Portable Power Bank for Smart Phone

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Main material:ABS                                                                                            
Battery type: 18650 Li-ion cell
Input:500mAh-5V                                                                                                                                                                 Output:1A-5V                                                                                                                                            
Input interface:Micro 5 pin USB                                                                                                                            
Output interface:USB          

Shining point:              

simple design+candy color            
4000mAh Portable Power Bank for Smart Phone4000mAh Portable Power Bank for Smart Phone


1.Do not allow the product to be immersed or even splashed with water.it`s not waterproof

2.Do not push the power indication button with excessive force.

3.Do not expose the product to extremes of temperatures

4.Do not attempt to open the product to get inside,there are no user serviceable parts and you will have invalidated your warranty

5.Do not charger or modify the power crystal unless you accept that doing so invalidates your warranty

6.Clean the product only with a soft dry cloth.do not use any abrasive cleaners

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KN Air intake . not too much but it will lsat forever and give you some horespower. easy to install. ($200-$300) look on craigsL or OKorder for deals Or save money and look for just the KN filter (if available ) and just drop in a better filter.($50) new highly worth it, never have to buy another cheap paper filter again I would definitely invest in Good spark plug wires and a set of Good plugs These things are cheap to do your truck will feel better smoother ,and stronger(not to much) and in the long run they will save you money. bettre MPG too
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if something is producing a current of 40 amps with an energy rate of 5000watts it is creating a voltage of 125 volts. if something is producing a voltage of 12 v and 80 amps of current are flowing then 960 watts of power are involved. You have used the term 12v battery bank. This implies that there is a set of 12v batteries. Each battery is capable of being recharged independently if only the correct circuitry is provided. Each battery in such a system would be the limiting factor in the time taken to recharge the battery. If too much current is driven through a battery heat can accumulate and destroy the battery. There is insufficient information here to determine what can be done safely. The details of how the 12v batteries are built determines how rapidly they can be recharged.
Q:Dummy load to test power supply ?
The power dissipation capability of your load has to be 12V * 20A 240W The load resistance has to be 12V / 20A 0.6 Ohm. So to build a load bank that can stand a 100% load for an hour you have to use a parallel circuit of power resistors mounted on a aluminum chassis actively cooled by a fan. As an example use a parallel array of 20 power resistors 12 Ohms and at least 12W each use a cooling fan operated by the same 12V that blows air across the array of resistors and the chassis holding them.
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Q:Cleaning up Generator power
Talk to the manufacturers not us. They don't like the idea of being sued therefore they are an excellent source of info. But if this is true run the power into batteries the use a inverter.
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Q:AUDI A4 98 1,8TQ, DTC Error P1136 Bank 1 System too Lean AND P1602 Power Supply (B+) Terminal 30 Low Voltage??
it seems as if you may have a power supply problem to your ecu(low voltage term 30) check voltage at terminal 3 at ecu(1mm red wire) should be battery voltage bank 1 is your lambda probe, could be unmetered air in induction system

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