Power cables extruded insulation powercables and accessories.

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Product Description:

2,the implementation of standards
GB / T12706.1 ~ 12706.3-2008ratedvoltage1KV (UM = 1.2KV)to35KV (UM = 40.5KV)extruded insulation powercables and accessories.

3, uses
This product is suitablefor fixed installationinAC 50HZ,ratedvoltageelectricitytransmission and distributionwireson the road0.6 / 1kv-26 / 35KVfordeliveryofelectric energyuse.

4, using the properties
1) The maximumrated temperatureofPVCinsulatedcable conductor70 ℃, XLPEorEPR, HEPRinsulation90 ℃.

2)short (the longestsustained5S)conductor temperatureofPVCinsulation does not exceed160 ℃, XLPE, EPR, HEPRinsulation does not exceed250 ℃.

3)whenthe ambient temperatureof cable layingshouldnot be less than0 ℃,such aslayingbelow 0 ℃,the cable shouldpreheat,cable bendradius:

Cables should notbe less than20times the cable diameter,multi-core cableis not less than15times the cable diameter.

4)greater thanthe ratedvoltage6KVcable connectorsshould bepeeled offthe external screenabout100MM,andcleanto prevent thesemi-conductive shieldinglayeralongthe surface ofthe conductive coredischargecaused bythe breakdown, causingdelayburninginsulation, causingunnecessary accidents.

5)In thelayingprocess, shouldprevent waterandmoisture from enteringthe cable core,in order todischargewaterrust, affectingcablelife.

5, the productcommonly usedmodel, name, size

NO.Flammability rating(A、B、C)RefractoryNameSpecifications,scope
VVVLVVCVZRA ZRB ZRCNHPVC insulated(fire-resistant/retardant)power cable1.5—630mm²
(1-5芯、4+1、3+2、4+1芯)    电压 :      0.6/1—26/35kv  
VYVLYVCYPVC insulated andsheathed(fire-resistant/retardant)power cable
VV22VLV22VCV22PVC insulatedsteel tape armoredPVC sheathed(fire-resistant/retardant)power cable
VV23VLV23VCV23PVC insulatedsteel tape armored PEsheath(fire-resistant/retardant)power cable
VV32VLV32VCV32PVCinsulated, steel wirearmored PVC sheathed(fire-resistant/retardant)power cable
VV33VLV33VCV33PVCinsulated, steel wirearmoredPVC sheathed(fire-resistant/retardant)power cable
YJVYJLVYJCVXLPEinsulatedPVC sheathed(fire-resistant/retardant)power cable
YJYYJLYYJCYXLPEinsulatedpolyethylenesheath(fire-resistant/retardant)power cable
YJV22YJLV22YJCV22XLPEinsulated steel tape armoredPVC sheathed(fire-resistant/retardant)power cable
YJV23YJLV23YJCV23XLPEinsulated steel tape armoredPVC sheathed(fire-resistant/retardant)power cable
YJV32YJLV32YJCV32XLPEinsulated, steel wirearmored PVC sheathed(fire-resistant/retardant)power cable
YJV33YJLV33YJCV33XLPEinsulated, steel wirearmoredPVC sheathed(fire-resistant/retardant)power cable
WDZYJYWDZYJLYWDZYJCYXLPELSZHpolyolefin sheath(fireproof)power cable
WDZYJV23WDZYJLV23WDZYJCV23XLPEinsulated steel tape armoredpolyolefinLSZHjacket(fireproof)power cable
WDZYJV33WDZYJLV33WDZYJCV33XLPEinsulated, steel wirearmoredhalogen flame retardantpolyolefinjacket(fireproof)power cable

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Q:Amp power cable wont fit on battery?
Circle thing = Battery cable terminal. You can buy bigger/smaller terminals at a local auto parts store. Bring in the cable and your car and talk to one of the guys about it and they'll hook you up with one that will fit.
Q:Locating damage to lighting power cable?
Ohm meter, to detect foreign ground on the wires or the fixture. Water on the line or the fixture will show up as a high resistance ground, versus a good ground.
Q:what are the types of cables used in computer power supply, communication between system and its peripherals?
For communication between devices in the computer, such as the hard drive and the motherboard, either IDE or SATA cables are used. For power, Its either a 3 or 4-pin power connector, though some things have two pins (like fan connections to the mother board). Also, the SATA devices use SATA power cables.
Q:What is the Best RG59 Cable?
Hi Ian: That cable you refered to is called Siamese cable meaning it's RG-59 coax + an outer power cable twinned to it (as a single run) for powering a remote camera. If that's the purpose for the coax you need (or you are wanting to wire a car backup camera with power and video signal, for example) then this is the correct cable to use. However, if you just want to run a video, antenna, or cable-box signal, and don't need the power cable feature, this particular brand of cable is a waste of money. Feel free to use the Additional Details link to post an Update to the discussion, and I or another Y!A Contributor can give you more info on the topic of what your application is for the coax cable. hope this helps, --Dennis C.
Q:Cable for single phase,three-wire?
Read your question aloud before posting to see if it makes sense when you hear it. When the answer is no, you need to revise your question.
Q:What is the meaning of "cable tray: 200 * 100 middle strip" in electrical engineering
Two should be phase line, generally in the three-phase loop corresponding to the color: A phase is yellow, B phase green, C phase red, neutral (that is, zero line) for the blue. If only in the single-phase loop only red and green when the default is red for the phase line, green for the zero line. But not necessarily, some electricians do not follow the requirements, the specific you have to use the pen to know what the
Q:Will other power cables work with my PS3?
some PS3s have usual means furnish. to comprehend which one you have you are able to desire to open it. in case you do no longer prefer to open it (and void the guaranty) - use means converter. notice: for PS3 you will prefer a minimum of four hundred Watt. As for means cable itself - relies upon on the socket on your means converter.
Q:Running amp power cable outside of vehicle?
Honestly I Would Run The Wire Inside The Truck Why? Because The insulation Of The Wire Is Gonna Wear Out., And You Never Know A Sharp object Might Cut Your Wire And Cause A Short Or Even A Fire... I Would Run It Right Next To The Seats Under Neath The Carpet..
Q:How Do I Run The Power Cable From An Amp Wiring Kit From The Battery In To The Car Without Drilling?
Find the firewall hole that other electrical wires come through and use that, be careful and be sure to unhook the battery before you try doing this. Also make sure the power wire will not snag any moving parts in the engine compartment.
Q:Need a laptop power cable with Australian plug. Help?
This okorder.com Although that's some store from U.S, maybe you can try search it from OKorder or OKorder. Wish the Best

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