Powered Stacker China OEM Offer 1.5t (CTD16K)

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Product Description:

Powered Stacker China OEM Offer 1.5t  (CTD16K)

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:CTD16K


Type:Powered Pallet Truck

Power:AC Motor


Load Capacity:1.6t



Load center:>500mm

Lift height:3000~5000mm





Support Rack Form:Double Support Rack

Motor Power:1.6kw





Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.







HS Code:842890


Production Capacity:2000 Pieces Per Month

Product Description


Semi-electric powered stacker main configuration:

1, maintenance-free ac drive system
2, electronic steering system
3, 12 v / 185 ah high-capacity lead-acid batteries
4, Curtis communication controller
5, import a two-speed hydraulic power unit
6, the side with quick replacement battery structure
7, a variety of specifications door frame to meet different customer needs

Marshell Semi-electric powered stacker suitable mode:
1, relatively flat cement or similar hard pavement
2, suitable for single pallet handling, stacking of the goods
3, suitable for high frequency and heavy load cargo handling, stacking
4, working time is about 5 hours

Tips: Does not apply to contain flammable and explosive gas or dust

Rated Loading1500kg
lifting height3000mm
Free lifting height300mm
Doorframe formdouble Doorframe
outline dimension1700*746*2095mm
fork length1070mm
minimum height of fork90mm
Fork width160mm
Loading center distance500mm
Motor power1.6kw
Fork outside width574mm
rear wheel dimensionφ150*50mm
front wheel dimensionφ80*70mm
oil pump motor power1.6kw
doorframe fall height2095mm
the maximum height of door frame during operation3500mm

Powered Stacker China OEM Offer 1.5t  (CTD16K)

Powered Stacker China OEM Offer 1.5t  (CTD16K)

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