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1.Simple to apply and to repair
2.Long term good looks and low maintenance
3.DIY wall covering paint
4.Durable and economical

Advantages of surmount and velvet wall coating

1.Wall coating is natural and odorless material.

2.Wall coating is “READY TO USE”,just add water.

3.Wall coating is antistatic,does not attract DUST&DIRT.

4.Wall coating is quick and easy to use.

5.Wall coating is DIY PAINT.

6.Wall coating hides uneven,old and faded walls.

7.Wall coating is long lasting material.

8.Wall coating allows partially repair.

9.Wall coating is perfect for new building,NO CRACKS.

10.Wall coating is additional insulation of heat,moisture and sound.

11.Wall coating is permeable(allows walls to breathe).

12.Wall coating is available in a large variety of natural and vibrant colors,shade and different textures.

13.Wall coating has excellent quality and competitive price.

14.Wall coating is chinese Silk plaster or Wallgrace or Belka or oriental coat .

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Determine the general requirements for becoming a real estate agent in your state. Though there is an exam you'll have to pass that may differ in every state, the general requirements to be able to take that test are the same. There are really just a couple basics. You must: Be at least 18 or 19 years of age. Be an US citizen. Have completed your required pre-license education (varies by state -- usually 3+ related classes).
Q:Can I work part-time as a real estate agent?
Some part time agents are successful but very few are. I think that it is very difficult to motivate yourself everyday to do the things you have to do to succeed in this business. Knocking on doors, holding open houses, calling people when you think they may be angry at you. I find that people that are able to pay their bills without putting themselves in an uncomfortable position- never do the things necessary to succeed. As far as the best company. I would look at the type of real estate I want to practice. In residential I would pick a residential real estate company. Within that I would look for the specific area I want to sell homes in and see what three or four companies are doing best there- and go interview with them. Ask them straight out what they do to help a new agent succeed. My company would not want to invest much into a part time agent.
Q:Do I need a bachelors degree for real estate?
Being a real estate agent is not a good-paying job - it is your own business, and you can make as much or as little as you want depending on how hard you are willing to work. A bachelor's degree will not help you in real estate - being good with people, knowing how to market yourself, having a strong understanding of the local market and how to smoothly get a deal to go through - those are the things that will help you. If you spent 4 years and the same amount of money learning the real estate business that you would spend at college, you would be miles ahead, but remember that most people who go into real estate fail. Get a job as an assistant to a successful agent and learn the business that way for several years before you try it on your own. Good luck -
Q:Real estate career?
Why aren't you researching with people in the field - who know the ropes?
Q:What can I do in Real Estate?
Each and every one have their own wayto do their job or to excel in their job regarding real estate... Real estate is a business that gives more opportunities for youngsters in this field such as, civil engg. architectures, builders and even contractors..
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Sales, development, appraisal, escrow....you have plenty of options, ask some people working in local real estate offices where you should start.
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It is relatively hard to find real estate online in Korean. Things still work the old fashion way. You go to a real estate office in the neighborhood your interested in, and the agent( usually an older man) will take you around based on what you're looking for.
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The steps involved are listed on the California government website (see below) - a relevant paragraph to your question state: Courses must be three semester-units or four quarter-units at the college level. Courses must be completed at an institution of higher learning accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges or by a comparable regional accrediting agency recognized by the United States Department of Education, or by a private real estate school which has had its courses approved by the California Real Estate Commissioner. Search for approved statutory/pre-license real estate courses. Guessing a real college would be easier, but you might find an accredited online course through their listings (link on their page.)
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You might be able to kill the deal with the home inspection. That will of course cost whatever the inspection costs. Have your agent request an extension on the home inspection period in order to figure out what you are doing. Insist that she does it tomorrow IN WRITING.

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