Polypropylene Staple Fiber for Engineering

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Product Description:

1, PP Staple Fiber

PP fiber for engineering can enhance a lot the crack resistance, anti-permeability,abrasion performance, frost-resistance, anti-detonating   and  workability of mortar and concrete.  They perform great reinforcement because of the uniform distribution of tens of thousand fiber in the mortar and concrete,thus keeping the whole structure ,avoiding the structure struck to be decentralized fragment ,preventing the steel to be corroded, lengthening a lot the using life of the project and reducing the maintaining cost of the project .

2,Application of  PP Staple Fiber

Used for crack-resistance putty powder,heat retaining mortar, concrete, structural engineering surface, wall,ground, pool,undercroft, and road and bridge project,have the properties of anti-permeability and crack resistance, wear resistance,high tenacity,anti-shock,anti-burst and pulling resistance and can enhance the binding force between the old and new surface.Cement and mortar Painting of In-and-out door ,air-entrapping concrete   plasterer,putty of indoor decoration and heat remaining mortar

Anti-burst and fire resistance projectCivil military engineering,petroleum,chimney,anti-fire materials.

Spraying concreteChannel,culvert,thin wall,slope strengthening

Rigid self-waterproof structure of concrete

Baseboard of undercroft,side wall,roof board,cast-in-place floor,pool and so on.project demanding high crack resistance,anti-shock,wearing resistance, irrigation works,railways,runway of airfield,port and pier,surface of viaduct , bridge pier,overlong structure

3.Advice on construction:

The mixed quantity of every CBM mortar for  common plastering mortar:0.9-1.2kg,usually 1kg/m³

The mixed quantity of one ton mortar for heat maintaining mortar 1-3kg

The mixed quantity of every CBM concrete:0.6-1.8kg

4.Technological index



The type of fiber

Bunchy Single fiber


0 .91

Anti-pulling strength


Anti acid and alkali

Extremely strong

Elasticity modulus


Melting point





Material without poison

Water absorption


Thermal conductance

Extremely bad

Stretching limitation


Low temperature resistance





Polypropylene Staple Fiber for Engineering

Polypropylene Staple Fiber for Engineering

Polypropylene Staple Fiber for Engineering


We have organized several common questions for our clients,may help you sincerely:

1>How about your company?

A manufacturer & supplier focuses on the production of PP staple fiber which is used as the raw material of textile, automotive interior etc. We have exported this product to Amereica, Europe and South East Asia. Customized product is also available based on your detailed requirements.

2> What's the MOQ?

We kindly recommend 1x40'HQ as the price would be economical based on large loading quantity.

3>How long can we receive the product after purchase?

It takes about 1 to 2 weeks to finish the production based on the specific production schedual. Then it will depend on the shipping time from loading port to the destination port.

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Q:Nine plate and MDF specific differences, their respective uses?
Mainly used to strengthen wood flooring, door panels, partitions, furniture and so on. MDF is mainly used for surface treatment of blending process in home decoration.
Q:What are the benefits of bamboo fiber products?
Bamboo fiber can automatically adjust the temperature and humidity, it can significantly reduce the dry skin due to drying, peeling and itching of the skin
Q:What is nonwoven fiber?
Nonwoven fabric production technology originated in the paper and felt. Early nonwoven fabrics were treated with waste cotton or textile waste, and were used as low wadding mats or thermal insulation materials. After 50s, the chemical fiber production technology development greatly, textile fabrics can be improved, acupuncture, tufting, stitching and other technologies have been adopted, natural fiber and chemical fiber nonwoven cloth production increased, use widely. The manufacturing methods of nonwoven fabrics are divided into two categories, dry method and wet method.
Q:What is a new type of recycled fiber?
Tencel fiber, Modal fiber, soybean protein fiber, bamboo fiber and viscose chitin fiber, and compared the physical properties of these 5 kinds of new regenerated fiber and viscose, cotton, silk, wool and fiber; method of identification of these new regenerated fiber were studied, using microscope identification, then with dissolution method, to verify the combustion method and coloring method.
Q:What's the difference between high-density and solid wood boards?
MDF, also called fiberboard. Wood fiber or other plant fiber as raw material, the use of urea formaldehyde resin or other applicable adhesive made of artificial board, according to its density, divided into high-density panels, MDF, low-density panels. MDF is easy to reprocess because of its soft and impact resistance. In foreign countries, MDF is a good material for making furniture. However, the quality of MDF in our country has yet to be improved due to the fact that the standard of the national standard is several times lower than that of the international standard.
Q:Polyester and polyester fabrics are good
Polyester fiber (polyester fibre) synthetic fiber polyester fabric is composed of organic acid and diol which is prepared by spinning the. Polyester chain research report pointed out: industrialization, a large number of polyester fiber is made from polyethylene terephthalate, China's product called polyester.
Q:What is the difference between microfiber fabric and modal fabric? What is the use?
Superfine fiber is widely used: use it as a fabric, the sand washing, sanding and other advanced finishing surface to form a layer of similar peach skin hair appearance, and extremely loose and soft, smooth, made of this fabric, high-grade fashion jacket, T-shirt, underwear, and other cool and comfortable skirt sweat, stickless, full of youthful beauty; foreign made with microfiber senior suede, both like leather appearance, texture, style, and low price; the above fiber thin and soft, use it to make an excellent decontamination effect can wipe clean cloth, all kinds of glasses, video equipment, precision the instrument, on the mirror without damage; using superfine fiber can be made into a super high density fabric surface is very smooth, used for skiing, skating, swimming and other sports clothing can reduce the resistance, help the athletes to create a good performance; in addition Superfine fiber can also be used in many fields such as filtration, medical treatment, labor protection and so on.
Q:Compared with the traditional reinforcement technology, the reinforcement effect of CFRP sheets is different from the traditional reinforcement technology What's the price of carbon fiber reinforcement?
The carbon fiber reinforcement strength mainly depends on carbon fiber reinforcement drawings, drawings of carbon fiber reinforced high strength, the carbon fiber reinforced the price of intangible higher, the price will be appropriate to lower prices is carbon fiber reinforcement and a factor of carbon fiber reinforcement area and reinforcement strength is not how much high carbon fiber, carbon fiber reinforced carbon fiber reinforced area so the price will be cheaper, the price will be high price and amount of reinforcement of carbon fiber reinforced carbon fiber is not great
Q:What is the difference between polyester fiber and viscose fabric? Which cost is higher?
Polyester fiber, commonly known as polyester, polyester, the drawback is airtight, do not sweat, is a lot of clothes, socks, there are ingredients, a cheaper kind
Q:Will the clothes of polyester fiber shrink in hot water?
Generally, polyester fiber and nylon (nylon) are synthetic fibers, which have poor moisture absorption, so the clothes of this kind of fabric do not absorb sweat very much.

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