Polyethylene Polypropylene Fiber Waterproof Material

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200000 g/m²/month

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Product Description:

Product Description:

Polyethylene polypropylene fiber composite waterproof coiled material is made  according to the new requirements of our country modern waterproof engineering of waterproof, seepage control material  by the new requirements.The product uses product polypropylene non-woven fabrics, polyethylene as the main raw materials and by the anti-aging agent,uses high-tech, new technology, new process and become a kind of multilayer as one of the polymer polyethylene polypropylene fiber composite waterproof roll material.It completely changed the problem that can be constructed because of wet cement  at the grassroots level and  high moisture content in construction industry.It can directly  concrete structure surface bonding. This product has good waterproof propertie,  non-toxic, tasteless, tensile strength, strong permeability resistance, cold resistance, corrosion resistance, easy to paste, clear, simple operation, good flexible, weight is not hot, not oil, construction noise.It  is a kind of ideal green environmental protection products in the new century.

Product Feature:

Series coil is composed of diferent  multilayer composite materials , making the product comprehensive increasing significantly, especially the product separating with aging proof layer, thus greatly improving the service life of the product.  The area is large, so it can be directly with cement adhesive on the cement building structure, waterproof, seepage control.It  can also be set directly in the process of cement solidification and build by laying bricks or stones.Mesh on the surface of the cement slurry may go into the coil, the cement solidified into an organic whole, so the bonding is permanent and firm, not easy to peel.Membrane surface can be directly for decoration, decorate (like sticks ceramic tile, floor tile, Mosaic, wipe the slurry, etc.).The construction quality is reliable.

Product Specification:


Polyethylene polypropylene fiber waterproof membrane


Polyethylene Polypropylene Fiber Waterproof Material

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Q:What is the car material so that the car can be waterproof, in the rain will not leak in?
 C. metal technology and other: metal technology refers to the aluminum plate and other metal plate through the machine to suppress the concavity and convex surface, and then made of metal paint color, and finally after grinding, drawing and other production of the car stickers (car standard); Area can not be too large, can only be used for a small range of iconic car stickers.
Q:FRP finished brush on what can be waterproof do not fade
FRP appearance is the use of gel coat, we do the appearance of glass steel yacht are gel coat, also known as plastic shell, resin gel coat, etc., the color can be customized in the factory, Nanjing DSM company there.
Q:What decoration materials, light and water, and the wall, the perfect combination of glass
Five, scraping gum The excess residue of the material to be scratched, scraping plastic tool angle consistent, at one go, scraping gum immediately after the completion of tearing tape or grain pattern paper. Remove the excess glass compound, if stains, can be removed with a damp cloth. Six, finished product protection Do not touch within 24 hours, do not press within 48 hours.
Q:A complete set of basement waterproof construction program
2.2 site preparation 2.2.1 external wall of the pull bolts should be cut off in advance, wooden blocks removed after the use of cement mortar smooth. 2.2.2 grass-roots should be clean, concrete joints processing flat, made at the corner of the yin and yang ...
Q:Roof for the insulation, Master roof, using two waterproof construction program
Construction of roof waterproofing membrane First, the process (hot melt construction) Clean up the grass-roots → brushing the primary treatment agent → paving the film additional layer → paving the film → hot melt sealing side → water test → protective layer
Q:Finished house bathroom waterproof household acceptance should be how to accept?
2: waterproof layer should be extended from the ground to the wall, 250mm above the ground. Bathroom wall waterproof layer height of not less than 1800mm.
Q:Eastern rainbow waterproof how to do
especially small places to pay attention, such as: sewer such as. And then dry about 10 hours or more, (see the environment may be, like a dry) so repeated 3 side painting is appropriate.
Q:How does the finished ventilator manufacturer waterproof?
do not play any silicone and tape, to avoid the silicone tape aging caused by leakage hazards. Can be done once and for all.
Q:Nanning building waterproof material market where
This depends on what you need packaging materials, and if it is some packaging rope or paper or process raw materials and other different materials to find a different place, generally sold outside the packaging is more like Nanning near the train station Or the trading market,
Q:How to ensure the waterproof quality of the underground shear wall (retaining wall)?
2, when the basement depth is large, it is impossible to dig a place in time, you can use the reverse construction method, that is, dig a certain depth, then finished a section of retaining wall, to be a certain strength, and then open Dig, do the next retaining wall, and in this order until the construction to the specified design depth.

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