Power Stacker-CD20 series - pedestrian - polyurethane tyre

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PRODUCT NAME:Power Stacker-CD20 series
1.2Model of manufactureUnitCD2029CD2036
1.3Powersupply (electric,diesel,petrol,gas,mains Electric)electric
1.4Type of operation (hand, pedestrian, stand on, rider seated,order picker)pedestrian
1.5Load capacity / rated loadQ ( kg)2000
Load capacity at mast liftQ ( kg)12001)
Load capacity at support arm liftQ ( kg)20001)
1.6Load center distanceC ( mm)600
1.8Cantilever distanceX(mm)785
1.9WheelbaseY (mm)1603
Weights2.1Weight (including battery)kg11851220
2.2Axle loadings ladenfront/ rearkg1085/20951100/2120
2.3Axle loadings unladenfront/ rearkg840/345870/350
Wheels, Chassis3.1Tires(rubber, lkollan,pneumatic,polyurethane)polyurethane
3.2Tire size, frontmmØ 230 x75
3.3Tire size , rearmmØ80x70
3.4Castor wheels (dimensions)mmØ124x60
3.5Wheelsnumber(x=drivewheel)front/ rear1x+2/4
3.6Track width (rear ) , frontb10 (mm)680
3.7Track width(front) , rearb11 (mm)395
Basic dimensions4.2Lowered mast heighth1(mm)19982398
4.3Free lifth2 (mm)14501800
4.4Lift heighth3 (mm)28153515
4.5Extended maximal heighth4 (mm)33514051
4.6Initial lifth5(mm)120
4.9Tiller height in neutrality positionh14 (mm)1287
4.15Fork height loweredh13 (mm)90
4.19Overall lengthl1 (mm)2195
4.20Length to front face of forkl2 (mm)1033
4.21Overall widthb1 (mm)795
4.22Fork dimensionss/e/l mm)60 / 180 / 1150
4.25Overall fork width(Upside / Under)b5 (mm)575
4.31Floor clearance,centre of wheelbasem2 (mm)28
4.33Aisle width for pallets 1000x1200 crosswaysAst(mm)2667
4.34Aisle width for pallets 800x1200 lengthwiseAst(mm)2607
4.35Turning radiusWa(mm)1900
5.1Travel speedladen / unloadedkm / h5/5.5
5.2Lifting speedladen / unloadedmm/s144/170
5.3Lowering speedladen / unloadedmm/s95/80
5.8Grade-abilityladen / unloaded%6/12
6.1Drive motorkW1.5 (AC)
6.2Lifting motorkW3
6.3Battery acc. To BS, no3PZS
6.4Battery voltage, normal capacityV/Ah24/210-270
6.5Battery weight +/-5%kg185-240
Others8.1Type of drive control3-phase AC technology
8.4Sound level at driver’s earsacc.to EN12053dB(A)<70

1) in double-deck operation: mast lift 1000Kg support arm lift 1000Kg.

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Q:Simple manual lifting mechanism, a nut a bolt can
The next face is worn, welding a circle, ok turn, rise, also can not be fixed, also can rise! The general problem is not too big, it's a two-point position, if it's fixed at three points, it's high in accuracy
Q:There are different kinds of milling machine and vertical lifting machine milling machine
Horizontal milling machine also can use the above all kinds of cutting tools, but not as convenient vertical milling, mainly can use the rack cutter (mainly side and face milling cutter, flake cutter, etc.). Milling tank, milling plane, cutting etc
Q:How does the elevator repair
Professional personnel should not uninstall electrical appliances at will, in case of electric shock or mistake. The platform should be hoisted and supported when the platform is being repaired under the platform of the platform, so as to prevent the sudden descent of the platform, causing casualties. The overflow valve should not be adjusted arbitrarily. Every element in the hydraulic system works under pressure. Any adjustment of the overflow valve may cause the hydraulic system to operate improperly. There will be unnecessary damage to people, machines and things. In any part of the hydraulic system, the pressure oil must be unloaded first, lest the pressure oil spout and the table suddenly fall. Monthly maintenance A. Roller, shaft and bearing, oil cylinder pin shaft and bearing, arm hinge shaft and bearing, etc.
Q:Description of fixed hydraulic elevator
Fixed hydraulic elevator products can be divided into cut and fork, double shear, guide rail, cylinder type and wall hanging type etc. Design is novel, dual ladder anti-rotating structure, double speed drop system, the largest rise in 35 meters, stable and reliable, beautiful, simple operation is the biggest characteristic of fixed hydraulic lift cylinder type. Double ladder anti-revolution structure ensures the safety and stability of the work. Also, considering the actual environment of the scene, the oil cylinder can be dumped and handled to ensure the maximum scope of the machine operation.
Q:The characteristics of hydraulic platform
Light weight, good maneuverability, suitable for individual operation. The special mast strap-step device, which is smoothly and smoothly; 3, compact structure, small size of transportation, can enter the car of general elevator and pass through the door and narrow passageway. Double protected leg structure, work safer, and can be close to the working face lift.
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Q:What happened to the rise and fall
The first possible reason is that the voltage is too low to check the actuator potential of the motor load. The voltage fluid range allows for a plus or minus 10% of the motor to not inspect the two phases of the three-phase line of the motor and circuit motor.
Q:What is the imported hydraulic platform car? Kneel and beg your help
Their platform has a special mechanical structure that is widely used in high-altitude work, the shear fork structure, and the higher stability after lifting and lifting
Q:There are several categories of mobile elevators
Mobile elevators have artificial mobile hoist, electric mobile lift, the other with a hand pump, used for power failure, a mobile and flexible, steady lifting, easy operation, large capacity, etc. The lifting power is divided into 220V or 380V power supply, with foreign and domestic hydraulic pump station. It mainly applies to the factory, the property unit, the shop decoration, the building, the decoration, the pavilion layout, the conference center and so on. There are many kinds of mobile elevator products, which can be divided into: tractive, self-propelled, hand-pushed, aluminum alloy.
Q:What happens when the platform comes up and the power goes out.
Many platforms have an emergency drop.I hope my answer will help you.

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