Power Inverter DC11-15V AC100-120V, AC220-240V

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Product Description:

1. Product Description:

Drive Variable-frequency (VFD) is the application of frequency conversion technology and microelectronics technology, by changing the motor power frequency mode to control AC motor power control equipment. Inverter is mainly composed of rectifier (AC inverter), filter, inverter (DC AC), brake unit, driving unit, detection unit, and so on. The inverter by the internal IGBT to adjust the output voltage and frequency, according to the actual needs of the motor to provide the power supply voltage, and then to achieve energy saving, speed control purposes, in addition, there are a lot of converter protection functions, such as over current, over voltage, overload protection, etc.. With the continuous improvement of the degree of industrial automation, frequency converter has been widely used.


2. Product Characteristic:

1 Frequency conversion energy saving. Motor use frequency converter is to speed, and reduce the starting current.

2 Power factor compensation energy saving. No power will not only increase the power loss and equipment of fever, more important is power factor lower leads to a decrease in power grid

3 Soft start energy saving. After the use of frequency conversion energy saving device, the use of inverter soft start function will enable the starting current from zero, the maximum value is not more than the rated current, reducing the impact on the grid and the power supply capacity of the requirements, and extend the service life of the valve. Save the maintenance cost of equipment




Input voltage

DC 12V (DC11-15V)

Output voltage

AC100-120V, AC220-240V

Continuous power








Peak power








Output frequency

60+/-3Hz, 50+/-3Hz

Output waveform

Modified sine wave

NO load current draw


Low voltage alarm activation


Under voltage shutdown


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Q:What is the vacuum impregnation of the transformer?
so that the transformer immersed in vacuum under the conditions of the paint, so you can rule out the bubble inside the winding, increase Insulation performance. Dip out after drying.
Q:In the transformer load calculation to be calculated when the fire pump
The fire pump is not included in the normal operation of the transformer load, because when the fire pump is running, but also when the fire, the other load had to stop. The usual fire pump test check, the pump start running time is very short, the transformer allows a short time overload.
Q:What is the critical load of the economic operation of the transformer?
Power consumption of power transformer critical load First, the concept of economic operation and reactive power economic equivalent Economic operation refers to the way in which the power consumption of the entire power system can be minimized and the best economic efficiency can be achieved. The active loss of the power system is related not only to the active loss of the device but also to the reactive power loss of the device, since the reactive power consumed by the equipment is also supplied by the power system. Due to the presence of reactive power, the current in the system is increased, resulting in an increase in the active power of the power system.
Q:Transformer sales channels
1. Power supply company tender 2. Cabinet manufacturers 3, the installation company 4, direct customers, to the planning bureau to find, in advance to know which new project 5, design institute, know some late 6. Power supply company front desk, people come to install more late
Q:This transformer outputs AC or DC
Hello, the transformer is normally working when the input and output should be alternating current, some inverter transformer input may be pulsating DC, but the output must be AC. Because the transformer is by electromagnetic conversion to achieve voltage conversion, the primary changes in the current to produce changes in the magnetic field, through the magnetic field changes in the magnetic flux in the secondary electromagnetic induction, induced secondary electromotive force, is the secondary output. Pure DC power through the transformer coil can produce a magnetic field, but can not produce a continuous change in the magnetic field, and the transformer from the primary induction to the secondary, the medium is the change of magnetic field changes in the magnetic flux.
Q:Transformer secondary side is high pressure or primary side is high pressure
Step-up transformer secondary side is the high-pressure, step-down transformer primary side is high pressure.
Q:Where is the transformer used?
Transformers are suitable for applications where the voltage level is to be changed Need to change the impedance to match the front and rear impedance of the occasion It is necessary to increase the current supply as a booster
Q:630kva dry-type transformer rated current is how much
Low pressure side is about the capacity multiplied by 1.5, depends on how much you can count the high pressure.
Q:Transformer 1250KVA Dimensions
Do not know how much voltage level you need, each manufacturer will have a certain length and width differences, it is recommended that you log on the transformer manufacturers on the website of the query. But I'd have 1250kVA oil-immersed S11-1250 / 10 and SCB10-1000 / 10 dry-type transformer size, you can refer to: 2000 × 1400 × 1900; 2115 × 1400 × 2105.
Q:Rated capacity of three-phase transformer S = √3 * U * I
So, when calculating the three-phase load, U is the line voltage, and I is the line current. S = 1.732 (root 3) UI. S = 3UI. Where U is the phase voltage and I is the phase current. S = 1.732UI where U is the line voltage and I is the line current. Two methods, the same result.

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