Power Stacker-WS1243 pedestrian polyurethane tyre

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PRODUCT NAME:Power Stacker-WS1243


1.Overall width of 800mm,ideal choice to work in narrow aisle or confined space.
2.The floating driving wheel with five wheels layout makes the stacker is more stable,higher ability of crossing obstacles,so its operating is more convenient and flexible.
3.With canbus technology muti-functional handles(optional),it’s more stable when under the operatinon.All the operations can be worked through the handle.
4.The IP54 can effectively protect against dust and moisture.
5.Through the adjustable hydraulic motor(It’s optional for the satcker with three-stage mast),the button of the handle can flexiblely control up and down,meanwhile it can precise the lifitng load.
6.Automatic Folding pedal(optional)the operator’s fatigue can be reduced when operating in a long time.
7.Adjustbale handle seat(optional) can meet the needs of different opeators.
8.The paylode is 1200kg,Battery voltage divide 210Ah,280Ah base on the different capacity of the stacker with bulit-out charger is convenient,quick,safe for charging.
9.Sideways battery removal for rapid changing in a multi-shift environment.High efficiency,High power DC driving wheel assure the transport is fast and effcient.
10.When the lifting height exceeds 300mm,the driving speed automaticlly reduce and assure the operation safely.High power pump station motor short lifting time and raise working efficiency.
11.When with the Heavy load decline,the speed will automaticlly reduce.High-strength and the high ability of preventing bending assure the high load capacity,high working efficiency.

1KG=2.2LB 1INCH=25.4MM

up to h3 mmACTUAL CAPACITY ( Q ) kg
Load centre distance( C ) mm600700

1.2Manufacturer`s type designationunitWS1243
1.3Drive:electric(battery or mains)、diesel、petrol、
fuel gas、manual
1.4Type of operation :hand , pedestrian, standing, 
seated, order-picker
1.5Load Capacity / rated load Qkg1200
1.6Load centre distancecmm600
1.8Load distance ,centre of drive axle to forkmm765
Weights2.1Service weightkg1310
2.2Axle loading,laden front/rearkg1030/1480
2.3Axle loading,unladen front/rearkg910/400
3.1Tyres:solid rubber,superelastic,pneumatic,
3.2Tyre size,front230×75
3.3Tyre size,rear80×701)
3.4Additional wheels(dimensions)124×60
3.5Wheels,number front/rear(x=driven wheels)1x+2/4
3.6Track width,front b10mm570
3.7Track width,rear b11mm395
4.2Lowered mast height h1mm1930
4.3Free lift h2mm1380
4.4Lift height h3mm4215
4.5Extended mast height h4mm4810
4.9Height of tiller in drive position min./max. h14mm1070/1420
4.15Lowered height h13mm85
4.19Overall lengthl1mm2150
4.20Length to face of forks l2mm1000
4.21Overall width b1mm796
4.22Fork dimensions s/e/lmm60/180/1150
4.25Width over forks b5mm575
4.32Ground clearance,centre of wheelbase m2mm25
4.33Aisle width for pallets 1000X1200 crossways Astmm2625
4.34Aisle width for pallets 800X1200 lengthways Astmm2575
4.35Turning radiusWamm1780
5.1Travel speed,laden/unladenkm/h5.0/5.5
5.2Lift speed, laden/unladenmm/s147/2122)
5.3Lowering speed,laden/unladenmm/s127/103
5.8Max.gradient performance,laden/unladen%6/12
5.10Service brakeElectric-magnetic
E-Motor6.1Drive motor ratingkw1.5
6.2Lift motor ratingkw3
6.3Battery acc.to BS,no4VBS
6.4Battery voltage,nominal capacityV/Ah24/280
Others8.1Type of drive controlMOSFET Control
8.4sound level at driver`s ear acc.to EN 12053dB(A)<70

1)Tandem 80X93
2)option of CSM(conversion speed Modulating)technology


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