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Sanle fiber cement board is made of high-grade cement and modified material, reinforced by natural fiber. Being processed by high pressure and high temperature advanced technologies, Sanle fiber cement board is a new building material with excellent performances.


Fire Proof & Insulation
Class A non-inflammability, no toxic gas, low in perveance, good electric insulation material

Waterproof and Moisture Proof
In semi-outdoor area and under high temperature condition, performance of Sanle boards is stable and will not bend or deform.

Thermal Insulation and Sound Insulation
Low thermal conductivity, good heat insulation, high in density, sound proof

Light weight & High strength
Pressured by 5000-ton hydraulic machine, it is high in strength and light in weight. It is not easy to deform and bend, and good for flooring and roofing.

Easy installation
The installation of boards is dry operation, which is faster. It can be processed with ordinary wood working tool. The board is easy to be processed.

Economical and Good looking
The boards are light in weight. Together with the use of keels, they can save cost of construction and decoration. The painting is uniform, and the surface is smooth, making the exterior of buildings good-looking and attractive.

Safe and Harmless
Test result of Sanle boards is better than national radiation protection standards of building materials. The radiation from Sanle boards is equal to that from the lawn 20 meters away from the building. The lifespan of Sanle boards is very long, and they are resistant to acid and alkali, moisture and insects. The toughness and strength remains the same when time passes by. So they can be used for a long time.

Easy to install and easy to replace
Sanle boards can be drilled, cut, engraved, nailed, painted and covered by tiles or sticker when necessary..

Product parameters




Medium density

High density





Water absorption





GB 8624-2006, grade A

wet expansion



Beding strength



Strength grade class III


Strength grade class IV


Saturation with water




Exterior side boards, indoor partition walls, sound-proof ceiling, decoration boards, complex walls, outdoor billboards, division boards and floor boards

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Q:do i need mortar under the cement board?
to commence with, i might want to pull up all the floor decking all the way down to the joist, and make really confident all joist are solid. once it really is done and that i have determined all to be solid, i might want to lay down a three/4 plywood. i might want to apply a floor grade tongue and groove. you may want to apply dealt with plywood, yet its extremely not necessary as long as you're taking all necessary steps in the course of the redesign. when you lay down your cement board, make confident you grout the joints of the cement forums and allow to dry formerly utilising thinset for the tiling, this allows to make moister barrier. make confident you seal the tile grout joints after laying the tile. make confident the sealer has satisfactory time to dry. perfect installation of the wax ring on the rest room is necessary. make confident the rest room sits flat after installation and that it does not rock. use a very good silicone caulk around the bathtub and the bottom of the rest room to boot. you may also reseal the grout joints each and every three hundred and sixty 5 days or so because alot of floor cleaners on the marketplace can become worse the sealer. only a part observe; in case you may placed a tumbler of water on the floor and once you walk on the floor and the water strikes, the floor has what's call spring in it. all this potential is that in time all the springing action contained in the floor may reason hairline cracks contained in the grout joints hence providing a channel for water. if that is the case then seal in many cases. desire this allows
Q:how to make cement backer board for bathroom wall tiling?
You can buy it at Home Depot and Lowe's. Probably much easier than trying to make it.
Q:The doors of a cement cabinet can not be mounted directly on a cement board
In the construction of cement cabinets, because my home is made of two tiles folder structure, in order to facilitate the construction of carpenters, we must remember the center of the tile in the folder, otherwise, the door can not be fixed.
Q:What kind of hole saw should I use on Hardibacker cement board?
You should use a carbide abrasive hole saw for any cement board. Trying to use a standard bi-metal hole saw will only work once, maybe twice. As a plumber, I have to drill through cement board all the time. IMO it's worth it to go to Lowes or Depot to get the right hole saw for the job.
Q:cement sheets in the bedroom wall - any ideas?
If you are good with using joint compound you can go over the walls with that. A friend of mine had several rooms where there was drywall embossed with vertical lines and then printed to look like pine paneling. I simply went over the walls with a skim coat of joint compound to fill in all the vertical lines and it was fine. Fast an easy.
Q:Just put cement type 1 portland,over hardie board about 3/8 of an in. how long do i have to wait to stain it?
i would give it a week, it should set pretty quick...
Q:When tiling countertops, can you glue the tiles directly to the wood or do you need cement board?
it wud be good if u use cement boards! if u stick it to wood directly: 1) if termites come there will be a problem, 2) wood will eventually become weak!! there was a renovation at my house and cement boards were used on top of wood!! :)
Q:Can the cement board plaster directly?
No, the mortar of the cement mortar mainly look inside and outside the plastering practice is the same, you can see the table, mortar thick, what type, at a glance. External cement mortar is generally waterproof mortar, if the mortar surface thickness is small
Q:almost finished with tiling on cement board wall. ran into problem with corner applying bull nose piece.?
Use Hardibacker and seal the seams with tape and thinset. Use thinset to set the tile employing a million/4 spacers. I even have used and advise which you utilize a tile sealer to seal the slate previous to grouting and to apply epoxy grout. The grout is extra durable to place in yet demands no sealers that would desire to be redone a minimum of as quickly as a 365 days in a bath and is definitely truly actual worth the preliminary time and attempt. be effective to make sure and follow the instructions on the grout bags to make particular a uniform colour and powerful grout set. MT C
Q:I am looking for 1/2inch cement board is 3x5 sheets. Where is the cheapest place to get it?? THANKS!?
GL Unless your a contractor and can get it at the local tile distributor HD or Lowes is your best bet. Just make sure you put it down according to manufactures specs.. ( Its the same for the American Tile Counsels)

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