PP Blown Film Machine

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PP Blown Film Machine
1,high output,stable quality
2,wide applicable range
3,durable and reliable
4,convenient operation

PP Blown Film Machine

ModelTL-PP- 45 TL-PP- 55 TL-PP-65
Suitable MaterialPPPPPP
Screw diameter45mm55mm65mm
Screw L/D ratio28:128:128:1
Screw Barrel Material38CrMoLa38CrMoLa38CrMoLa
Die Size150mm250mm300mm
Width of finished products100-500mm150-600mm200-800mm
Film thickness0.03 -0.11mm0.03 -0.11mm0.03 -0.11mm
Cylinder cooling370w X2370w X2370w X3
Driving Motor power11kw15kw18.5KW
Air blower1.5KW1.5KW2.2KW
Pinch  Roller(Dia. Width)165*550mm165*650mm165*850
Take-up Motor5-60KW5-60KW5-60kw
Take-up speed0.75m/min0.75m/min0.75m/min
Winding speed5-60m/min5-60m/min5-60m/min
Winding motor5N.m5N.m6N.m
Overall dimension3.5x2x3.5m4.2x2.5x44.6x2.8x4.5

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Q:What are the 3 basic requirements of hydraulic system for hydraulic oil filters?
The two is to look at the oil situation, to choose whether to filter impurities, or choose to filter water, but also to filter impurities
Q:What is the reason for the oil running out of the turbine oil filter?
What caused the vacuum? The exhaust of the oil purifier will run out of oil? There are three main factors:When the oil temperature is low, the viscosity of the oil becomes larger, and the oil foam remaining on the filter can not fall down in time. When the suction port is filled, the vacuum pump is pumped to the condensing tank and overflowed through the outlet pipe of the vacuum pump.
Q:Peanut oil centrifugal filter and vacuum oil filter which is good?
(with three different types of output) by the original 1800 speed and further improve the way to start, flexible start, let the oil filter to use more energy saving power with reduced half, do not cover slag, large caliber more convenient, centrifugal oil filter can be tiny impurities the crude oil inside, under the action of centrifugal force to make oil completely from the brightness, taste, health and safety environmental protection. For the use of more oil and oil increase efficiency.
Q:Application of vacuum oil filter
Removal of impurity by net filtration combined with polymer adsorption
Q:Vacuum dewatering oil filter and coalescence separation dehydration, which dehydration effect is strong?
Vacuum dehydration oil filter, this is not clear what you say is dehydration, and if it is coalescence separation, then the same effect as coalescence dehydration. If it is centrifugal, heating, sedimentation and other dehydration methods, there will be different effects.Vacuum dehydration oil filters are in fact a general term for negative pressure power supply. What you should know is what method of dehydration is used If it is the coalescing filter, then it is the poly series dehydration product, but the direction of the power is different.
Q:Which filter is the best for peanut oil filter?
It must be centrifugal and expensive. The plate and frame can only be replaced with filter cloth, but the plate and frame are troublesome, and he can not dephosphorization. Phosphorus is often eaten and is harmful to people's health. Http://www.zzlvyouji.com/4/%E6%A6%A8%E6%B2%B9%E8%AE%BE%E5%A4%87%E6%BB%A4%E6%B2%B9%E6%9C%BA.html you can see that it will help you know more about the oil filter
Q:What is the principle of vacuum oil filters used in steam turbines?
PX is the use of physical means, without affecting the moisture, impurity and gas contains a large number of rapid removal of oil oil components and the premise of the performance of the liquid (acetylene, hydrogen, methane and other harmful ingredients; etc.) can have on steam, Water Leakage, aging, acid, foam, emulsified oil product purification. The quality indexes of the oil products meet the requirements of the quality standard of turbine oil in operation of GB/T 7596-2008
Q:Consult experts, power plant turbine oil vacuum filter machine, why use ah?
Turbine oil vacuum oil filter can remove the dissolved water in oil (about 150mg/L) and non dissolved water (more than 150mg/L will have, that is, the tiny drops of water) in oil water content reduced to below 50mg/L, but if the oil with high water content, the dehydration rate is relatively slow. Beijing instant Technology Co., Ltd. turbine oil vacuum oil filter is a new technology, new products, it is recommended concern
Q:What is the effect of the oil filter on the filtration of fine particles?
The filter on the market are the theoretical precision, must understand the actual filtration precision filter, different oil should choose corresponding filter, industrial oil and edible oil, medical liquid filtration in the filter selection should pay special attention to the material composition matching filter
Q:Oil filter ZLA-20! During the test process! Foam
Who should have cheated you on this return?. Recommended ZYAXD-100 two-stage vacuum, automatic defoaming, definitely better than any ZLA

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