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POI Navigation:Mark POI for navigation.Users
through this application can easily find their way
back no matter where they are; easy to find friends
in crowded places or a vehicle in a parking lot and
much more.
Routes and Tracks:Import Routes and Tracks
from Google Maps KML file for Mavigation.
Track Record: After ositioning, the device starts
recording. Users can store the tracks in the internal
memory and export them to Google Earth for viewing.
Sun and Moon: Users through GPS can calculate
sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset times at their
current position and also have information on the
moon phases at a selected time, date and location.
Trip Odometer: The device can provide for user's
current trip average speed, maximum speed,
exercise time, mileage and other travel information.
Stopwatch Timer: Users can record some
stopwatch data.
Area Measurement: GPS100C can measure the
area and show the shape of any shape including
lakes, grasslands, pastures, farmland, orchards, etc.

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Q:Portable GPS navigator how to install map files?
Two, the three software is copied to the root directory of the TF card,Enter the navigation set - "navigation path settings", pointing to the start of the software in the.EXE file can be measured separately:The physical port and baud rate of the navigator; the free port number of the navigator;Navigation hardware system, such as: operating system category, CPU type and frequency, memory, screen resolution, etc..
Q:Portable navigation, mobile navigation, car navigation advantages and disadvantages of each other, as well as comparison!
Vehicle navigation is the three best inside, specifically what electronic police ah, provide the surrounding facilities, find a road map, online update, can watch movies, listen to music, play games, is great, but if you don't have a car, that is to buy useless, is missing will the card, the brand is not good quality difference.
Q:Portable navigation sucker is always out of
You can change the owner of the suction cup can be made of rubber or hard to change in the hope that I would like to help you wish you a happy [car questions asked the division of 4S professional technicians to solve 10 minutes]
Q:Portable navigator to buy which good?
Of course is the star fast chips are good, such as Samsung scheme chips are generally received in satellite 15-30 seconds, there is a genuine map map matching, if piracy is also OK, but there will be errors! Wish you good navigation to buy roses, recommend online shopping destinations on the Taobao navigation. Shop, do not care, just recommended!
Q:How to buy Portable GPS
The owner when testing the GPS, can go to the city building dense area of the building or the courtyard look star search ability, if not to search satellite or frequent interrupt signal, it shows the unqualified.
Q:On the Internet to buy a portable navigator, they can install it, a good fit?
Oh, I see. What's the matter with the wiring inside the car?.
Q:How to update the car or portable GPS map navigation
There are two categories: first, there is the SD card navigation, you can upgrade, through the Internet, download free toll navigation map, requires a little technical capacity. You can also spend a little money in the roadside car and a variety of car loading shop upgrade.Two is no card navigation, the need to spend money to upgrade 4S, the individual is no way to upgrade, of course, there are people to upgrade, this technology is not an ordinary person can have.
Q:How to upgrade portable navigation
2, recommended to the GPS download, to Kay, for example: the need to download the package, map pack, two version of the package has been completely to use, copy the file to the folder you can map software, then put the folder to the card. Navigation card insertion navigator does not require any direct operation. If the search star slow, you need to download the port to modify the software tool, the port is generally 4800 or 9600.
Q:How can existing handheld GPS update maps?
Handheld GPS application software, compatible with the current mainstream handheld GPS software platform to achieve seamless data. At the same time, in order to meet your personalized practical needs.
Q:Portable navigation is not useful, the effect of how ah,
Used, I use the C400 I swam, Valentine's day last year to buy more than and 700, NavInfo map is used, is also good! Recommended to buy a portable navigation or buy the big brands, star search fast, quick way!Recommend several brands: I swam TOMTOM Mio (Jia Ming)

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