Portable Car 12V Vacuum Cleaner for Car Cleaning

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30000 PCS/month

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Vacuum Cleaner

Place of Origin: 

Guangdong China (Mainland)

Brand Name: 


Model Number: 



16*5.11*4.92 Inch








Precision Plastic Injection

Rated Voltage: 

12V DC

Heavy Outstanding: 

Latest Research Strong Motor

Guarantee Period: 

1 Year

Export Products: 

ISO Standard

Filtration Precision: 

Up to 0.3um

Hot Sale: 

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Big Suction: 

11inch H20

Packaging & Delivery

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Qty/20'FCL: 3300pcs/1 fcl/550cartons(6 pcs/carton)

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Within 20 to 45days after payment


1,As Seen on TV Items Vacuum Cleaner 
2,Portable Using 
3,Guarantee quality,CE,RoHS 
4,Lower Noise 

As Seen on TV Items Handhold Vacuum Cleaner 75W Vacuum Cleaner Cost 






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Q:What are the OSHA regulations on repairing electrical cords on appliances like Vacuum cleaners?
if you are concerned with a vacuum at work in a company with the qualifying number of employees and you want to know whether a licensed electrician has to do the repairs the answer is no. the NEC considers it an appliance. if the cord is damaged it should be replaced. Taping it up will not pass for OSHA
Q:what do you think of mini vacuum cleaners?
Well they are not as powerful as big vacuum cleaners but they are worth buying.
Q:I have carpet cleaners coming tomorrow morning. Do they vacuum before they clean, or am I supposed to do that?
It must depend on the cleaning service that you use. The company that I use always does heavy duty vacuuming prior to cleaning my carpets. I use a local service, not a chain as I was never pleased with them. Next time, be sure to ask so that you will know what you are supposed to do ahead of time. Hopefully your company will bring a vacuum tomorrow!
Q:About Newborns and Vacuum Cleaners?
ok so this may sound crazy but do it while shes sleeping. This way she will get use to noises when shes sleeping. I didn't with my first and my sister suggested it with my 2nd so wouldn't have the same problem of waking the baby with every little sound u make. Also the noise shouldn't bother her. Babies like white noise
Q:Im looking for a vacuum part?
Call a shop that repairs vacuum cleaners and ask.
Q:Can anyone recommend an inexpensive vacuum for hardwood floors?
Hey. You could just try buying a cheap vacuum cleaner from the supermarket (ASDA) or some kind of electrical store, just use the brush option on the cleaner end.
Q:My vacuum cleaner shoots stuff out the bottom! What's wrong?
I would try to take the vacuum cleaner apart to the motor. And used a Shop wet/ dry vacuum to carefully cleaned to motor, power nozzle, and the hose. Check the bag, or filter for clogged. If your vacuum have a bag. I will replace the bag. And make sure you put the vacuum cleaner back together and test it to see if it works a lot better. Be careful with the wires. I know that because I did it before.
Q:Does anyone know why my vacuum smells so bad?
pour some baking soda on the floor suck it up - that should fix it!
Q:Are vacumn cleaners safe for health?
As okorder.com/
Q:If sound doesnt travel through a vacuum, why are vacuum cleaners so loud?
Some comments: Vacuum literally means, a space containing nothing. Vacuum in that sense does not exist inside a vacuum cleaner, but then it also doesn't exist anywhere else in the universe either. A vacuum cleaner produces what is often called partial vacuum (i.e., a region of lower-than-atmospheric pressure.) It is the wind rushing into that partial vacuum that picks up the dust out of your carpet and carries it to the filter bag. The higher the vacuum, the less sound will be able to propagate through it, but as other posters have already pointed out, the machine is not in the vacuum, the vacuum is in the machine. The noise that you hear does not come from the motor. If you pulled the electric motor out of a vacuum cleaner and plugged it in to the wall, the most you would hear would be a gentle hum. The noise mostly comes from the BLOWER---the metal blades attached to the motor that move the air. If it were designed by an aeronautical engineer, then the blower might not make much noise either, but it wasn't. It was designed by some hack copying a design that worked well enough for someone before. The noise mostly comes from turbulence created behind the blades as they move through the air. More noise is created by turbulence in the wind that rushes up the pipe and into the bag.

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