Powdered Graphite Lubricant wth High-Purity

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25 m.t.
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1000 m.t./month

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Product Name


Natural Crystalline Flake Graphite Powder 

Made in Qingdao,China



Packaging & Shipping


  1. 1 TON BAG

  2. 20/25 KG BAG,

  3. 18/20 mt small bags

  4. 1 ton pallet

  5. 18/20 mt in 20 feet container


Product description

  • Particle size: 32mesh-3000mesh(5um-560um)

  • Fixed carbon content75-99.9%

  • Main size:32mesh, 50mesh,80 mesh, 100 mesh, -100mesh, -200mesh,-325mesh 500mesh, 600mesh,1000mesh

  • Main specs: 

  1. +32mesh: +3295, +3296,

  2. +50mesh:  +590,+595,+596, 

  3. +80mesh: +890, +895, +894, +899,

  4. +100mesh: +190, +195,+194, +196,+199, 

  5. -100mesh: -190, -194, -195, -196, -199,

  6. -200mesh:  -280, -285, -290, -295, -299, 

  7. -325mesh: -380,-385 ,-390,-395 -399



Perfect crystallization, thin flake, good flexibility, excellent chemical and physical properties, superior conductivity, selflubricity and resistance to temperature, corrosion and hot shock, and much more.


Refractory materials,lubricant materials ,graphite crucible materials,carbon brush,lithium-ion battery materials. Crystalline flake graphite is widely used as an essential nonmetallic mineral in almost all industries. It can be used as high quality refractory material or coatings in metallurgical industry, black pencil lead in light industry, carbon brush in electronics industry, electrode in battery industry and catalyst in chemical fertilizer industry, to name just a few .

After being deep processed, crystalline flake graphite can be used to produce TV tube coatings, graphite friction reducing additives and many other high-tech products.

Powdered Graphite Lubricant wth High-Purity

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Q:General charcoal and activated carbon what is the difference?
That is the sum of 1 grams of carbon surface area and pore area. All the bamboo charcoal firing temperature is over 500 DEG C, the specific surface area between 150 square meters to 350 square meters of /g /g; and by physical or chemical methods are made of activated carbon, the specific surface area can reach 900m2/g or even 2000m2/g. Because of the more developed pore structure and the larger specific surface area, the adsorption function is stronger, so the overall ratio of activated carbon adsorption of bamboo charcoal is more.4, hardness difference of bamboo charcoal density, high hardness, non friable, suitable for wearable textile products; and the active carbon hardness of different materials differently, coconut shell activated carbon high hardness with the production of activated carbon, bamboo has light weight, thin, fragile, so it is not suitable for high wear resistance products.
Q:New activated carbon, taste a little pungent, is it normal?
Other answerI can tell you: you are activated carbon recycling, and recovery after no regeneration directly to sell it to you, whether you for what purpose, can not be used, because they do not know before the activated carbon is used where, do not know what's in the medium of activated carbon.
Q:Where can I find charcoal?
As the direct coal mining, but also to remember the furnace burning.
Q:How to distinguish the mechanism of charcoal is good or bad?
Calorific value, the amount of energy released per kilogram of charcoal under certain conditions. The calorific value of charcoal is directly related to carbonization temperature and holding time. Under the same carbonization temperature and holding time, the calorific value of different raw materials is different. Generally speaking, the carbonization temperature is high, the holding time is long, its carbon content is also big, sends the heat naturally also high. When the carbonization temperature is less than 450 DEG C, the wood charcoal and the waste heat from the corner of the charcoal heat is usually between 6500 ~ 7 million card /kg, straw and rice husk carbon calorific value is generally about 6 million card /kg. When the carbonization temperature is greater than 600 DEG C, the heating capacity of the carbon produced by the material can be increased by a factor of 500 to 1 million.
Q:How to identify the quality of activated carbon?
The activated carbon is placed in a colored liquid to see whether the color of the liquid will become shallowHigh quality activated carbon has strong adsorption ability, can make the light color of the colored liquid even becomes colorless, so the owners in the purchase of activated carbon, can be used to test the samples, place the activated carbon into a bottle of black ink drops of liquid, placing 20 minutes, to see whether the color of black liquid fades, the color became more light, activated carbon adsorption ability is strong.
Q:How long the activated carbon tank. It will fail, there will be any fault
Evaporative emission control system has an active carbon storage tank, fuel vapor from the fuel tank from the "TANK" mark into the carbon canister. Liquid fuel entering the carbon canister is stored in a tank at the bottom of the canister to protect the active carbon carbon from the top of the canister, while the fuel vapor is absorbed by the active carbon. When the engine is at idle speed above the running environment, air enters the canister through the upper air pipe, the fuel vapor was washed out from the air blowing carbon, and mixed into mixed gas is sucked into the intake manifold.
Q:How to convert tons of coal into electricity?
1000KG*0.7143/0.404=1768 power.1 tons of coal can be issued to 1768 degrees.
Q:Use of coal gangueJust want to know what to do!
Built a new environment-friendly brick building materials factory with an annual output of 36 million. The annual output of 100 thousand tons of coal gangue in situ digestion. Every year, transportation, loading and unloading, covering cost savings of about 5000000 yuan, a new output value 7 million 200 thousand yuan. In other local coal production enterprises, also began experimenting with coal gangue brick, the production of chemical products...... This is actively exploring the use of coal gangue out of a very effective step
Q:31 coal in coal, coal, what is the meaning of the 42
Coal:Coal is a kind of solid combustible mineral which is buried in the underground plants and has been formed by the complex biochemical and physicochemical changes. It is a kind of solid combustible organic rock, which is mainly made up of the remains of plants, which is formed by the action of Biochemistry
Q:Does Medicinal Charcoal Tablets have any effect on gout
The pathological changes of the patients with gout and the damage to the human body are caused by the deposition of uric acid in the body tissues and kidneys. In addition to uric acid concentration, the pH of the human body plays an important role in the deposition of uric acid. When pH was 4.75, the level of uric acid in 91% was non free, and was free at pH6.75. When the normal blood pH was 7.4, 98% uric acid was free

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