Powder Binder for Chopped Strand Mat CWB-914

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11200 Kgs kg
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100000 Kgs kg/month

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Introduction of Powder Binder for Chopped Strand Mat CWB-914

CWB-914 is binder for fiberglass chopped strand mat and composed of bisphenol A unsaturated polyester resin (nonionic).
CWB-914 imparts to mat good handle and moldability.

Usually CWB-914 is applied directly by spattering the powder through hopper on the traversing chopped strand layer.
Binder content in chopped strand mat is around 3-4%.


Features of Powder Binder for Chopped Strand Mat CWB-914C

WB-914provides soft and flexible properties to the mat with sufficient strength.
CWB-914 is excellent in penetrating effect for the process resins, provides transparency to the finished product and excels in boiling water resistance.
In the course of spattering process at the factory, CWB-914 easily slips down through the hopper on the traversing chopped strand layer below because of its antistatic and free flow features.
CWB-914 can be easily dispersed in water.


Storage of Powder Binder for Chopped Strand Mat CWB-914

CWB-914 should be stored out of sun below 30℃.


Package of Powder Binder for Chopped Strand Mat CWB-914

The binder is to be packed in a plastic bag, then to be put in the carton drum.
Net weight is 140Kg per drum. 
The quantity for a 20’ container is 11200KGS.

 Powder Binder for Chopped Strand Mat CWB-914


 Powder Binder for Chopped Strand Mat CWB-914

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mainly produces powder binder for chopped strand mat and glass fibers and emulsion binder.

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