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The new GPS touch screen test through Mu instrument with area measurement, distance measurement, positioning function, achieve walking map, can be set up to automatically save the measurement parameters, record, at the same time, can navigate to the start of measuring block.

Area measurement

A key measure of farmland, forest land area, can save 64 results and real time display field shape

Linear range

Calibration of the beginning and the end, measuring the distance between any two points a straight line

Historical data

To view detailed information on the measuring record, navigation users find the measurement plots starting position

The GPS state

You can view the coordinates, altitude, heading, accuracy and provide positioning state, the astronomical information

System settings

Set the product related parameters (for example: unit, unit price)

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Q:Tianbao GPS how, handheld GPS?
3) map real-time display, easy to check and adjust the working condition. The collected points and lines,
Q:Portable navigation in the summer sun will not be bad
There is such a thing, but now do not buy a portable, and generally buy large screen machine navigation, not expensive, but also the atmosphere,
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of vehicle navigation, portable navigation and mobile navigation
1, the benefits of car navigation is the power of the car, not like the phone navigation will appear no electricity embarrassment;2, mobile navigation in the time you do not have to use the car, such as a business trip to a city, mobile navigation is sometimes quite useful;3, most of the mobile phone navigation is not easy to upgrade their own, but also need to use mobile phone customer service;4, portable navigation needs to be carried alone, in the case of a mobile wallet installed on the body, etc., may not be a good idea, you put on the car also reluctantly, but its benefits are free to upgrade
Q:Portable navigation what brand of good?
Lexus, Rolls-Royce Boulevard than cattle, more cattle.I use Mio Music Tour 300
Q:Ordinary portable navigator can be connected to the camera image
I only know that mountain belt can be received after reversing the recorder system.
Q:On the Internet to buy a portable navigator, they can install it, a good fit?
Navigator can be installed, where can be placed.Very simple, open can be used
Q:Portable navigation is not useful, the effect of how ah,
Quite good, mainly to see the inside of the map software is good
Q:Portable navigator or car, with a genuine good Careland map
I don't think you need to upgrade an electronic dog once a week.
Q:What is the maximum capacity of portable navigation battery
Hello, I use the mobile phone download map Tencent hot line, is a new mobile phone map software developed by Tencent Inc, currently supports a national search map, the map version download and install mobile phone Tencent. Very comprehensive intimate, I hope to help you
Q:China Pacific AG-4308G portable GPS navigator Guangdong where to sell
Degree navigation - the national electronic market have sales.

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