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Power Switch,push switch  

push button switch

ventilator power switch

for for range hood;Smoke Extractor;kitchen 


we can provide all kind of Power switch ,Pbs Push Button Switch


for range hood;Smoke Extractor;kitchen ventilator








 6(2)A 250VAC

 Electric Resistance

 10.000 Cycles

 Environmental Temperature


 Contact Resistance


 Insulation Resistance


 Withstand Voltage


 Operating Force

 As user requirement


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Q:What's the use of a heat-resistant sponge for electric irons?
Electric iron in heating to the highest temperature, the electric iron coated with flux to stick on the tin coated flux is non stick tin, copper contact there is in you also to apply welding welding, and then use your electric iron to poke the copper contact to welding. And quite strong, if not prefluxing copper contact even if welding is forced up weld, is not very firm. Then the effect of heat-resistant sponge: electric iron head is copper, copper oxide black copper oxide in the heating state for a long time, there is a small amount of tin oxide, so the tip surface covered with a layer of copper oxide film and tin oxide, tin to prevent adhesion, heat resistant sponge come in handy here, you use the electric iron heating in the sponge grinding back and forth a few will be able to get rid of the oxide layer and tin oxide, then you can directly apply flux can be used, it is best not to pay attention to scrape the iron head with a knife in the film, easy to damage the iron head, or a lot, but said quite clear, that is, not what esoteric, heating type electric iron is easy to learn.
Q:What's the difference between an electric soldering iron of 30W 40W 50W?
The soldering circuit board usually uses the 30W electric soldering iron to be possible. The power of the electric iron is different, and the electric heating wire is also different from the iron core. If you don't know the size of the iron, you can measure its resistance, the smaller the resistance, the greater the power.
Q:Why is the electric iron black?
It is better not to use a blade or sandpaper to make the original coating of the soldering iron lose its original antioxidant. The best way is to use a dedicated sponge absorbent dip on the line, the first time to use more iron to eat some solder
Q:The electric soldering iron of fast heating type shall not last more than a few minutes
This depends on how the heat of the iron design, even if the heat is better, it should not exceed 3 minutes, otherwise it will easily burn out the inductance of the wire package, fast hot electric iron is the principle of use as far as possible to shorten the power on time.
Q:How can I get the ground wire of the electric iron?
There are three terminals in an electric iron handle, which has two terminals is connected to the power supply, the other is a grounding wire, as long as the grounding wire to the terminal can be ground. The name suggests is to go underground, once the leakage electric iron will pass the grounding line back to the earth, protect the personal safety of the operator.
Q:Does electric iron need no rosin?
Can, but only in small welding joints, because welding range is small, you can use the solder wire, solder wire and is hollow, there is a large range of rosin. If welding, the solder wire is not easy to use, it is necessary to use solder, solder with rosin is not required. The extra clean soldering rosin
Q:Why isn't the electric iron hot?
Electric iron: an electronic manufacture and maintenance of electrical tools, usually by the iron head, iron core, shell, wood handle, power lead, plug and other parts, the main purpose is welding components and wires.The working principle of the electric iron: after the power is put on, the heating wire is passed through the resistance wire of the iron core, and is passed to the iron head, and the soldering tin is melted by the iron head.Electric soldering iron is not hot, the main reason may be the iron head in the resistance wire burning, this is the electric irons in the wearing parts, change a soldering iron core can. But also can not rule out the power line, plug fault. Therefore, when the electric iron is not hot, you should check the power plug and power cord with the multimeter, and then check the iron core after removing.
Q:Where can I buy an electric iron?
Electric irons are usually available at power tools stores and hardware stores.The electric iron comprises a soldering iron head, iron core, shell, wood handle, supply leads, plugs and other parts, is an indispensable tool for production of electronic and electrical maintenance, the main purpose is to welding components and lines, according to the mechanical structure can be divided into internal and external heating type electric iron electric iron, which is divided into no smoking tin soldering iron and tin suction type electric iron, according to different purposes is divided into large power and small power electric iron electric iron
Q:How do you handle the oxidation of the electric iron head (almost all of it, especially the head is black)?
Iron should be used at ordinary times to pay attention to maintenance, the first use of the new soldering iron tin, the first use if not tin, the iron head burned black, it will be difficult to use the back. The iron head is black now. Do not take sandpaper. The sooner the grinding cost, with a soft cloth wet wipe, iron head, polished tin, if appropriate adjustable thermostat iron, the temperature low, it is impossible to change the head of it, very cheap. If you don't understand me, you can ask me. I also engaged in electronic, made equipment.
Q:The electric iron is not heated. Please analyze the possible reasons, I want to repair myself
The iron core is broken. Buy it for three dollars
Our company is a professional manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of electronic products.We are able to promise prompt delivery and favorable prices to our customers. OEM/ODM orders and your special requests are welcomed. Samples are available upon requests. We sincerely welcome domestic and foreign friends to negotiate trade and cooperation. Please contact us now. Our principle is to make mutual benefits with long-term cooperation. In order to satisfy customers' requirements, we will make great efforts to develop new products and improve our service. We hope to cooperate with all friends from all over the world.

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