PP/ HDPE One-Way Plastic Geogrid Products

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Product Description:

One-Way  Plastic  Geogrid Products

Products overview:

Unidirectional geogrid is made of polymer by extrusion pressure into sheet rules of mesh again, then the longitudinal tensile and into. The directional linear polymer into state and in the process of uniform distribution, long oval mesh nodes with high intensity is the structure integrity. This kind of structure has a very high tensile strength and tensile modulus, especially my company this kind of product is more than the international level of high early (elongation at 2% to 2%), tensile strength and tensile modulus. To the soil provides ideal assumption of the force and the spread of the chain system, the product tensile strength (> 150 mpa), adapt to all kinds of soil, is currently widely used reinforcement reinforcement material.

Product features:

1, strengthen roadbed, can effectively allocate diffusion load, improve the stability and bearing capacity of subgrade, prolong service life.

2, can withstand greater alternating load;

3, prevent subgrade material loss caused by the embankment, cracking;

4, make the file after the wall of the filled soil bearing capacity increase, reduce the pressure of the retaining wall, save costs and prolong service life, and reduce maintenance costs;

5, spray anchor concrete construction method for slope maintenance, not only can save 30% - 50% of the investment, but also can shorten the time limit for a project more than double;

6, adding geogrid in highway roadbed and road surface, reduces the deflection, reduce furrow, delay cracking 3 to 9 times, structure layer thickness can be reduced by 36%;

7, used in a variety of soil, no need different materials, save work time;

8, easy construction, can greatly reduce the construction cost.

Product application:

1, mainly used for retaining wall, abutment, steep slope engineering, etc.;

2, retaining wall and the abutment belongs to the mechanical structure, all bear the external loads, the active earth pressure, the upper structure of the load, temperature stress, such as reinforced material under great tension for a long time, and again and again under the action of dynamic load, the molecular structure of the material to produce fatigue, its performance attenuation, accelerate the ageing of the grille, to avoid structure due to the creep in reinforcement material and produce large deformation, should choose to unidirectional geogrid of high-density polyethylene as raw material.

Product specifications:


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Q:Geogrid tensile strength of 13.5kN/m, the unit should be how to understand?
Plastic mesh grille in custom-made case, first calculate the root number and the wire is thick, in the calculation of mesh size for tensile impact, your problem is that the tensile strength of steel grating is the tensile strength of each of the above. There are problems can be private chat, hope to adopt Thank you
Q:What is the weight ratio of fiber and coating in the warp knitted geogrid?
Bidirectional welding plastic top net, high strength spiral rib steel wire grid model, integrated 3D Geomat, high strength geogrid, geocell, engineering fiber, geotextile composite geomembrane, whichincludesimportedwetthinfeltproductionline engineering materials used in underground coal mine
Q:What is a plastic geogrid? What do you say is a one-way geogrid?
It can be divided into two kinds, one way and two way.
Q:Light material, wear resistance, chemical stability, light oxygen aging, suitable for different soil and desert soil conditions.
Three dimensional mesh pad
Q:What is the meaning of the highway geogrid gsl50/hdpe
Biaxial tensile plastic geogrid material is PP polyethylene, and I hope to help you, I am also a manufacturer of geogrid, information contact, if in doubt, please contact, hope to communicate with you, learning.
Q:What is the coefficient of friction of Nonwoven Geotextiles (polypropylene)?
Such as artificial lakes, swimming pools, reservoirs and other projects, and geotextile is generally used in landscaping or highway pavement health
Q:History of geotechnical materials
Geosynthetics are widely used in geotechnical engineering at present, which is a general name of polymer products. As early as in 1920s, the chemical industry was successful in the production of synthetic materials, but it was not until the late 50s that the material was gradually used as a new type of building materials to be used in geotechnical engineering. In the early stage, the products were mainly pervious to spinning and non-woven geotextiles, and later produced impermeable geomembrane. With the requirement of engineering practice and the improvement of manufacturing technology, the geogrid and other composite products with high strength reinforcement are manufactured. In this way, the original geotechnical fabric word has not summarized all kinds of products in the international meaning, so there are many alternative names, the geotextile material was the most common, but the habit still referred to as geotextile. Geotechnical material is divided into several categories of materials: geotextile, geomembrane, geogrid, drainage board, composite geomembrane, geotextile, geocell, bentonite waterproof blanket, etc..
Q:High density polyethylene one-way geogrid, tensile yield of 20kn/m
NamelyUnidirectional geogrid with tensile yield of 20kn/m
Q:Three how much is the price of Geogrid
There are three to foreign patent products, domestic manufacturers do not report.
Q:The future of geotechnical materials
steel-plastic composite geogridThe steel plastic geogrid with the high strength steel wire, through the special treatment, and PE, and the addition of other additives, through extrusion to make it into a composite high tensile band, and the surface of the coarse grain, it is high strength reinforced geotextile. The single belt is formed by the longitudinal and horizontal spacing or the clamping arrangement, and the welding joint is formed by adopting the welding technology of special strengthening bonding to weld the joint.

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