Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Mic Blue

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Product Description:

Product Description


  • Wireless Bluetooth speaker 3.0+EDR

  • With hands-free function,can answer phone calls.

  • Audio in,can connect with any music devices which has 3.5mm standard port to play music.

  • Built-in 2200mAh rechargeable lithium battery .

  • Handbag design, easy to carry.

  • Supporting TF card.


Our Advantages:

  •  We are manufacturer of Bluetooth speaker.

  •  Our month production volume is 10,000 pcs.

  •  We export to our products to Europe,America,Asia,Middle East and Africa due to our large 


  •  We can produce new items according to your requirements.

  •  OEM orders are available 

Handbag Shape Wireless Bluetooth speaker with Mic
2014 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Mic Blue

With Line-in function,supporting TF card 
2014 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Mic Blue

Different color to choose
2014 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Mic Blue

Packaging Detail:

Color box packaging

Also accept customised box 

Custom Packing : Can add logo, images etc all by your request

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Q:Nextbook 7 inch speakers?
Some of the more advanced models may have speakers built in but most basic models have a speaker out port where external speakers need to be hooked up.
Q:Alpine Car Speakers? OR WHAT?
I've always like Alpine speakers. They are not the most expensive speakers out there but they produce great sound. I have the Alpine sps-600c speakers in the front and the sps-600 speakers in the back of an '07 F-150 and the highs/mids they produce are the best out of any component speaker I have purchased before. Alpine speakers come with installation rings just in case the original speaker housing in your car is too big. Yours are 6 x 8 so with the rings you should be able to install them without any problems.
Q:Standard Speaker size in a Blazer???
in dash 4x6 in doors 6.5s
Q:Changing Speakers on 1LT 2010 Camaro?
You should always run speakers that can handle double what the head unit will put out. I'm not sure how many watts the factory stereo is but let's say you have a head unit that puts out 50x4. That means each speaker is getting 25 watts of power. If that is the case then a speaker that has an RMS of 50-80 watts would be ideal. If you have an amp then you will have to calculate your speaker selection by how many watts your amp is putting out. If your Camaro has the premium sound package then you already have an amp and possibly a sub. My Z28 has a Bose setup with an 8 sub in the back. If that's the case then you would want to look for a speaker that can handle about 50 watts RMS.
Q:2 channel amp, 4 speakers?
m.seimg.net/product/img/subwoofer You don't have to do the parallel wiring from speaker to speaker. You can just run two sets of speaker wires from the amp terminals - one for each speaker -- it will still be wired parallel.
Q:anyone heard of t-rex surround speakers?
Never heard of them, but what I don't' know could fill a warehouseBut what I do know is that if your ears tell you they're good, then go with thatDon't listen to anyone else. There'll always be better speakers in the world to be sureBut what's hard to find is a speaker that gives you the most sound for your moneyIf you shop around and can find such a speaker, then I say buy it.
Q:would this amplifier underpower my speakers?
Dude, that setups is fine. If its a true 50 watts, they will make your speakers scream. Another 20 watts isnt going to make a world of difference. Im assuming you have a quality amp. It will be just fine. 80 watts is just the most power the speakers can safely handle. Underpowering does not harm speakers unless the gain is set improperly, same for overpowering or powering just right.
Q:Pioneer Speakers?
Way refers to how the speaker is set up. If it is a 3Way, it means that each speaker actually has three separate speakers. One for bass, one for mid-range and one tweeter which (each handles a different frequency range). If you want the best sound quality, go with separate speakers of each type coupled with a good amplifier and head unit. You could have 600 watt speakers but unless you supply enough power from an amp to properly drive them, they won't sound very good .Since you have already bought these, you could use them with a good head unit (radio/CD player) and amplifier.
Q:can i hook up 2 amps separate to 2 speakers?
Is your question can it physically be done or is your question whether there will be damage to the speaker? My guess is you are asking about damaging your speakers. The answer is that generally speaking a speaker will warn before you send too much power to it. Most of the time speaker are damaged by feeding them too little power, not too much. The most important part in not killing your speakers is to use your ears and brain together. Well before your speakers get too much power they will start to distort quite a bit. If you turn up the volume and the speakers start to noticeablly distort, then then is your cue to turn down the volume as you have exceeded the limits of the speaker. If you don't turn it down, you probably will fry your speakers.
Q:soundbar or speaker system?
Basically a sound bar has speakers and an amplifier built in, and usually you will get better sound from separate speakers but a lot depends on the quality of the sound bar and also the quality of the speakers involved 5.1 means five speakers plus a sub woofer 2.1 is two speakers plus a subwoofer; Preferred brands in speakers are Boston Acoustics; Energy: NHT; Klipsch also most of those brands also produce quality sound bars also.

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