Portable Bluetooth Wireless Mini Speaker For Tablets, Mobile Phones, Mp3/Mp4

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$6.80 - 7.80 / pc
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100 Pieces pc
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50000 Piece/Pieces per Month pc/month

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Product Description:

 Protable Bluetooth wireless speaker mini Speaker for Tablet ,Mobile phones,Mp3/Mp4


Stereo sound bluetooth Version 3.0 audio support

T card support

Handfree function

Rechargable li-ion battery built-in

Aux in suppor

Volume control and music track control







Version 3.0

Receiving Range

Up to 15Meters


TF Card (Micro SD)

Media format support


Speaker Driver


Speaker Output

4Ω3W (RMS 6W (THD=10%))

Frequency Response

100Hz - 20KHz





Battery Type


Battery Capacity

60mAh (about 7 hours)

Battery Charging time

Aprox. 2 Hours

Charging Input

DC 5V ± 0.5V

Power Input

Mini USB


- Built-in Microphone for communication via Bluetooth connectivity

- Direct Control knob for Volume, Tracks, Play and Pause Control


1 Year Limited Warranty


Compatible with Bluetooth enabled devices which support version 3.0or later.


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Q:help! Bi-Wiring Speakers??? thanks
You have to be careful when adding multiple speakers to the same input. Your receiver is rated in ohms (resistance) that it can handle. If your receiver is 8 ohms and your current speaker is 8 ohms, great, everything will be fine. When you add another speaker to the same input one of two things can happen depending on how you connect it. Two 8ohm speakers wired in parallel ( both pos. and both neg. together) will result in your receiver seeing a 4ohm load, which could overload your amp. Two 8ohm speakers wired in series will result in your amp seeing a 16ohm load which is OK for your amp, but at 16ohms it will only output half as much power, and now between two speakers.
Q:Stereo speakers to computer speakers?
Computer speakers are shielded so they aren't affected by the computer and don't affect the computer. They are also powered, or have amplifiers in them. You won't get much sound out of stereo speakers if you hook them up to your compter and may damage your computers sound card. Stereo speakers also have no shielding and their magnets may affect your computer and be affected by your computer.
Q:Durabrand 5.1 80 watt Speakers HELP!!?
Center speaker goes either on top of below your TV. think of it as center-front speaker .ok so the center speaker out is broken on your sub woofer. if that is the case, you have to figure out how to take apart the sub woofer to get to the back of the connector for the center speaker out. Just hope that it's a simple problem like a loose connection and not a electronic/circuit board problem. If it is something more serious, either call the manufacturer or buy a new 5.1 receiver
Q:2 channel amp, 4 speakers?
m.seimg.net/product/img/subwoofer You don't have to do the parallel wiring from speaker to speaker. You can just run two sets of speaker wires from the amp terminals - one for each speaker -- it will still be wired parallel.
Q:How much for speakers?
The speakers behind your rear seats should be 6x9 speakes I'm not sure though. The price range varies though. I say to get a decent pair of speakers it will cost like 50-60 dollars. Check Amazon or OKorder once you know the speaker size.
Q:How many speakers in car speakers?
Yes you can. Each car speaker is 4 ohms so you would have to hook all of them up in a series connection in order to avoid an ohm load that is below 8 so the amp doesn't fry. Hook them up like this for a 16 ohm load and you will be safe.
Q:What are channel speakers?
The speakers or the box should definitely state if they are wireless. The term channel could mean several things, as in left or right stereo channel or it could be a model name or the brand name. A wireless speaker will need a power cord on it. This is to power the wireless receiver and amplifier to make the speaker work. It will not need (but I suppose it could have) any audio connections on it.
Q:Could a Logitech Z-5500 power some klipsch/polk speakers?
No. Those computer speakers (although decent) are self-powered. Like many 'systems' the speakers only work with the included amp and you cannot mix/match. If you took the speakers and attached them to a normal receiver - you will damage the receiver. Your other problem: You should NOT mix one brand of center speaker with another brand left/right. The change in sound as they move from speaker to speaker will blow the illusion of surround sound. You want all 3 front speakers to be tone-matched and ideally all 5.
Q:What are some good djing speakers?
You okorder
Q:New speakers void Nissan warranty?
Speakers are warrantied for 3 years 36,000 miles. Only very high voloume and bass setting can shake the stock speakers apart. Make sure the headliner above the rear speakers is not rattleing. Also speakers will not void your warranty. As a Nissan technician I have to prove any modification caused the failure that voids warranty.

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