Power cables extruded insulation powercables and accessories.

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Product Description:

2,the implementation of standards
GB / T12706.1 ~ 12706.3-2008ratedvoltage1KV (UM = 1.2KV)to35KV (UM = 40.5KV)extruded insulation powercables and accessories.

3, uses
This product is suitablefor fixed installationinAC 50HZ,ratedvoltageelectricitytransmission and distributionwireson the road0.6 / 1kv-26 / 35KVfordeliveryofelectric energyuse.

4, using the properties
1) The maximumrated temperatureofPVCinsulatedcable conductor70 ℃, XLPEorEPR, HEPRinsulation90 ℃.

2)short (the longestsustained5S)conductor temperatureofPVCinsulation does not exceed160 ℃, XLPE, EPR, HEPRinsulation does not exceed250 ℃.

3)whenthe ambient temperatureof cable layingshouldnot be less than0 ℃,such aslayingbelow 0 ℃,the cable shouldpreheat,cable bendradius:

Cables should notbe less than20times the cable diameter,multi-core cableis not less than15times the cable diameter.

4)greater thanthe ratedvoltage6KVcable connectorsshould bepeeled offthe external screenabout100MM,andcleanto prevent thesemi-conductive shieldinglayeralongthe surface ofthe conductive coredischargecaused bythe breakdown, causingdelayburninginsulation, causingunnecessary accidents.

5)In thelayingprocess, shouldprevent waterandmoisture from enteringthe cable core,in order todischargewaterrust, affectingcablelife.

5, the productcommonly usedmodel, name, size

NO.Flammability rating(A、B、C)RefractoryNameSpecifications,scope
VVVLVVCVZRA ZRB ZRCNHPVC insulated(fire-resistant/retardant)power cable1.5—630mm²
(1-5芯、4+1、3+2、4+1芯)    电压 :      0.6/1—26/35kv  
VYVLYVCYPVC insulated andsheathed(fire-resistant/retardant)power cable
VV22VLV22VCV22PVC insulatedsteel tape armoredPVC sheathed(fire-resistant/retardant)power cable
VV23VLV23VCV23PVC insulatedsteel tape armored PEsheath(fire-resistant/retardant)power cable
VV32VLV32VCV32PVCinsulated, steel wirearmored PVC sheathed(fire-resistant/retardant)power cable
VV33VLV33VCV33PVCinsulated, steel wirearmoredPVC sheathed(fire-resistant/retardant)power cable
YJVYJLVYJCVXLPEinsulatedPVC sheathed(fire-resistant/retardant)power cable
YJYYJLYYJCYXLPEinsulatedpolyethylenesheath(fire-resistant/retardant)power cable
YJV22YJLV22YJCV22XLPEinsulated steel tape armoredPVC sheathed(fire-resistant/retardant)power cable
YJV23YJLV23YJCV23XLPEinsulated steel tape armoredPVC sheathed(fire-resistant/retardant)power cable
YJV32YJLV32YJCV32XLPEinsulated, steel wirearmored PVC sheathed(fire-resistant/retardant)power cable
YJV33YJLV33YJCV33XLPEinsulated, steel wirearmoredPVC sheathed(fire-resistant/retardant)power cable
WDZYJYWDZYJLYWDZYJCYXLPELSZHpolyolefin sheath(fireproof)power cable
WDZYJV23WDZYJLV23WDZYJCV23XLPEinsulated steel tape armoredpolyolefinLSZHjacket(fireproof)power cable
WDZYJV33WDZYJLV33WDZYJCV33XLPEinsulated, steel wirearmoredhalogen flame retardantpolyolefinjacket(fireproof)power cable

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Q:A sub-eight splitter, behind the link ONU equipment, which also need to add fiber patch panels, or can be directly connected?
How do you not say that the three-phase system or two-phase system, if the two systems is the power in addition to the voltage is equal to the current, three-phase power per kilowatt multiplied by 2 equal to the current, such as 220V, 3000W / 220V = 13.6A, 380V, 3KW * 2 = 6A. Wire 10 square below, each square can be with 5A, which is the calculation of aluminum core line, copper wire line operator count, 220V aluminum core must be greater than 2.5 square, copper core must be greater than 1.5 square, 380V with aluminum core The line must be greater than 1.5 square and the copper wire must be greater than 1 square. At this time should also consider the equipment to start the current and increase the appropriate diameter.
Q:How durable is a ps3 slim power cable?
they would last for years if you dont pull them or stomp on them... they are that good!
Q:the grey power cable to my shower has been exposed under a floorboard.?
Power near shower or to? You have 220 power and both the red and black are live (will deliver 110 to earth.)
Q:car audio power cable sub/amp to car battery question, 10 points?
buy a new end piece from a radio shack, you can hookem up pretty easily. i answered your other question too, but i just wnat the extra 10.
Q:Printer is powered on cables are securely connected its a printer network everyone can use but not me?
This sort of problem can happen with networks. Assuming the network has been set up correctly you can try a few things. It might be the sequence of switching things on and logging on. Try logging onto your computer AFTER printer is switched on. Also you can try not logging onto the network - I have had that work as well. I had 2 computers on a network that were always temperamental. Also check there are not too many users on the network, the printer can count as one user.
Q:Is it safe to connect the case fans in line with the hard drive, or should I use a separate power cable?
I'd have the on a separate circuit. The hard drive needs all the power it can get to act well
Q:Emergency cable T-box and cable distribution box of the information?
The incoming and outgoing wires are electrically connected together The potential is the same, which is suitable for tapping or branch wiring It is common practice to add the number of lines back to the number of times The three-branch cable splitter box, which has three equipotential bonding points on each phase, can be used as a second or two-in-one Cable distribution box contains U, V, W three-phase, three-phase circuit structure is the same, along the row together 2 High-level distribution box High-level distribution box containing switching equipment, both from the ordinary distribution box of the tap, branch, but also from the power supply circuit control, conversion and change the mode of operation The switch fence roughly divides the cable circuit into the inlet and outlet sides, and the potential on both sides can be different The switchgear itself has a larger volume, so the high-level distribution box size is relatively large, the height is generally 14 ~ 18m, the depth of about 09 ~ 10m, the length of the number of switching devices according to the number, M to 24 m The shape of the box is similar to that of an outdoor box transformer, and there are a number of active doors on the shell Some doors are designed for the operation of the switchgear Some doors are provided for the installation or maintenance of the cable connection device The
Q:Two weeks ago, my 1 yr 19 lcd monitor began to flicker? Why? The power cord and usb cable are secure?
Its possible that the graphics card or the monitor itself are malfunctioning. Try plugging the monitor into another machine to test it. Its also possible the VGA/DVI cable is bad and that is causing the flicker.
Q:What size secondary battery and power/ground cable should I use?
I okorder.com/
Q:Which is better: continuously plug the power cable to my laptop or pull the plug out when it is full?seedetail?
I'm not sure what's best for your actual laptop but I just had to order a new battery for my mobile phone and laptop the other day. The guy at the battery store told me it's better to charge it up, then let it run all the way down or as close as possible to empty before charging up again. He also said you should only charge them for as long as it takes to fully charge. Apparently batteries create a 'memory' from where you start charging them so that if you charge them as soon as they get to half full they'll 'remember' that eventually and as soon as they reach half full, they'll 'think' they're empty. Well that's what he told me. That's what's best for your battery, if I were you I'd just ring a computer store and ask an IT tech this question instead of asking idiots like us.

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