Portable Power Bank, Portable Source Universal Portable Power Bank

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Product Description:


Built-in high quality 18650 battery, it can remained more than 80% power after slowly filled 500 times.

USB output, compatible with iPhone, tablet, mobile phone charging MP3/4 and other digital products.

Powerful intelligent protection functions, provides a guarantee of protecting the products from short-circuit, over-charge, over-discharge and over-current.

Intelligent manual switch, can prevent from power. LED display charging status and volume.

Use the iPhone keys and the surface with UV coating, beautiful, fashion, high-grade with scratch-resistant functions.


1. Power bank X1
2. Power DC cable X1
3. DC connector X4
4. Beautiful and fashionable giftbox package

Major Feature:

1 slim and easy to carry
2. High capacity, rechargeable, and universal power pack
3. Keep talking and keep playing longer
4. LED indicators show battery's real time capacity
5. Elegant and executive designed make it looks fashionable and smart
6. Flexible recharging of power pack via notebook USB port or wall adapter with USB charging cable
7. Multiple safety protection system to ensure devices safety: Protection for overcharge, overvoltage, overcurrent and short circuit
8. Universal for mobile phone and other digital products

Product Picture Showing :

Portable Power Bank, Portable Source, Universal Portable Power Bank
Portable Power Bank, Portable Source, Universal Portable Power Bank
Portable Power Bank, Portable Source, Universal Portable Power Bank

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