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The new GPS touch screen test through Mu instrument with area measurement, distance measurement, positioning function, achieve walking map, can be set up to automatically save the measurement parameters, record, at the same time, can navigate to the start of measuring block.

Area measurement

A key measure of farmland, forest land area, can save 64 results and real time display field shape

Linear range

Calibration of the beginning and the end, measuring the distance between any two points a straight line

Historical data

To view detailed information on the measuring record, navigation users find the measurement plots starting position

The GPS state

You can view the coordinates, altitude, heading, accuracy and provide positioning state, the astronomical information

System settings

Set the product related parameters (for example: unit, unit price)

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Q:Portable GPS navigator how to install map files?
Three, according to the local machine system, select download the map of your machine, "GPS home", "I love GPS" forum, there are a lot of crack map software can be downloaded.Note: re install the new card, should download the full version or lazy bag. Not map resources.
Q:Portable GPS navigation how to use?
There should be a detailed answer to the fact that the site is set to start navigation, but the first point to wait for GPS to determine your current location
Q:3.5 and 4.3 inch car portable navigator with the screen will not be too small?
If the machine does not match the resolution and map, then the map is not displayed, or the map can not fill the entire screen, can not use ah.
Q:Portable navigation interface into a desktop computer how to restore
WINCE system bar you find inside the navigation software icon can start.
Q:What about portable GPS? Vehicle portable GPS easy to use?
Portable GPS can also be used to drive the car is very convenient, you can go to the real * * mall network to look at, there are a lot of navigation products.
Q:Portable navigator to take out the built-in battery
Navigator wood in the side, open the navigation page directly to the screen, simply can not run the navigation programChasing the answerHello, this should be voltage instability, there may be a problem with the screen.
Q:I have a portable GPS, but I can't find the MP3 file. What's the matter?
Create a MP3 folder directlyThere are MP3 playback path settings on the OK
Q:Which portable navigator is the best, which map is the best?
In addition to try before you buy the best interface and operation navigation software is for you. Otherwise it is possible to buy back sulking. For example, Tomtom is a famous navigator in foreign countries. In Sydney used is deserved. But at home a lot of people do not necessarily meet the map and navigation. So optimistic about what after the best try, to see if their own. Kay map is basically recognized as easy to use interface map. But the disadvantage is the small city and suburban map a serious shortage of resources.
Q:Portable navigation how to upgrade at home
OK, in the GPS home site to learn it slowly, I was informed that I am also happy for you
Q:Portable navigation and DVD navigation integrated machine which is good?
16, so that the quality of the original DVD navigation can compete. The car will be transformed, can withstand toss, preferably portable models, into the era of beach goers.17, don't want to do, the original DVD navigation is significant choice on tall. Today's Navigator, Bluetooth, phone, CMMB.18, FM, DVD, MP4, MP3, reading, games, and even WIFI, a lot of. More and more flat computer, super large.

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