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The new GPS touch screen test through Mu instrument with area measurement, distance measurement, positioning function, achieve walking map, can be set up to automatically save the measurement parameters, record, at the same time, can navigate to the start of measuring block.

Area measurement

A key measure of farmland, forest land area, can save 64 results and real time display field shape

Linear range

Calibration of the beginning and the end, measuring the distance between any two points a straight line

Historical data

To view detailed information on the measuring record, navigation users find the measurement plots starting position

The GPS state

You can view the coordinates, altitude, heading, accuracy and provide positioning state, the astronomical information

System settings

Set the product related parameters (for example: unit, unit price)

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Q:There are two kinds of portable mobile navigation broadcast how to do
Yes, it was officially confirmed in February this year. June began production of mobile phones
Q:Will you be able to modify the portable navigator into the car? One kind of machine, install the seat into the car audio
What do you mean by built-in? There is a kind of you to see if you have to say that kind of, there is a fixed bracket, which is more common. Portable is portable. Is much simpler than one. In fact, if you own the original car if the DVD directly add a navigation box on it.
Q:Portable car navigation, Careland map how to upgrade
Backup all data on the original machine and delete the data on the machineDownload matching machine data back to the machine
Q:Discussion: what is the right place for the portable navigator on your car?
You can choose on the centre console, but because not fixed, choose navigator cradle automobile anti-skid pad good point in can be used to fix, I also bought a, feel good, relatively easy to put in there, but also can be used as decorations, but don't put too many things in the console on the influence of vision may have influence on safety and security. Personal opinion, hey.
Q:Portable navigation with the original car navigation, the map can be universal?
As long as the same resolution should be universal, I usually use mobile phone navigation, easy to use and update faster, when the update is not navigation so much trouble, I use the Tencent this navigation map, I think more than vehicle navigation are easy to use, can not only route planning and navigation for the implementation of speech, zero flow navigation can also download the offline data of each city, more location sharing, real-time prices, electronic eye, illegal query, payment penalty function.
Q:Modern electronic dog hy-102 portable navigator to upgrade Rucker navigation
To distinguish between electronic dog software for which the company is currently ninety percent, with good DSA software, if it is good to be good directly to the official website, Download with a new file to replace the old file!
Q:Good navigation with a mobile phone or buy a portable navigator
Car navigation with mobile navigation have pros and cons. Vehicle navigation is a special device, the operation is more simple, driving navigation special function is stronger, but the integrated function is far worse than the mobile navigation.
Q:Why portable navigator screen cannot be calibrated
In settings look, Fuyang, near the west, South West, Xin car decorated world, professional installation, maintenance and upgrade of navigation, remote modification with the key, I hope you can help
Q:Interconnection of mobile portable navigator which port Lianxing fast
2, and then modify the tool Kelid port, the port of the software of the, the baud rate to modify the same with the navigator, OK.Hope to help you, hope to adopt!
Q:What is the difference between a car DVD navigator and a portable navigator
Installation:In front of the car DVD navigation is not built-in battery, the need to connect with the internal power supply of the car, so the installation of the vehicle DVD navigator must be part of the car to remove parts. The installation process is relatively complex, it is best to install a professional organization, because it involves a number of changes in the internal wiring of the car, may cause some damage to the car. Often there will be news, because the car modification caused damage to the car news, there is a woman in front of the time in Foshan to install the DVD navigator, or to the professional automotive beauty shop to install, the line connection error, causing the car caught fire and burned some internal parts.The portable navigator does not need complex installation process, the user can use auto display stand the navigator directly placed windshield in front of the side driving or driving position, or disk navigator with adsorption adsorption on the windshield of the navigator. This will avoid the internal structure of the car's transformation process, but also reduce the risk of a lot of.

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