Portable Solar Power Systerm Kits/Camping Kits Home Use 2000W Solar System

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$2,100.00 / watt
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TT or LC
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2000 watt
Supply Capability:
200000 watt/month

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1.Solar panel: 200W
2.Lead acid Battery: 100Ah
3.Inverter: output 600W
4. Self design manufacturer


Portable Solar Power Systerm Kits/camping kits home use 2000w solar system




1. This is an off-gird solar power system, designed to provide stable and reliable electricity to homes or communities without access to grid electricity or to those regions where are short of power or even without power.

2. This solar power system is convenience to move with handle and wheels.

3. The full-feature LED/LCD display features system monitoring so that you always know how much power reserve is left in the batteries, allowing you to plan accordingly.

4. It is easy to set-up with reliable performance, making it ideal for situations where emergency power is required.

5. It is an ideal and reliable energy source for a wide variety of applications, ranging from lighitng, radios, fans, televisions, computers, refrigerator.

6. The USB port is compatible with all 5V-USB charged devices.

7. It can also act as a back-up power source during emergency situations.

8. Adapt the solar power system to meet your requirements, OEM is acceptable.


Portable Solar Power Systerm Kits/camping kits home use 2000w solar system



Technical Data
MODEL: Solar Power System SHS12100
1. Plug & Play Integrated Power Box
DisplayLED screen
ControllerBuild-in, 15A/12V, PWM
Battery200Ah/12V, Lead-acid
InverterBuild-in, 600W pure since wave
OutletDC outlets12V/1A x 4
AC outlets 220V/ 600W x 2
USB port5V/1A x 2
Grid charging port15V/5A x 1
Rating charging current15A
Rated working voltage12V
Low voltage protection10.7V
Low voltage recovery12.6V
Float charging voltage14V
2. Solar Panel
Cell typeMonocrystalline silicon 
Number of cell72pcs 
Power tolerance±5% 
Isc 11.54A 
Operating temperature-40°c to 80°c 
3. Other accessories (Optional)
LED Bulb12V/5W x2pcs
E27 4m's cable with Switch & Socket
AC charger1PC
Cable for LED bulbs1 by 2 Extension Cable 5 meters x 1
Cable for Solar Panel10 meters for 4m² space




1.Battery charging function

2.Low voltage disconnection function(LVD)

3.High voltage disconnection function(HVD)

4.Electronic overload protection

5.Short circuit protection

6.High temperature protection

7.Indicator got working status

8.DC 5V and DC 12V output

Portable Solar Power Systerm Kits/Camping Kits Home Use 2000W Solar System



System TypeAC/DC Off Gird Solar Power System
Solar Panel100W150W200W2x200W2x300W
Battery 50Ah65Ah100Ah200Ah2x200Ah
Output Power 300W500W600W1000W1500W
Modified waveModified wavePure sine wavePure sine wavePure sine ware
Carton Size300*180*470mm400*180*470mm525*248*640mm615*302*640mm600*550*420mm
Applicable ScopeTV, Fan, Radio, Refrigerator, Air-conditioner


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Q:What is the system voltage of solar panels
Solar panels are the most basic components of photovoltaic power generation systems and products. Its main role is to convert solar energy into electricity stored in batteries.
Q:I want to install a full set of domestic solar heating equipment does not know how much money to spend, please.
Save 50% equivalent to an annual savings of more than 3300 heating projects; water consumption in accordance with an average of 200 liters a day, remove the winter has been deducted 120 days, the remaining 240 days probably with hot water total: 48 tons, natural gas energy is calculated according to the cost of the cheapest words per ton of hot water heating costs 15 yuan, annual water savings of 720 yuan. Two of the total savings of 4000 yuan, according to the energy prices coefficient is estimated at less than 10 years to recover the full investment, another ten years of savings more than 40 thousand yuan.
Q:Solar power generation system installation which precautions, ah, there is a need for special attention
Pay attention to the basic power calculation is not enough! The reality is not up to
Q:How to calculate the income of photovoltaic system
Photovoltaic panels can only generate electricity, storage batteries need to match. The peak power output of photovoltaic panels = peak wattage X local sunshine time X efficiency coefficient of general domestic parts of the sunshine time is 4 hours (per day), the efficiency of PV system with battery is about 0.7. That is to say, 1000W system, the average daily electricity is about 2800WH (2.8 degrees) or so in accordance with the distributed PV subsidy of 0.35 yuan / degree, solar photovoltaic power generation more than the Internet how exactly?
Q:Solar PV systems
Fourth administrative department of energy of the State Council is responsible for the distributed photovoltaic power generation planning guidance and supervision and management; the local competent department of energy under the guidance of the State Council department in charge of energy, to supervise the construction of distributed photovoltaic power generation planning, the area; the national energy administration agencies shall be responsible for the supervision of the area of distributed photovoltaic power generation planning and policy implementation, network operation, the market fair and safe operation.
Q:Solar power generation system suitable for home, how much is the cost of a set?
The use of solar power system has many parts, have the power of this parameter, he said 500W1000W is a parameter which kind of accessories, and electricity related degree is large, panels, solar power systems, accessories, solar panels for electricity generating capacity of the inverter board and the two parts of the largest correlation under normal circumstances, the board 1000W day power of 4
Q:What are the main features of solar photovoltaic systems
Compared with the commonly used thermal power generation system, the advantages of photovoltaic power generation:No danger of depletion; safe and reliable, no noise, no pollution, absolutely clean (pollution-free); not subject to geographical distribution of the resources, can take advantage of the building roof; for example, areas without electricity, and complex terrain area; no fuel consumption and the erection of transmission line can be on-site power supply high quality energy;; users emotionally receptive; the construction period is short, get energy to spend a short time.
Q:Household solar photovoltaic power generation system connected to the grid, how much money?
Sold to the power supply bureau 0.45 yuan once, the state subsidy fee of $0.42, a year issued 3000 kwh.
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of small-scale solar power generation system?
Solar power has no moving parts, is not easy to damage, simple maintenance, especially suitable for unattended use; solar power will not produce any waste, no pollution, noise pollution, no adverse effects on the environment, is the ideal clean energy; solar power system short construction period, convenient and flexible, and can according to the load or, add or reduce photovoltaic capacity, avoid waste.
Q:What are the components of the solar photovoltaic system?
Photovoltaic system is composed of solar cell array, battery, charge and discharge controller, inverter, AC distribution cabinet, automatic solar tracking system, automatic solar module dust removal system and other equipment. The equipment is in the light (either sunlight or other light generated by the light) case, battery to absorb the light, the two ends of the cell appeared heterocharge accumulation, namely "photo voltage", which is "photovoltaiceffect". Under the effect of the photovoltaic effect, both ends of the solar cell produce electromotive force, which converts light energy into electrical energy, which is an energy conversion device. Silicon solar cells are generally divided into monocrystalline silicon solar cells, polycrystalline silicon solar cells and amorphous silicon solar cells three

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