Popular Outdoor Garden Rattan/Sisal Sofa set

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Product Description:

Popular Outdoor Garden Rattan/Sisal  Sofa set


Product  Features:


1. Hand woven

2. Made from durable PU material

3. UV protection to reduce fading

4. Frame constructed from powder coated aluminium

5. Anti-rust properties

6. Suitable for all weathers or indoor use

7. Maintenance free

8. Choice of colours

9. 2 year structural guarantee



More Details:


Rattan, the rattan we use for our product is only the highest quality manmade fiber, as PE rattan, this kind 
        of rattan is UV resistant, waterproof,
 and it is through dyed. The quality can be checked by applying heat 
        when getting scratched. It will take long time and the color of rattan will never fade, also it is not sensitive 
        to temperature fluctuations.


Cushion, we are using water-proof fabric and sponge for the cushions. Especially, the sponge is with high 
       density which can ensure the durability.


C. Frame, The frame is aluminum tube with 1.2,1.5 and 1.8mm thick, thicker and stronger, It is powder coated 
       which can protected against corrosion and becomes virtually invisible when it is woven over.



Our Service:


--- Size and design can be Customized.

--- One- stop furniture purchasing

--- Prompt action to your request


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Q:Remove cat urine from sofa?
If the sofa is saturated, looks like you'll have to buy a new sofa. My neighbor had to deal with the same thing. Her dog peed all over her sofa and all over the floor. Maybe try a fabric freshener and disinfectant things. Try seeing if a pet shop sells anything for that.
Q:what are the ways and method to clean and maintance vinyl leather sofa?
Barely okorder.com
Q:Is it a couch or a sofa?
They BOTH are considered the same thing ... I think it's all in how you were taught. Both are proper, but I, personally, like to call it a SOFA ... sounds more sophisticated! Most furniture advertisements call it a Sofa ... have you ever heard of a place selling a Couch Loveseat? I haven't ... they always refer to it as a Sofa Loveseat.
Q:What goes with this? Help with sofa and accessories?
I okorder.com
Q:How can I train my dog to not go on the sofas anymore? ?
You previously allowed your dog on the sofa now you are changing the rules because they are new. Initially your dog will think you behaviour is inconsistent, but she will adjust to the change. Simply but a dog basket/bed/crate in the lounge when you dog tries to jump on the sofa give a firm off command. When your dog settles quietly in the bed, praise her.
Q:Army spouse with non-US passport applying for SOFA?
Green Card/Alien Resident Card is NOT necessary for you to get the SOFA Stamp at all. You will not go through the US Consulate as you are not a US Citizen, you need to go through the German Consulate and find out if a visa from them for your home country is required or not. They can require it or they might not. Either way you will get the SOFA stamp after arrival. If you are already in Germany then you need to go through German Immigration.
Q:Can a SOFA sponsored person get a Japanese Drivers License?
No, because SOFA status people are not citizens nor residents of Japan to obtain the license. They are simply there on SOFA status only and soon will leave. If you want to drive in Japan, you get a SOFA license from your local military driving transportation office. If you are in Okinawa, you obtain it from Camp Foster Marine Corps Base (my friend is there right now). Even if you were to get one it's extremely hard to obtain, even for the Japanese.
Q:Where do I find sofa cushion covers for microfiber, teal blue, Cindy Crawford sofa?
Cindy Crawford Sofa Covers
Q:drunk boyfriend snoring on the sofa?
It's not really an issue of etiquette, it is an issue of whether or not he is worth the emotional energy you are having to put into the relationship. If he disrespects you so much that he gets drunk and passes out on the sofa, the question is, is he worth your time at all.
Q:What kind of sofa to get when you have a large 150lb mastiff dog?
You need to teach your dog not to jump up on the sofa. Then you can buy whatever colour you want! Why not buy a cheap leather sofa with a cover that can be taken off and shaken or washed. A cover would protect the leather from being ripped by his toe-nails! I have a leather one from a well known swedish manufacturer I**A. I have several covers so I can change the look and have them cleaned. I even bought a white one and dyed it to match the walls.

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