Popular Outside Flooring WPC Decking Anti-corrosive Anti-insect

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Wood-Plastic Composite (WPC)  floor accessory is manufactured from a combination of plastic, natural fiber and some additives using special equipments. It mixes natural fiber and plastic perfectly to keep the natural impression of wood but with rich colors of plastic. It has gradually replaced wood and plastic, getting widely used in more and more fields.

For our wpc decking floor, there are many kinds of types, such as TW-K01(150 x 35 mm)TS-01(150 x 25mm), TH-07(140 x 30 mm), TS-A01(90 x 20mm),TH-16(133 x 24 mm, solid design) etc..

1. Material: 50% natural wood flour; 35%~40%HDPE, 10%~15% additives

2. Color: cedar, grey ,red pine, coffee, brown, nature wood etc.

3. Usage: outdoor, garden, summer house, villa, pool surrounds, exterior floor, seaside walk board etc.

4. Normal length: 5.4 meters/pc, can also be cut according to the requirement of customer.

5. Surface treating methods: Brushing, groove, sanding, embossing etc.

6. CE Approved

7. Advantages:

Keep the excellent character of plastic

Have the properties of wood

Produce fire-new WPC


easy to cut, fix and glue

Can be recycled with 100%

no crack, split, warp, or splinter

easy to tenon , drill and nail

No sting of wood

High dimensional stability

Natural feeling0

Requires less routine maintenance

Resistance to insects

Resistance to UV

Is environmentally friendly

easy to manufacture manifold profiles


Multicolor, and needn't to painting

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Q:Laminate Flooring Questions?
Mr. Obvious and Big Fella are right on. the only thin I would add is get your floors as flat/level as possible. Depending on the brand and type, most do not like bumps/dips greater that 1/8 over 8-10'. Have used both Pergo and Kronotex (30 yr with underlayment and 10 yr with UL separate) and liked the results I got with both of them (caught the kronotex on clearance for $0.33/sq ft). With a good vapor barrier @ the foundation, (always get a moisture test before you start) and a level floor only the person installing it can make it look bad.
Q:Basement floor painting ?
Pros: okorder.com if you are located near Edmonton.
Q:MatLab: what does floor a mean?
My guess is these letters have been assigned values as variables. Thy typing just z and see. (I'll admit I've never used MatLab so this is just a guess.)
Q:Museum of the floor is not false
I bought his home on the Internet solid wood flooring, said a good logistics to the home, to call the reminder of their own move also hinted at a lot of money to pay the freight; dealer said a good installation fee, to contact with the installer Sit down from the price, I can only find their own woodworking installation; floor loading, not in a week and the room every day in the case of ventilation, the first large area was significantly arched, followed by the surface patent leather wrinkle; dealers specify the installation staff But also the quality of the floor is indeed a problem, after the manufacturers have been apologetic, and promised to give far away from the value of the floor of the compensation attempt to trouble, and now again and again Manufacturers responsible person to personally come to see, said to work days, I went. Have reason to go to Jingdong and Consumers Association to talk about it.
Q:how do u clean up soda on a hardware floor?
I always use the Clorox readymop mopping system to clean my hardwood floor. It give me a sparkling floor that is not sticky. The floor cleaner spray is safe on hardwood floor. I haven't use wet mop anymore after i found readymop. Just hit the trigger to spray some cleaner on dirty or hard to clean spot. Dry mop it and the floor is clean as new. It dries so fast that i can step on it right away
Q:How is the floor greasy?
Ground oil on the mop down a little vinegar rub, you can remove the ground oil. If the oil on the ground is difficult to remove the oil, can get some dry grass ash in the evening, water into a paste, and then repeatedly washed with water, cement floor can be a new look. Stove oil liquefied gas stove stained with oil, the thick rice soup can be applied to the stove, until the rice soup scab dry, with iron scraping, oil will be with the rice soup scab together to remove. Such as with the more dilute rice soup, soup directly wash, or clean with black bone, the effect is also good. Glass oil can be wiped with alkaline detergent powder, and then coated with sodium hydroxide or dilute aqueous ammonia on the glass, half an hour after the cloth scrub, the glass will become bright and clean. Squash oil first with a broom swept the surface of the dust, and then 15 grams of clean water 500 ml, stir evenly after wiping both sides are wiped, you can remove the greasy. Or add a small amount of milk in the detergent solution, wash out the screen will be the same as the new. Furniture oil in the water by adding the right amount of vinegar, and then wipe can remove the oil. Or soaked with bleach solution for a while and then rub, decontamination effect is also very good.
Q:What should I do with solid wood flooring?
What should I do with solid wood flooring?
Q:nube, question about flooring/subflooring,etc?
Remove all the tile and grout to expose the surface underneath. Look at the condition and determine whether it is in good enough condition to overlay with hardwood flooring. There is a difference between the subfloor and underlayment. You could be seeing the underlayment, not the subfloor. The subfloor consists of thick boards, maybe tongue and groove, or 1 or 3/4 plywood, which is nailed (or screwed) to the floor joists below. The subfloor supports the weight of you, your furniture, appliances, and whatever is put on the floor. Underlayment is a buildup of typically 1/8 to 1/2 plywood (preferred), OSB, MDF (unsuitable), cement board , or Hardibacker board (both for use with tile in wet areas) laid over and attached to the subfloor and joists. The underlayment smooths out any irregularities in the subfloor so your final flooring will be even. It also adjusts your finished floor height to the proper level, depending on the thickness of your underlayment. If the underlayment is in good condition and will bring your flooring to the correct height so you can open doors and transition into other rooms evenly, then use what is there. Otherwise, rip up the old underlayment and install the correct type and thickness for your flooring. Also, between your flooring and the underlayment you will want to use a moisture barrier. This can be felt paper or other suitable materials and systems. Talk with the people at your local flooring and tile store for their recommendations.
Q:Seeking PVC plastic floor of the basic specifications, price, use ~ Thank you
Plastic floor specifications too much, endless. Simple points are divided into pieces of sheet material, the thickness of 1.5mm to 6 mm range, there are thick again. The sheet size is 300 * 300/450/450/600/600. And so the price is also different, basically between 50 to 150 per square meter between the more, there are two or three hundred square meters per square meter. The As for the use of plastic flooring can be used in shopping malls, hotels and other places where traffic is large, can also be used in factories, workshops and other forklifts, cattle land, can also be used in schools, kindergartens and other occasions, and hospitals and other health requirements are particularly high Where the advantages of plastic floor, I do not repeat a lot of online, Google search and rescue out.
Q:Finish basement, radiant floor?
u can use construction glue and it would help if u cut ur studs to ur top plate tight, will help hold while drying and the finish.... lic. gen. contractor

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