Postpositive three-stage water purifier WF-10A3

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Postpositive three-stage water purifier(WF-10A3)
Material: Polypropylene PP mixing calcium carbonate AS
Production process: injection molding machine semi-finished products, assembly and testing together.
Usage: terminal water purification equipment, three filter for adsorption of harmful substances.
Advantages: able to filter impurities, adsorption of harmful substances, improve the taste.
Specifications: The inner core 10 inches with PP core CTO filter cartridge UDF
Weight: 5100 g
Interface: direct access to the leading

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Q:Do you have any tap water filters that you can drink directly after filtration?
second active carbon, third 5u m Ppmian filtering impurities then enters the pressure pump pressurized into R0 reverse osmosis filtration is greater than water molecules including virus like so can drink
Q:The difference between running water and filtered water
There is also an energy machine, the energy mechanism of the water can also be directly consumed, and its advantage is that the water produced by the body contains the minerals required ~ this water should be no problem drinking
Q:Can water purifier filter heavy metals?
However, the water purifier, such as the use of non maintenance, that is, the replacement of the liner, for a long time, nothing can be completed.
Q:Is the home suitable for pre filter?
The accuracy range of the filter is based on different brands and models from 5-300 microns (pre filter's filter longitude is: 90-110 microns, installed behind the total water meters).
Q:What brand is pre filter?
Hope to help you, and hope to adopt, thank you
Q:How many meshes for water filtration?
When water is used as a main body, water filtration is a medium for filtering and treating other impurities. It is a kind of filtration method to separate solid and gas effectively through the dissolution of water.
Q:What happens if the water is not circulating under the filter tank?
. Fish has no legs do not automatically go to the pumping mouth is drawn, through the water cylinder to put most of the fish is pumped into the filter body, usually need to cooperate with the use of pump wave, wave pump when the fish will float the fish tank, the water filter is all need time, in this time the fish will be partially dissolved in water, polluted water ammonia content increased, the fish are likely to have disease.
Q:How much power filters are used in the 200 liter fish tank?
Choose a smaller grass cylinder (if not considering the filtering barrel must be built in it), and fish (such as the three lakes cichlid can) a little, because too thin, only 20cm, do not take into account the large fish.
Q:The water filtered by the water purifier and the organic minerals in it? Will it decrease if there is?
to boil drinking water machine out of the water is what are not included, is pure water, drinking water can be directly
Q:Can tap water be filtered and filtered to drink?
only to buy water purifiers, water filtration every day, you can often drink fresh water. I think it's ok.

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