Portable Speaker, Subwoofer Speaker, Amplifier for Phone

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Product Description

Rugby Speaker, Pillow Speaker Bluetooth, wireless speaker, mini speaker, audio player, portable speaker, subwoofer speaker, amplifier for phone (BS-225)
Bluetooth speaker
Clear mic phone
1 Mini wireless bluetooth speaker
2 Support TF card (Optional)
3 Hands-free
4 Excellent sound
5 NFC function (Optional)
6 Compatible All Brand PC, MID, Mobile Phone, Table PC
7 Support FM ( optional )

Distortion<0.5% (Output1V@1kHZ)
RF Range10m
Frequency Range2.402-2.480GHZ
Frequency response100HZ-18KHZ
Charging VoltageDC 5V
S/N≥ 85± 2dB
Battery Capacity500mA
Charging TimeAbout 3hours
Playing Time3-5hours
Rugby Plastic Speaker, Pillow Speaker Bluetooth, Wireless Speaker, Mini Speaker, Audio Player, Portable Speaker, Subwoofer Speaker, Amplifier for Phone (BS-225)Rugby Plastic Speaker, Pillow Speaker Bluetooth, Wireless Speaker, Mini Speaker, Audio Player, Portable Speaker, Subwoofer Speaker, Amplifier for Phone (BS-225)Rugby Plastic Speaker, Pillow Speaker Bluetooth, Wireless Speaker, Mini Speaker, Audio Player, Portable Speaker, Subwoofer Speaker, Amplifier for Phone (BS-225)

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Q:Suggestions for computer speakers?
I just plug audio out from my 'puter to an auxiliary input on my stereo amp.
Q:Can you use a guitar amp to power a passive speaker?
I'm okorder
Q:computer speakers busted?
Sounds like you blew your speakers. Check that they are plugged in, and try another outlet. If they don't work then just buy new ones, as repairing speakers would cost more than a new set. Good luck!
Q:speaker impedance?
You can use 8-ohm speakers; amps will tolerate higher-impedance speakers without problems. However, the maximum power output will be reduced. Unless you need a lot of power, this is not a problem either--just turn up the volume a little. Use speakers of equal or higher power rating than the originals.
Q:wire 2 different ohmed speakers together?/ ---3ohm+4or6ohm?
Q:Stereo speakers to computer speakers?
Sounds like a lot of work to get some old speakers to run with a computer. If the speakers are rated at 5watts, this would be their RMS value or constant wattage they can see for long periods of time. Without getting into too much detail with regards to sensitivity, 1w1m specs, etc. If the speakers are rated at 5watts I don't think they would be worth the effort just to plug them into your computer. Most computer speakers today run on a 25 -50 watt amplifier and costing around $50-100 and can produce some very high end sounds at your computer.
Q:Does the loudspeaker drive?
Loudspeakers are generally not required to drive, may be caused by software.
Q:About the itouch speaker?
With the Ipod touch (2 gen) the speaker will straight away play whilst the headphones are unplugged. If the pinnacle telephones are unplugged from the Ipod and the song will nonetheless not play make useful the quantity is up or if the songs enjoying.If that doesn't artwork attempt restarting the Ipod it self via conserving the ability button and circle button. many times that does the trick yet whilst that doesn't artwork you ought to repair it. this has take place to me till now it sucked. lol
Q:2 way speaker 3 way speaker whats better?
this may well be a fallacy certainly - basically because of the fact you're a community of one language does not make you an authority on the technicalities of it. maximum community audio gadget can no longer even record the definitely form of vowels and consonants recent of their language. besides, why might somebody on line, looking forward to that internet purchasers can come from everywhere interior the international, be criticized for assuming which you will possibly no longer be a community English speaker? Why does it make you indignant? Why is it which you ask the solutions to this question be polite once you basically mentioned you wanted to snap human beings's necks? Why do you have this manner of comfortable ego? clarify your condition to those that ask you the question while you're a non-community speaker. You definitely can't anticipate human beings to be omniscient approximately those issues.
Q:Which iPods have speakers?
Why in the world? Because ear buds wreck you hearing, clog up your ear drum and make you deaf after years of use. A speaker integral on an ipod would let you place it in your pocket and listen to audible books and other downloads.

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