Power Stacker-SPND with payload 500-1000kg

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SPND Series is a full electric stacker ideal for short distance good transport,with payload 500-1000kg,lifting height up to 1890mm.Particularly suitable for use in locations where space is limited, especially in the narrow aisles.

1.2Manufacturer’s type designation SPND1016SPND1019SPND0516
1.3Drive:electric(battery or mains),diesel, petrol,fuel gas,manual Electric
1.4Type of operation:hand,pedestrian,stand ing,seated, order-picker) Pedestrian
1.5Load Capacity /rated loadQ (kg)10001000500
1.6Load center distanceC mm500500350
1.8Load distance, centre of drive axle to forkX mm671671433
1.9Wheelbasey mm135313531063
Weights2.1service WeightKg450460415
2.2Axle loading, laden front/rearKg415/1035420/1040380/535
2.3Axle loadings, unladen front/rearKg295/155300/160280/135
Wheel3.1Tyres:solid rubber, superelastic, pneumatic, polyurethane) polyurethane
3.2Tyre size, front 220 x70220 x70220 x70
3.3Tyre size, rear 100x70100x70100x70
3.4Additional wheels(dimensions) 180x50180x50180x50
3.5Wheels, number front/rear(x=driven wheels) 1x+1/21x+1/21x+1/2
3.6Track width,frontb10(mm)553553553
3.7Track width,rearb11(mm)862/1085862/1085472
Dimensions4.2Lowered mast heighth1(mm)202923592008
4.3Free lifth2(mm)153018901570
4.4Lift heighth3(mm)153018901570
4.5Extended mast heighth4(mm)202923592008
4.9Height of tiller in drive position max./min.h14(mm)970/1300975/1300975/1300
4.2Lowered heighth13(mm)505040
4.2Overall lengthl1(mm)174617461414
4.2Length to face of forksl2(mm)831831779
4.2Overall widthb1(mm)862/1205862/1205795
4.2Fork dimensionss/e/l(mm)30/100/91530/100/91525/76/635
4.3Width over forksb5(mm)210/720210/720152/544
4.3Distance between supports arms/loading surfaceb4(mm)762/965762/965409
4.3Ground clearance, center of wheelbasem2(mm)292925/76/635
4Aisle width for pallets 1000x1200 crosswaysAst(mm)244424442296
4.3Aisle width for pallets 800x1200 lengthwaysAst(mm)242324232335
4.4Turning radiusWa(mm)156015601270
Performance5.1Travel Speed, laden/unladenkm/h3.2/3.43.2/3.43.5/3.8
5.2Lift speed, laden/unladenmm/s91/12891/12895/135
5.3Lowering speed, laden/unladenmm/s110/96110/96110/96
5.8Max.gradient performance, laden/unladen%3/5
5.1Service brakeElectromagnetic
Motor6.1Drive motor rating s2 60minkw0.50.50.5
6.2Lift motor rating at s3 15%kw2.22.22.2
6.3Battery acc. To DIN, nononono
6.4Battery voltage, norminal capacityV/Ah2x12/802x12/802x12/80
Others8.1Type of drive controlMOSFET Control
8.4Sound level at driver’s ear acc.to EN12053dB(A)<70<70<70
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Q:How to choose the platform and how to use the method
And finally, the equipment after the arrival of the goods, when unpacking acceptance check random whether technical data is complete, the random spare parts, tools and accessories is consistent with the listing, if there is a damage equipment and accessories, defects, etc., and make out the acceptance record.
Q:Seven tons of lift should be fitted with the straight screw and motor
Force teck can offer the synchrolifting lifting system design, a full set of accessories combination: spiral elevator, commutator, drive shaft, shaft coupling, gear motor, as well as the system, a full set of CAD drawings, and the scene debugging
Q:Hydraulic platform repair work instruction book, trouble which big man helps to provide
Remove and disassemble the descending valve, blow the plunger through compressed air and then load and resettle. Remove the hydraulic oil, tighten the connector and remove the oil strainer and clean it with compressed air, then put it back in the tank and connect the line. Do not use old oil for new oil
Q:What is the phenomenon of the worker's transport of wood using a lift
It's normal. This series of products for indoor type, widely used in star-rated hotels, such as the large supermarket industry lobbies, the aerial work inside the factory, has a balance, convenient operation, can enter the hall, can freely in and out of the elevator and less consumption, no pollution, work does not hurt the earth, can be used for wall and out work, work no dead Angle. The single column aluminum alloy electric elevator is fitted with the gantry cross attachment, which is suitable for the maintenance of movie theater, synagogue and church. The long door is easy to assemble, easy to operate, flexible to move, can span up to 1.1m fixed seat and other obstacles, and can stabilize the work on the step. High strength rectangular steel pipe making, rigid and stable. It is equipped with multi-wheel and flexible. Both ends can be adjusted, which can be used to cross different obstacles. The two sides are vertical adjustable, which can be used for the incline or step of a certain incline
Q:There are several categories of mobile elevators
The mobile elevator can be chosen as two phase, three phase, electric bottle and diesel engine for lifting power, and explosion-proof electric machine and electric appliance can be used in special places. The elevator control system is controlled by electric, lower control, and controlled by hand, electric or remote control. This series of elevator has a mobile and flexible, steady lifting, large capacity, easy to operate etc, mobile hoist is widely used in factories, grain depot, airports, gas stations, organs, wharf, wild power, street lamp maintenance and architectural decoration and other industries. The mobile elevator can be made according to the user's requirement.
Q:How much is the 8 square meter tatami mat
Look at the material you choose. Eight is not too small. It is estimated to be around 5,000-1w, without a lift
Q:What happened to the rise and fall
Replace when necessary. Indicator, press the up button, motor rotation and lifting platform does not rise inspection or greater power contact, inverted power supply after the motor, it can be power supply is correct.
Q:Operation and attention of electric elevating platform car?
When the working pressure of the platform is too high or the noise is abnormal, the inspection should be stopped immediately so as not to seriously damage the platform. For general failures, see (troubleshooting and troubleshooting); G, the wind should not be greater than 5 when used, and the machine should not be used in thunderstorm. Note: A, non-electric professional personnel should not disassemble the electrical appliances at will, in case of electric shock or mistake. B: the platform should be hoisted on the platform when the platform is being repaired under the platform. In case the platform suddenly drops, causing casualties;
Q:How is the small electric shearing fork lift designed
classification The shear fork platform is divided into: movable, fixed and tractive. Mobile platform elevating power is manual or electric, the product structure is firm, the mobile is flexible, the elevation is stable, the operation is convenient, carrying weight is large and so on. use Pull-type elevating platform adopts foreign power do drawing, using three-phase power supply or diesel engine for power, move fast and convenient, suitable for long distance operation, it is mainly used in oil, electricity, urban construction, post and telecommunications industries field aerial work.
Q:What happens when the platform comes up and the power goes out.
In pump station oil outlet on the right side with a nut, the nut off, is within the six-party of the screw, counterclockwise, the platform can fall, fall after what must tighten screw clockwise, the back nut, so that next time can normal use

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