Power Stacker-CD20 series - pedestrian - polyurethane tyre

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PRODUCT NAME:Power Stacker-CD20 series
1.2Model of manufactureUnitCD2029CD2036
1.3Powersupply (electric,diesel,petrol,gas,mains Electric)electric
1.4Type of operation (hand, pedestrian, stand on, rider seated,order picker)pedestrian
1.5Load capacity / rated loadQ ( kg)2000
Load capacity at mast liftQ ( kg)12001)
Load capacity at support arm liftQ ( kg)20001)
1.6Load center distanceC ( mm)600
1.8Cantilever distanceX(mm)785
1.9WheelbaseY (mm)1603
Weights2.1Weight (including battery)kg11851220
2.2Axle loadings ladenfront/ rearkg1085/20951100/2120
2.3Axle loadings unladenfront/ rearkg840/345870/350
Wheels, Chassis3.1Tires(rubber, lkollan,pneumatic,polyurethane)polyurethane
3.2Tire size, frontmmØ 230 x75
3.3Tire size , rearmmØ80x70
3.4Castor wheels (dimensions)mmØ124x60
3.5Wheelsnumber(x=drivewheel)front/ rear1x+2/4
3.6Track width (rear ) , frontb10 (mm)680
3.7Track width(front) , rearb11 (mm)395
Basic dimensions4.2Lowered mast heighth1(mm)19982398
4.3Free lifth2 (mm)14501800
4.4Lift heighth3 (mm)28153515
4.5Extended maximal heighth4 (mm)33514051
4.6Initial lifth5(mm)120
4.9Tiller height in neutrality positionh14 (mm)1287
4.15Fork height loweredh13 (mm)90
4.19Overall lengthl1 (mm)2195
4.20Length to front face of forkl2 (mm)1033
4.21Overall widthb1 (mm)795
4.22Fork dimensionss/e/l mm)60 / 180 / 1150
4.25Overall fork width(Upside / Under)b5 (mm)575
4.31Floor clearance,centre of wheelbasem2 (mm)28
4.33Aisle width for pallets 1000x1200 crosswaysAst(mm)2667
4.34Aisle width for pallets 800x1200 lengthwiseAst(mm)2607
4.35Turning radiusWa(mm)1900
5.1Travel speedladen / unloadedkm / h5/5.5
5.2Lifting speedladen / unloadedmm/s144/170
5.3Lowering speedladen / unloadedmm/s95/80
5.8Grade-abilityladen / unloaded%6/12
6.1Drive motorkW1.5 (AC)
6.2Lifting motorkW3
6.3Battery acc. To BS, no3PZS
6.4Battery voltage, normal capacityV/Ah24/210-270
6.5Battery weight +/-5%kg185-240
Others8.1Type of drive control3-phase AC technology
8.4Sound level at driver’s earsacc.to EN12053dB(A)<70

1) in double-deck operation: mast lift 1000Kg support arm lift 1000Kg.

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Q:Is there a replacement for similar elevating functions?
Some machines, if not mass-produced, become products, may not have a generic name, The unit may design a machine based on its own needs Your picture is related to the tyre. Can you say you want to use this device?
Q:What should the chain's main elevator be aware of when installing the chain
Based on many years of production installation experience, the following items should be noted in the installation: The rail type carries mesa thickness problem. According to the actual demand, adopt the most appropriate bearing mesa, some manufacturers in order to save costs by steel plate thickness is not appropriate, causing customers to use after a period of time, serious deformation mesa.
Q:How to use the elevator to be safer and more efficient
Monthly check Roller, shaft and bearing, oil cylinder pin shaft and bearing, arm hinge shaft and bearing, etc. All parts should be filled with lubricating oil to extend the life of the bearing. Oil and oil level of hydraulic oil. The platform rises all the way up, and in this position, the hydraulic pressure should be 40 to 50 mm above the bottom of the box. The hydraulic oil is dark, sticky or gravel, etc. If found, it should be replaced in time (32 # hydraulic oil).
Q:Seven tons of lift should be fitted with the straight screw and motor
Can be judged according to the accuracy requirement of lead screw grinding or rolling, depending on the load and its acceleration can choose servo power right away and screw the maximum load capacity (do longer engineers can intuitive judgment the diameter of the screw and large), so that you can around the power of the servo motor of the different speed and different lead screw to match, so there will be several different schemes: high speed servo motor with small lead screw (sometimes deceleration machine), big inertia servo with lead screw. Under the condition of the machine cost to determine, from two to three scheme choice, choice of method is to choose low cost, with high stability, cost effectiveness and cost are the same common and suppliers have a spot. If the single from choose the ways of the servo and screw usually have an intuition, like 3000 revolutions of servo goods on the market the most sufficient, screw is according to the supplier's inventory.
Q:Does the fixed hydraulic platform need to submit to the specification requirement
And then apply for the installation, the installation is done please them again to acceptance inspection, need to producers of products production license, installation and maintenance license, product certification, product warranty card, inspection work more troublesome, need to manufacturers and use of business cooperation. There will be a fee, in some places only provide qualification, ran a few trips, more in some places to spend a lot of it, and later to check every year.
Q:The characteristic of shear fork platform
The fixed platform shall be equipped with the requirements of use, and the attached devices shall be configured for any combination such as the safety protection device of the platform.
Q:What certificate is required to operate hydraulic platform
I don't know that hua nanjun helped me to do other people's production. You can call and ask for advice. I don't know. Check it online...
Q:What is the elevating platform for automatic mahjong machine?
The bearings and screws on the lifting mechanism fell off. Solution: open the lid of the machine box under the mahjong machine, and you can see a circular black iron piece fixed on the motor, with a screw hole in it. Find screws and bearings in the box, spring pads, some machines and nuts. Just fix it up.
Q:How to improve the oil leakage line
Adjust the work pressure so that it can satisfy the work while not causing high pressure on the pipe. The sealing design is not reasonable, not meet the work pressure requirement.
Q:The single fork hydraulic lift platform
Did this problem simple, 1 is installed support valve, 2 if supported hair that is inside the valve body is dirty, 3 is the relief valve to have stuck inside, 4 support electromagnetic valve core have stuck inside, taixing new energy of hydraulic machinery factory

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