Power Stacker - CS1550T pedestran

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PRODUCT NAME:Power Stacker-CS1550T
1kg=2.2lb 1ICH=25.4MM

Lifting height h3 mm

Capacity (Q) kg






















Load center distance (C)mm





Power(battery,diesel,petrol,natural gas,manual) electric
standing,Manner of operation:hand,pedestran,
Load CapacityQ(T)1.51.5
Load Centre distanceC(mm)600600
Distance between fork backrest and frond wheelX(mm)765765
WeightWeight(including battery)Kg14981548
Axle loading,laden front/rearKg1340/16581350/1698
Axle loading,unladen front/rearKg950/548950/598
Wheels Types

Tyres(rubber, high-elastomer, pneumatic,

Wheel size drive side 230x75230x75
Wheel size load side 80x70 1)80x70 1)
Castor wheels(dimensions) 124x60124x60
Wheels, number(x=drive wheel)drive side/ load side 1x+2/41x+2/4
Track width(front)drive sideb10(mm)780780
Track width(rear)load sideb11(mm)395395
DimensionsClosed mast height h1(mm)22202480
Free lift heighth2(mm)16601875
Lift heighth3(mm)49155415
Extended mast heighth4(mm)55206060
Height of steering wheelh14(mm)864/1287864/1287
The lowest height of forkh13(mm)8585
Overall length l1(mm)21702170
Length between fork backrest and vehicle bodyl2(mm)10201020
Overall width b1(mm)10401040
Fork Dimensionss/e/l(mm)60/180/115060/180/1150
Overall fork width b5(mm)575575
Clearance between  mast-base and groundm2(mm)2525
Clearance between mast-base and groundAst(mm)26442644
Working aisle with 800×1200 pallet (1200 along with fork)Ast(mm)25902590
Swerve radiusWa(mm)18001800
PerformanceSpeed  Load/without loadkm/h5/5.55/5.5
Lifting speed  Load/without loadmm/s106/170106/170
Lowering speed   Load/without loadmm/s96/8096/80
Gradeability   Load/without load    %6/126/12
Brakes electro-magnetic
MotorDrive motorkw1.51.5
Lifting motorkw33
Battery  5VBS5VBS
Battery voltage,normal capacity K5V/Ah24/35024/350
OtherType of drive control MOSFE MOSFET Control AC
Noise level at operator’s earsdB(A)6868
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