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Standards: GB175-2007 PO 42.5R
Package: 50kg/bag 1mt/bag 1.5mt/bag 2.0mt/bag
Deliverly Time: within 20-30 days


Ordinary Portland Cement
Standards:  GB175-2007   PO 42.5R


Packed in 50KG PP bags,40 bags in one 2.0MT PP bags.


Packed in 2.0MT abt. P.P jumbo  bags,with PE bags inside


Packed in 2.0MT abt. P.P jumbo  bags,with PE bags inside

Ordinary Portland Cement according to the China standard of GB175-2007

GradeBending strength
Bending strength
SoundnessFineness specification surface area min
Final setting
Loss on ignition
SR cement≥5≥6≥23.0≥42.5passed325≥100≤190≤1.5≤2≤1.8≤0.06
Class G
Oil well cement
passed ≤3.0≤6.0

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Q:Do I really need to put cement board down before tiling a floor?
The reason you need the cement board is because it is considered a rigid or static material, just like the tile or marble you intend to install. You want to remove all flex from the floor. Otherwise, any weight applied to it, like walking, will cause the slightest flex under your feet. You can remove the flex with either thick enough plywood, or concrete board. The single layer under your old floor isn't enough. The tile will not bend because it is rigid and static, and so is the grout between the tile, but the grout is a very small thin strip, easy to break if slightly bent. The tile will actually act like a lever when the floor beneath it flexes, the grout joints between the tile will give up and crack, and eventually break out from between the tiles.
Q:house decoration|cement render?
house decoration cement render automatic rendering machine wall plastering machine cement render mix cement plastering machine sand and cement render how to cement render sand cement render cement plastering
Q:My friend punched a cement column and...?
Hell yes, he could have bruided his hand. He could have broken his hand! If you are not trained in First Aid, don't bother, you could do more harm that good trying to treat him (and in most US States, persons not trained in First Aid that render same are liable for damages they do). If he thinks he needs medical treatment (and he very well may, depending on how HARD he hit the column. Now, could he have ruptured a major blood vessel? Unlikely, but if he is concerned, he should go either to a local clinic, or the local Hospital. Drawback is, if the two of you are minors, he'll require his parent's signature/approval for the treatment...and it likely won't be too inexpensive. Good Luck!
Q:Can I put cement on vinyl tiles?
You can cover the vinyl tiles, but you might end up with an uneven floor when you are done. Plus, like Doug said below, you will wind up with too much flexing for marble flooring, which might make it crack and fail much sooner than it should. You should probably bite the bullet, remove the tiles and start with a concrete slab.
Q:Can you build a cement wall?
firstly to build a wall is classed as a non-tempory construction so you will probably have to ask your town mayer or local council if you can put one up first. and for a brick wall covered in cement would cost around £35 per square metre. If you do decide to put one up try shaving one side of the tennis ball and then play around with that i have done this in the past when playing against my house wall and the idea behind it is so that it puts a spin on the ball and makes it change direction more so that you don't know where its going to come from which i think makes it a bit more fun and challenging.
Q:What are the requirements for the strength grade of ordinary concrete structures
Ordinary concrete composition materials: cement, clean water, sand, stone, can have a small amount of active admixture
Q:How to embed river stones in already dry cement?
Frame it and then apply about 1 cement. You could even color the cement first. Embed the river stones so that you don't have to step into the concrete..parts at a time if it is a large space. In cold areas, use Don't expect this to last more than 5 years,
Q:what weighs more? cement or sand?
I guess your talking about dry? For equivalent volume cement is heavier than sand.
Q:Make the yard with cement is cheaper or brick is cheaper? thanks!?
Get contractor estimates for both. Cement is a lot of manual labor, but the materials will be cheaper. Brick is the other way around. Good luck! We are in the middle of our own extensive backyard remodeling, and found that the cost of materials will vary greatly depending on your locale and how far the materials have to be transported. I'd shop around a couple local garden supply stores, and then get estimates for the labor from contractors. If you don't know the price of your materials, contractors are likely to inflate the prices if they procure them for you.
Q:Can I use super glue to re-cement my crown?
Call the dentist who put this crown on. Super glue might hold it, but if you get it in the wrong place you will have a mess to deal with! Super glue is used in many medical areas...

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