug in washing machine?
I always wash my bathroom and entry rugs in the washer with a little detergent on the delicate cycle. I do dry them on the no heat setting. If your rug has a rubber backing it may come off and get in your washer. Usually doesn't happen the first time, but if you wash it often it probably will. No biggie though, just wash a load of towels after or just run a rinse cycle with nothing in it. Should help. Then you may get pieces in your dryer vent if you choose to dry it so be sure to clean the lint trap. hope this helps.
Q:Geometry: Area Problem dealing with carpet?
9 by 12 = 108 ft², and $27/108 = 1/4 dollar per ft², or $0.25 / ft² 8 by 14 = 112 ft², and $28/112 = $0.25 / ft² price is the same, so he buys the size that best fits his needs.
Q:How to choose new carpet?
presonaly I like low cut carpet that doesn't have the little stringy things in it
Q:Removing Cat Urine Odour From Carpet?
Nature's Miracle. Get it at pet supply stores, safe to use on most fabrics, works great.
Q:Just a question about rugs...?
My horse rolls all the time with a blanket on, and never has any problems. Make sure that belly straps lay ALMOST flat against the belly, there supposed to be loose not like a girth. and the hind leg straps should never hang below the hocks. Your horse should be just fine rolling with his blanket on.

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