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1.Product description
Product description 110KV oil immersed on-load regulation power transformer has a seires of big changes in material, technical and construction with the characters of small size, light weight, high efficiency with low loss and low noise, stable opable operation which cutting down large number of loss from energy GRID and minising operation charge, improving the industrial economic benefit, it is used in power plant, transformer substation, big-sized and chemistry factory and etc. the product is according to national and IEC standards. installation:outdoor ambient temperature: -30˚C-+40˚C Altitude: 1000m relative humidity: 90%(25C)

Rated capacity (kVA)Voltage combination and tap range (kV)Vector groupS9 seriesS10 seriesNo-load current (%)Short-circuit inpedance (%)
HVLVNo-load lossload lossNo-load lossload loss

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Q:Transformer question electrical machine?
the only reason that i will think of is is an electric powered gadget is that it does paintings, It consumes power (losses) and it particularly is hooked as much as the provision?? besides the indisputable fact that I too have in no way heard if them being spoke of as a gadget in 40 4 years interior the commerce
Q:DC into AC and transformers PHYSICS help?
transformers do not change DC values. Do not hook a transformer to DC. Depending on how the connections are made, it may be a short circuit.
Q:Single phase vs three phase by looking at the transformer?
Looking at a transformer intended for mounting on a utility pole, you would see insulating bushings protruding from the metal case. The longer bushing or bushings are the high voltage bushings. The smaller bushings are the low voltage bushings. A single phase transformer would have only one or possibly two of the long high voltage bushings ( typically coming out of the top of the transformer on newer designs intended for mounting on poles typically by a utility ). A three phase transformer would have at least three or possibly four of the long high voltage bushings. All power transformers should also have a Nameplate permanently attached to the case. Primary bushings are typically identified on the nameplate with a H designation such as H1, H2 etc. Low voltage bushing are identified by an x designation such as x1, x2 etc. Make certain that the transformer is NOT energized before attempting to look at a nameplate or come near a transformer. Multiple single phase transformers may be connected into what is called a transformer bank to produce three phase power. At least two single phase transformers are necessary to make a three phase bank of transformers.
Q:Transformer voltage ratio and current ratio.
In theory, the transformer voltage ratio is equal to the turns ratio, the current ratio is equal to the number of turns inversely proportional. There is actually a slight difference.
Q:Which 2 Shooters should I buy this fall: Halo 4, BLOPS 2, Transformers FOC?
Transformers FOC is pretty much a sequel for WFC and upon watching the trailer, I found the graphics are just like WFC so I think you'll like it However I strongly disagree with the Dotm comment.it's a bad shooter if you don't get how it works. I love Dotm a lot.haven't touched WFC ever since I got it. I'd say Transformers FOC and Black Ops 2.but really Halo will probably be great too.maybe get whichever two comes out first.then buy the third one if you aren't happy with the first two. Best of luck
Q:what's a tv transformer?
Unless the someone was an experienced TV Tech you can take his ( or her ) diagnosis with a very large pinch of salt ! To answer your basic question though what is a Tv transformer ? I will list a few transformers that can be found in a TV set.! Mains AC transformer already described by TV Guy ! Sound IF transformers ( 2 or 3 ) Vision IF transformers Power supply switching transformer ! Line drive transformer . Flyback Transformer A couple or so in the tuner unit. No doubt I have missed a couple and will be picked up on it by the other TV Techs who may decide to answer this question but you get the idea don`t you !! Cheers Pete To be fair Adrian he did say with other circuitry . Cheers Pete
Q:Transformer core
The core part of the transformer is composed of (primary coil) and (secondary coil), generally divided into two types of step-up transformer and step-down transformer. (In fact, there is not a step up and not buck the isolation transformer) Did not hear the transformer "what son".
Q:What is the principle of the conversion of the transformer? How to restore the secondary side to the primary side?
1. The principle of the return is the balance of the magnetic potential before and after the countdown. The various energy relations should remain unchanged. 2. Potential and voltage of the count: the transformer once the number of turns W1, the number of turns on the secondary side W2, W1 / W2 = k     There is a return after: E2 '= k * E2                               U2 '= k * U2
Q:How long does it take to restart the transformer?
What are the requirements for the commissioning and outage of the transformer? A: (1) the new operation of the transformer must be rated voltage under the impact test 5 times, overhaul after the impact test 3 times. (2) the transformer put into operation when the first cooler, cooler running for a period (about 15min) time, until the oil temperature is no longer rise and then stop. Disconnect the transformer first. (3) 110kV and above in the neutral point direct grounding system, put into operation and outage transformer, the operation must be grounded before the neutral point, after the operation and then decide whether to decide whether to disconnect. Transformer neutral point access to the arc suppression coil should be first after the exit. The neutral point of the two transformers should not be connected to a neutral bus with an arc suppression coil.
Q:Transformers Figures?
Personally I wouldn't go with the ones from the movie. They're more a kids toys and the quality isn't too good. I go with G1 reissues. The Binaltech and Alternators line. Fun to play with and has collectible value. And the Masterpiece Edition Transformers. Which i do recommend highly. Expensive but worth it. The details look very real. And are collectors items The classics line is good too. They look a lot more decent and a bit better in quality than the current toys.

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