powder coated pipe

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1)powder coated pipe
2)HDG with powder coating
3)3m-12m are available
4)Polyester powder painted >20um
5)Lower cost


1)Higher quality lower cost to win the competitive price

2)3 production lines to ensure short delivery time

3)OEM, ODM service

4)Skilled manufacturer, quality control and technical team

5)Warranty of quality: more than 15 years

Steps of production

Material preparation-flatting-cutting on the bias-bending-welding-repair and grinding-reforming-flushing-fix bottom plate-welding bottom plate-opening door-welding door strip, electric strip and locking-bending arm-hot dip galvanization-plastic powder painted-inspection-shipment

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Q:Do you have a 12V for the E27 screw?
The incandescents are partially negative, with a zero point of fire. The tail nail is the fire line and the thread is the zero line.
Q:Why do the lights flash every 5-6 seconds when the switch breaks?
LED lights must be controlled by an induction switch with a relays, otherwise it will be easy to burn off the switch. You're more likely to burn up like this. I suggested that I buy a relays on the Internet, I bought a relays last time, which is very good, and I can control more than 20 W leds. It's not expensive either. On taobao store, the "star of the lamp" shop. That's good. You can see it.
Q:How do you remove and install the light bulb? Shoot the light
The lamp cup diagonal point first, reoccupy finger buckle into the gap, pull down lamp cover, pull the wires plug. Then pick out the lamp of round card ring at the top, can take out the wick to replace the new. Reinstall the program, and do ok in the reverse order
Q:LED lights burn the halogen lamp transformer
Leds are light emitting diodes that are used as light sources. The traditional lamp USES halogen lamp, the luminous efficiency is low, the comparison consumes power, the temperature rises in the environment that is illuminated, the service life is short.
Q:What is the right kind of cleaning cloth?
When you install it, you can also use a paper towel to avoid touching the glass with your fingers. That's what our manufacturers do.
Q:What is the difference between a light bulb and an ordinary type?
The main difference is the coating of the lamp cup. The cold light cup is made of dielectric membrane, which is characterized by selective reflection and infrared reflection visible light. This way the light cup will not have the heat effect (relative), so it will be called a cold cup.
Q:The introduction of LED lamp cup
Luminance (CD) flux is the total amount of light emitted by a light source to the surrounding space. The light flux emitted by different light sources is different in space. The basic unit of luminous intensity is candela, symbols for CD, which represents the light source in a certain unit steradian solid Angle (Angle of point source formation on the surface of the object) inside the luminous flux emitted. 1 CD = 1 lm / 1 sr (sr: spherical unit of solid Angle). (3). Brightness (CD/m2) is the intensity of the light from which the eye can see from a certain direction. Unit is candela per square metre (CD/m2), the symbol for the L, suggests that the light in a particular direction unit solid Angle of the luminous flux per unit area, it is equal to one square metre of a surface 1 candela luminous intensity
Q:What is the difference between the MR16 and the G4?
MR16: in the lighting industry refers to the light of a two-inch multi-faceted reflector, which is made up of English letters and Numbers. MR is an abbreviation for the English Multifaceted (Mirror) Reflector, which means a Reflector composed of multiple reflective surfaces. The number indicates the size of the bulb's largest shape, which is a multiple of 1/8 of an inch
Q:Consult lamp cup, lamp and illuminant distinction
The lamp cup is the plug of the light source in the lamp, and you think it's like a cup. Lamps and lanterns is a kind of general name, some lamps and lanterns have a light source, some don't take. The illuminant is the component that is sent on lamps and lanterns. There are light bulbs, energy-saving bulbs, light beads, etc. Copper lamp does not include light source I think can call lamp or lamp cup
Q:Consult the professional people who know the lamp and the lamp.
First, explain the lamp and the light Tube lamp: basically be the light body of energy-saving illuminant, common is energy-saving lamp, main the function of basic illumination, the light that reflects is relatively extensive. Shoot the lamp: main is halogen light source is photobody, commonly be MR11, MR16 halogen lamp cup or G4, G5 lamp bead. Main key illuminative effect, the light that reflects is more concentrated, and general can adjust the reflection Angle of lamps and lanterns.

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