Power Generator Set CD-C220kw Cumins Diesel Generator Set

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Product Description:

1.Structure of Diesel Generator Set

Generator set adopts Y&C Engine high-quality engine as power, selects name brand alternator .It has advantages of compact structure, high degree of automation, smooth and reliable operation, low fuel consumption, low emission, low noise, etc. Mainly parts were made from high strength Vermicular cast iron, this make 15% weight lighter than traditional engine.Emission standard reach national standard third class,higher than the national non-roadway standard.The engine was finished 50000 hours reliability testing, more than 90% mass production engine life over 125000 hours .Within 2,500 hours don't need to adjust valve clearance.

2.Main Features of Diesel Generator Set

European brand Engine 
Low Fuel consumption 
OEM, Good Price 
Global Warranty 
CE, ISO, Son cap Certificate

3. Diesel Generator Set  Images 

Power Generator Set CD-C220kw Cumins Diesel Generator Set

Power Generator Set CD-C220kw Cumins Diesel Generator Set

4. Diesel Generator Set Specification   

Power generator set CD-C220kw Cumins diesel generator set 

Power generator set soundproof type with low noise cheap

Power generator set CD-C220kw Cumins diesel generator set 

Power generator set  Model


Power generator set  Power


Power generator set  Brand

US Cummins

Powered by Cummins Engine

Prime Power (50HZ)


Standby Power (50HZ)


Power Factor

0.8 (Lagging)

Phase Wires

3-phases 4-Wires

Start Model



Low oil-pressure, High water temperature,

Over-speed, Over-current

Engine Model

Cummins NTA855-G1B



Cylinder Arrangement


Bore x Stroke(mm)

140X 152

Compression Ratio




Cooling Method

Water – cooled

Starting Method

24V DC electrical start

Full Load Diesel Consumption (L/H)


Engine Displacement (L)


Inspiration  (L)

Turbocharged Intercooler

Lube Volume  (L)


Coolant Volume  (L)


Noise (Db)

≤ 80

Alternator Model

Stamford Copy 274K

Alternator Power


220/380 V



Voltage Regulation


Insulation Class


Voltage Control


Net Weigh (KGS)


Dimensions (L x W x H) mm

4225*1460*2150 (S)

regulation systerm

electronic regulation systerm


ATS (auto transfer switch)

Auto Battery Charger

Base Fuel Tank (for open type)



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How to guarantee the quality of the products

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How long can we receive the product after purchase?

In the purchase of product within three working days

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Q:What is the material of the engine valve, especially the exhaust valve?
The exhaust valve consists of three parts of the materials, the head is 21 4N austenitic materials by solid solution and aging treatment, the grain size of 6 - 9, the hardness more than 30HRC, can work for a long time at 850 degrees Celsius; head cone surface welding of cobalt base alloy STELLITE F, has very strong corrosion resistance at high temperature. Next, the impact resistance and high creep strength, the service life is crucial; rod material is 4Cr9Si2, heat treatment by quenching and tempering, the grain size of 10 - 12, 30 - 40HRC in hardness
Q:What is the problem of engine torque failure?
According to your feedback, it may be caused by clutch slipping. It is suggested that you contact the local 4S shop for inspection and maintenance. Torque sensor can consult Lan Ling technology procurement.
Q:Aircraft engine spray blue fire and red color of the fire, what is the difference between the two?
Obviously, the blue is higher than the red energy, need to absorb the larger energy to jump to a higher level and then release the photon, so the blue flame temperature is higher than the red.
Q:What is the Changan SUZUKI shinotaku engine
Changan SUZUKI, SUZUKI shinotaku equipped with the K10B engine is a high performance small displacement engine, have advantages of high power, high torque, low vibration, low fuel consumption, taking into account the optimal balance of sufficient power output and fuel economy, comprehensive performance has a leading edge in the car.
Q:What does engine knock mean?
The knock phenomenon is mostly in improving the compression ratio at the same time, the ignition advance angle is too large or mixed gas burning too fast but also prone to detonation. Due to these factors is an important means to improve the engine power, so the knock is an obstacle to technological progress in this area.
Q:Power and torque of automobile engines
Power represents the maximum speed of the car, the car is representative of torque - speed region to the drive wheels of power, power and torque is not restricted, but the connection and mutual support, the greater the power and torque is big
Q:What about SQR484F?
Because it is an early production of independent research and development model, more attention to reliability and peace of nature, so in the power adjustment aspect is more conservative, at present the engine is already very mature, is Chery's flagship 2.0L engine.
Q:Why China does not have advanced aero engines, ship engines, and even the world's leading car engines are not?
The most advanced aero engines are in the hands of both the United States and Britain, the US General Motors, Pratt & Whitney, the UK's Rolls-Royce.
Q:Cause and analysis of excessive fuel consumption in engine
(4) the timing of ignition is inaccurate, such as ignition too late. (5) the cylinder pressure is too low. Practice has proved that the cylinder pressure is lower than the prescribed value, and the fuel consumption is increased by 20% to 25%. (6) incorrect phase of valve timing. (7) the exhaust gas recirculation valve is sluggish and often open. (8) winter use of lubricating oil or oil filling too much.
Q:What is the driving function of the brake and the engine? What do they mean?
2) the parking brake system is operated by hand, so it is also called hand brake system. Its function is to make the car that has stopped on all kinds of roads stay where it is

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