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Product Description:

Product Description

(1)Grade:  portland cement42.5(china standard GB175-2007)

(2)Packing : 50kg PP Bag,then into 1MT,1.5MT,2MT sling bagj

                   1mt,2mt jumbo bag

(3)Quantity: 100,000mt per month

(4)Loading port: rizhao /qingdao/longkou, china

(5)Payment: by irrevocable Letter of Credit at sight or TT

(6)Shipment: within 30 days after the date of L/C .

(7)Inspection: by CIQ

Cement Specifications: Type 1 425

Chemical composition





Silicon dioxide %SiO2

20.5 – 21.5


Insotuble Residue %I.R

0.30 – 0.50


Aluminium Oxide %AL2O3

4.2 – 5.6


Free Lime %Free CaO

0.80 – 1.70


Ferric Oxide %Fe2O

3.00 – 3.60


Lime Saturation Factor LSF

93.0 – 95.0


Calcium Oxide %CaO

64.0 – 66.50


Silica Module SLM

2.30 – 2.50


Mangnesium Oxide %MgO

1.0 – 2.7


Alomina Moddule ALM

1.1 – 1.3


Sulphur Trioxide %SO3

1.5 – 2.3


Tricalcium Silicate %C3S

56.0 – 62.0


Potassium Oxide %K2O

0.60 – 0.75


Dicalcium Silicate %C2S

14.0 – 18.0


Sodium Oxide %Na2O

0.45 – 0.65


Tricalcium Aluminate %C3A

8.05 – 8.50


Loss On Ignition %L.O.I

0.90 – 1.60


Tetracalicium Aluminoferri %C4AF

9.0 – 11.0


Physical Test




Blaine Test


3200 -3400


Autoclave Expansion


0.09 - 0.20


Setting Time:



105 - 160




135 - 300


Compressive Strength:

After 3 Days


230 - 260


After 28 Days


420 - 440



LSF = 100 CaO/(2.80 SiO2 + 0.65Fe2O3 + 1.18Al2O3)

C3S = 4.07 CaO - (7.6 SiO2 + 6.718 Al2O3+ 1.43 Fe2O3 + 2.852SO3)

C2S = 2.867SiO2 - 0.754C3S

C3A=2.65 Al2O3 - 1.692 Fe2O3

C4AF = 3.043 Fe2O3

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Q:Have you ever written in wet cement?
haha that's good..now i feel stupid for just writing my name. but let me tell you..next time i see wet cement..it's happening :P
Q:Does anyone know about STAINING CONCRETE/CEMENT?
My bedroom floor is stained concrete. We ripped up the carpet in there, the living room and the front office/living area when we moved into our house. I also stained the back patio to look like terra cotta tiles. I loved my bedroom floor so much that even though we eventually put flooring down in the rest of the house I refuse to even consider it. The color I got at home depot is a sheer golden sun, we used an all purpose sprayer (the 2 gallon kind for bug spray) and then just layered it over the floor. Make sure the floor is clean or you will have a nightmare with dust or dirt residue. Then after you spray it, seal it with a clear cement sealer. You can do patterns, or a solid color, or make it look like stone. I have some very small rugs right by the bed on either side for warmth, but the staining effect looks great!
Q:Does cement really float?
let me think
Q:will cement hold a wood dowel rod in a clay pot?
If by 'cement' you mean mortar mix (sand and cement) or concrete (sand, small gravel, and cement) then yes it should. Just cement, I believe, will be too soft and shrink away and the wet cement will swell the wood unless it is varnished or shellacked. It would be a good idea to drill a couple of holes and put large nails crosswise through the dowel or add a cross piece screwed in place to anchor the dowel - which tend to be smooth - in the concrete. If the result is to be put outside in all kinds of weather, then providing a drain so water does not collect and damage the wood would be a good idea.
Q:How to use hydraulic cement?
Hydraulic cement expands, thats why it says to push it in with your palm. This gives it a firm, even pressure. You have a little time before it sets.
Q:Why does paper cement have that odor ?
Are you referring to rubber cement ? If so, the odor is coming from the solvents that keep it semi-liquid until it dries: often n-hexane or n-heptane can be harmful if inhaled. There are substitutes that are latex based as well as Polyvinyl acetate (PVA) glues like Elmers that have far less hazard.
Q:Could I use rubber cement for my project?
Well if you have rubber cement already great! But if you don't you'll need an ID
Q:using cement in construction...........?
Cement is produced with the main purpose of binding aggregate (sand or gravel) to make concrete or mortar. The aggregate adds to the strength of the mixture. Romans used a similar mixture to what we use today and a lot of it is still standing strong.
Q:Too much water in cement?
Yes it will dry up just trowel it as smooth as you can and let it set up over night
Q:anyone ever used cement blocks for fire pit?
I agree......cement blocks are an unwise choice. Go to a home supply place and get some large stones...however many you need. Set them almost touching the firewood!!......and then start a trial-run fire. Keep it burning for a good couple hours at least. The stones being so close to the fire will get really hot, which is what you want. If any decide to 'blow', they should do it now, and...you don't want to be sitting around the fire either, you just want to keep an eye on it from afar while you're doing other things. Once you're done with this, you should be able to set them in place at the outer perimeter of the pit and be ready for regular use. You see....stones and rocks can contain water. When they get hot the water will expand to boil.....so what you have is like a low-grade hand grenade, and they can crack very sharply and loudly sometimes. Often chips and pieces fly off and they can and have blinded people, and hit people in the face, etc. It's just a dangerous situation that can, and should be avoided. Cement blocks have loads of water in them. It's not a matter of IF they shatter or break.....it's when. Do it right....take the time.....so you can have a safe place to hang around a fire.

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