Power Stacker - CS1550T pedestran

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PRODUCT NAME:Power Stacker-CS1550T
1kg=2.2lb 1ICH=25.4MM

Lifting height h3 mm

Capacity (Q) kg






















Load center distance (C)mm





Power(battery,diesel,petrol,natural gas,manual) electric
standing,Manner of operation:hand,pedestran,
Load CapacityQ(T)1.51.5
Load Centre distanceC(mm)600600
Distance between fork backrest and frond wheelX(mm)765765
WeightWeight(including battery)Kg14981548
Axle loading,laden front/rearKg1340/16581350/1698
Axle loading,unladen front/rearKg950/548950/598
Wheels Types

Tyres(rubber, high-elastomer, pneumatic,

Wheel size drive side 230x75230x75
Wheel size load side 80x70 1)80x70 1)
Castor wheels(dimensions) 124x60124x60
Wheels, number(x=drive wheel)drive side/ load side 1x+2/41x+2/4
Track width(front)drive sideb10(mm)780780
Track width(rear)load sideb11(mm)395395
DimensionsClosed mast height h1(mm)22202480
Free lift heighth2(mm)16601875
Lift heighth3(mm)49155415
Extended mast heighth4(mm)55206060
Height of steering wheelh14(mm)864/1287864/1287
The lowest height of forkh13(mm)8585
Overall length l1(mm)21702170
Length between fork backrest and vehicle bodyl2(mm)10201020
Overall width b1(mm)10401040
Fork Dimensionss/e/l(mm)60/180/115060/180/1150
Overall fork width b5(mm)575575
Clearance between  mast-base and groundm2(mm)2525
Clearance between mast-base and groundAst(mm)26442644
Working aisle with 800×1200 pallet (1200 along with fork)Ast(mm)25902590
Swerve radiusWa(mm)18001800
PerformanceSpeed  Load/without loadkm/h5/5.55/5.5
Lifting speed  Load/without loadmm/s106/170106/170
Lowering speed   Load/without loadmm/s96/8096/80
Gradeability   Load/without load    %6/126/12
Brakes electro-magnetic
MotorDrive motorkw1.51.5
Lifting motorkw33
Battery  5VBS5VBS
Battery voltage,normal capacity K5V/Ah24/35024/350
OtherType of drive control MOSFE MOSFET Control AC
Noise level at operator’s earsdB(A)6868
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Q:The hydraulic platform can't rise. Why?
The hydraulic platform and the control line are relatively simple, the hydraulic pump running at the point of rise will drive the oil hydraulic drive plunger up. Turn on the solenoid valve when the point is lowered. Be described in the hydraulic pump caused by dirt Chen Ji which reduces the pump fluid efficiency, hydraulic pump will be removed to clean the pump tablet, does not rule out the filtrate may be network jam.
Q:What is the difference between elevator and elevator platform and high-altitude platform
The elevator will use the motor to reverse the deceleration and pull the cable to lift the basket. The platform, like the high-altitude operating platform, USES hydraulic oil to pressurize or unload the platform. High altitude (pinyin: gao kong zuo ye) refers to the work performed at a certain location on a high level. National standard GB 3608-2008 "high job grading" regulation: "where in the fall for more than 2 m height datum (2 m) to operate the heights of the likely to fall, are called high homework." According to this rule, the scope of the construction industry is quite extensive. When working in a building, operate on a shelf above 2m.
Q:What is the reason for the automatic lowering of the hydraulic platform
The non-leakage of pressure oil is the key factor for the non-drop, so check the one-way valve
Q:There are several reasons for the hydraulic cylinder oil leak on the elevator
Oil cylinder in and out tubing joint cracking; (I've seen a lot of this in practice.) 2) the sealing damage of the piston rod with the piston rod is caused by the pull of the piston cylinder. 3) cooperate with cylinder liner piston rod out end seal is damaged, this is caused by long-term use of seal aging more, also has a lot of end cover on is too hard to seal extrusion is damaged, there is a lot of domestic manufacturer of hydraulic cylinder design is not reasonable cause (mostly in order to save costs)
Q:The purpose of the rail elevator
Guide lifter is a kind of hydraulic elevating shear machinery and equipment. Used for secondary and tertiary industrial workshop, restaurant, wine shop floor between the transport of goods. The minimum height from 150-150 mm, optimal it is suitable for the workplace can't excavation pit. And do not need the upper lifting point, in the form of diversification (single column and double column, the four pillars). Equipment running smoothly, guide of elevator guide rail is commonly channel steel, H steel, square tube welding, operation is simple, reliable and convenient transport of goods economy.
Q:How about customizing a tatami mat?
However, the tatami mat is no longer a problem. In a small room decorate a lifting platform tatami, not only improve the utilization rate of the space of the room to receive and we have guests home, tatami is lifting platform rises is a piece of tea table; Descend, and the tatami of the ground to be an organic whole, spread the mat of above a mat of a mat of a mat of a kind of a very beautiful bed. This can not only be used to make tea room, room, study, also can be used as a child's activity place, a room can use more.
Q:What certificate is required to operate hydraulic platform
Need special equipment to use the license, do this card is very expensive, seem to want 500 ~ 10000. Where did you buy it, because the house can do it for you? If the product does not meet technical review do not water,,,, I know there is a producers can do STH for sb, HuaNanJun industry machinery equipment co., LTD, special equipment to check more strictly, now,
Q:What is the elevating platform for automatic mahjong machine?
This kind of failure, because after lifting motor flange loose inside the case, if there are no loose motor flange, it is lifting motor capacitor needs replacement, motor damage possibility is not big, most are motor capacitance shock wear caused by the inability to fail, knowing all think will be the motor is broken
Q:Where is the mobile lift platform?
Jinan history.the lifting machinery co., LTD. Is a set design, development, production and sales in the integration of manufacturing enterprise, specialized in manufacturing hydraulic lifting machinery and aerial work platform, the company is known as "water city" the laudatory name of shandong jinan hinterland, located in 220 national highway of provincial development zone economic development zone industrial park, north to south in mount tai, north across the Yellow River.
Q:What are the elevating institutions
The elevator is also called the elevating platform, which is a lifting device that lifts a person or cargo to a certain height. In the factory, the automatic warehouse logistics system such as vertical transportation, lifting platforms often also equipped with all kinds of plane conveyor equipment, as different height of conveyor line connection device.

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