Portable Mini Speaker for iPod, MP3, iPad, Mobile Phone

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Product Description:

Product Description

portable mini speaker for ipod,mp3,ipad,mobile phone(SW-S601)

Output: 2.4W
Driver unit: 36mm,4ohm
Frequency response: 100Hz-20KHz
Rechargeable Li-ion battery 3.7V  (USB 2.0 charger cable)
Input: DC 4.2V
With on/off button,  volume control,  
led light indication,  foldable design

Portable Mini Speaker for iPod, MP3, iPad, Mobile Phone
Output: 2.4W
Driver unit: 36mm,4ohm
Frequency response: 100Hz-20KHz
Rechargeable Li-ion battery 3.7V  (USB 2.0 charger cable)
Input: DC 4.2V
With on/off button,  volume control,
Led light indication,  foldable design

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Q:changing my plasma speakers?
Speakers with higher power ratings (more than 7 Watts) will work fine, but try to stick with 4 ohm impedance for the new speakers.
Q:What are voice speakers?
There are three basic types of speakers; small ones (high tones), medium ones (usually vocals and everyday speakers), and big ones (bass). The voice speakers are usually around a 4 to 6 diameter and are meant to be very clear, but not have much kick to them. if you want loud music that you don't really feel, you want these speakers.
Q:replacement horn for speakers?
It means the horn on the speaker with only bass sounds is blown. The horn itself is ok but what is blow is called the compression driver - it is the part attached to the horn inside the speaker. Getting the replacement driver is the hard part - you will need to try the Peavey website.
Q:Compiling Speakers and Receiver from Thrift Stores?
Pretty much any standard 4 to 8 ohm speaker will work with any home theater receiver. It is a good idea to test the speakers there at the store if you can. Maybe bring along a short piece of speaker wire already stripped for testing each speaker and each speaker output on the receiver. Blown speakers will not work at all or they may just sound raspy. Don't worry about the watts too much. As long as it is a name brand speaker, it will work fine as long as you are not blasting the receiver at full volume.
Q:Car Speakers Help (Beginner)?
Do not buy your speakers at Walmart. Those Boss speakers along with the others they sell there will not sound better than your stock speakers. To install its not that difficult, just be careful you do not break any clips that hold the door panels onto the doors. Also you will have to figure out which wires in the front doors are + and - and which wires in the rear doors are + and -. I would take it to a professional reliable car audio shop in your area to get an opinion/prices so that you do not ruin your brand new car.
Q:Speakers problems in my Camaro?
Ive Had the speaker terminal on the back of the radio rusted not sure how but it did
Q:Speaker ohms & goodness.?
Do not connect the blown speaker to your amp. Blown speakers have unpredictable impedance (ohms) and there is a possibility it may damage your amp. Connect only the good speaker to the amp. Connect the output of the head to that speaker by itself. You may have to make a dedicated speaker cable to do this. It would have a 1/4 inch connector on one end and speaker terminals on the other. Make sure the wire from the rogue amp are not connected to the speaker. You really should get a proper amp cab for your head as soon as possible.
Q:Does the loudspeaker drive?
I remember in the 90's super king of a version of the speaker to solve some of the sound card speakers to see the disc silent.
Q:Help buying car speakers and head unit?
Your superb wager could be to communicate to somebody at a vehicle audio save. they are able to tell you what you opt for so a procedures as wiring, which will count on the size of the amplifiers. Speaker placement relies upon on your listening decision. i want to advise aspects (seperate midrange and tweeter)for the front and coaxials (2 way or 3 way) for the rear. before you place interior the front audio equipment, connect them to the amplifier and set them up the place you think of you like them, then on an identical time as they're enjoying, circulate them around to different possible mounting places. you will see a brilliant distinction interior the sound. as a procedures with the aid of fact the subs, smaller subs are tighter and greater precise. greater subs p.c. up decrease notes greater helpful. A sealed container supply you a speedy, precise reaction, on an identical time as a ported container will double the quantity and strengthen the low end if equipped appropriate. as much as 80% of the overall performance of a sub could properly be attributed to the container or enclosure.
Q:replacing speakers?
Yes. If you are only replacing the speakers. Since the amp powering the speakers will output at 8ohms and the new speakers will be 4ohms, your ohm load will be high to low. This will cause the amp to work twice as hard and it will overheat, if not fail.

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