Popular Outdoor Garden Rattan/Sisal Sofa set

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Product Description:

Popular Outdoor Garden Rattan/Sisal  Sofa set


Product  Features:


1. Hand woven

2. Made from durable PU material

3. UV protection to reduce fading

4. Frame constructed from powder coated aluminium

5. Anti-rust properties

6. Suitable for all weathers or indoor use

7. Maintenance free

8. Choice of colours

9. 2 year structural guarantee



More Details:


Rattan, the rattan we use for our product is only the highest quality manmade fiber, as PE rattan, this kind 
        of rattan is UV resistant, waterproof,
 and it is through dyed. The quality can be checked by applying heat 
        when getting scratched. It will take long time and the color of rattan will never fade, also it is not sensitive 
        to temperature fluctuations.


Cushion, we are using water-proof fabric and sponge for the cushions. Especially, the sponge is with high 
       density which can ensure the durability.


C. Frame, The frame is aluminum tube with 1.2,1.5 and 1.8mm thick, thicker and stronger, It is powder coated 
       which can protected against corrosion and becomes virtually invisible when it is woven over.



Our Service:


--- Size and design can be Customized.

--- One- stop furniture purchasing

--- Prompt action to your request


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Q:can regular couches be converted into sofa beds? does anyone know who can onvert it for me?
Q:sofa ruined at sleepover?
You don't want to cause a lot of problems ruin the kids' friendship. I think announcing it to others is in poor taste. What if your son had an accident at someone else's house? He'd be embarrased enough, the parents don't need to make it any more humuliating for him. The boy should have been sleeping in a bed, or you should have layed something under him on the couch. I think the fairest thing would be for his parents to pay to have your couch shampooed. I do not think they should be responsible for replacing your couch. The child was under your supervision, not theirs, so it's your responsibility to replace the couch. Accidents do happen. He may not be a consistant bedwetter, maybe it only happens rarely, this was an unfortunate time. My son is 6 every once in awhile he pees the bed, so I don't find it necessary for him to wear big boy diapers to bed or tell people about it. I would be pissed if someone acted toward my son for something he couldn't control like you are. Put yourself in the kids shoes, quit being a booger about it think about if the situation was reversed.
Q:How can I remove candle wax from a microfiber sofa?
I would say use ice to harden the wax and peel it off gently, that may be the best thing to do. You can also place a towel over the wax then with a warm iron go over the spot where the wax is at... but I dont know how the microfiber would react to that--- maybe you can try it on a dicreet spot first see if the iron doesnt ruin it.
Q:bonded leather sofa how good?
I know several people who have them, and they are very happy with them. They are made from leather, so they will have all of the same great qualities, just more seams to be aware of. I think they have a contemporary chic look to them, and they are after all, a product of eco-friendliness! Enjoy your sofa, I don't think you will be disappointed at all!
Q:How would you change the color/value of a pale-yellow green sofa by painting the surrounding walls?
I think you could warm it up by using an orange or red colour. When I say orange, I mean a copper or burnished orange (pumpkin spice or even terra cotta) - nothing like those bright orange garbage bags! A soft green (like a moss or lichen colour) would also look nice. Blues would make the room look cool and yellows - well it might be over kill. I would go to the renovation store (home depot, home hardware, Rona...) and pick colours that you like. You could even do just an accent wall with a dark red or orange, behind the couch, and then find a complimentary colour to paint the remaining walls. That is what I did - a deep merlot (red wine) colour with an off white that has a pinky undertone. I never thought I would use PINK on my walls but it compliments well and is very soothing and warm. Go figure! Anyway, go and experiment! Have fun with it! Bring deep luxurious colours into your home! It'll help tone down the sofa if that is your goal!
Q:I am getting new sofa and love seat,...should I match wallpaper to sofas or sofas to wallpaper?
I would say match the wallpaper to the sofa since you can change wallpaper easier and less costly than buying a new sofa, if you don*t like the effect.
Q:can you put sofa covers (corduroy) in the washing machine?
We actually have done this, my friend's daughter at age two went wild with some maplesyrup, poured it all over the couch, think that there might have been some sibling rivalry there, as she just had a new baby brother....Anyway we stripped off the seat covers, zipped them up again and washed on cold water wash with some Zero....everything came up clean as new. We did the washer woman thing in the bathtub with the cushions, then dried them outside, the foam won't hold up as well in the machine. Dry them on their side to promote drainage, in the sun. Once everything is fully dry, open up and reassemble. Good as new.
Q:Where can I find a minimalist design leather sofa?
Have okorder.com/
Q:What color curtains to use with sage leather sofas?
Use okorder.com/
Q:What is the best type of sofa fabric to have on a sofa- leather, fabric, microfiber, micro suaed , ?
They all have their pros and cons. Leather can be wiped clean, but it is cold to sit on and can stick to bare skin if it is warm. Also, it is very hard to repair. Fabric can stain, but it can also be scotchguarded. If the sofa is slip covered, you can buy a new slipcover rather than a new sofa. Microfiber and Micro suede are basically the same fiber just finished a little different. It is stain resistant but can pill, particularly on cheaper sofas.

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