Polyethylene-Insulated Guiding Cable Signal Transmission

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Polyethylene-Insulated Guiding Cable Signal Transmission


Main Structure of Polyethylene-Insulated Guiding Cable

PE  insulated guiding cable is suitable for the signal transmission in the  longitudinal distance protection and distribution equipments, and the  telephone communication, wave-carrier communication and high frequency  communication protection. 



Product Feature

1、Advanced  techniques ensure that the product has steady signal transmission and  reduce the rate of occurrence of doing wrong operation on the equipment.

2、It can be laid together with the power cable in the same channel. We usually adopt the manner of burying directly. 

3、The structure of screen makes the product have the resistance of lightning strike.

4、This  product is suitable for the longitudinal distance protection and signal  transmission which has a large capacity and short distance high voltage  transmit electricity wires.






Copper core PE insulated copper wires braiding screened PVC sheathed guiding cable



Copper core PE insulated copper wires braiding screened PE sheathed guiding cable


Copper core PE insulated Al-plastic composite tape screened PVC sheathed guiding cable


Copper core PE insulated Al-plastic composite tape screened P E guiding cable


Copper core PE insulated Al wire screened PVC sheathed guiding cable


Copper core PE insulated Al wire screened PE sheathed guiding cable


Copper core PE insulated fine steel wire armoured PVC sheathed guiding cable


Copper core PE insulated fine steel wire armoured PE sheathed guiding cable




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Q:Running power cable through the wall from behind my LCD?
That is against fire code, and could void your home-owner's insurance. An electrician can move your outlet for you for about $70.
Q:What does the cable ZR-YJV22-4 * 16 mean?
ZR-YJV1KV6mm ^ 2 * 3 for the copper core flame retardant XLPE insulated PVC sheathed power cable, three core, nominal cross-section 6 square millimeters, rated voltage 1kV, model specifications specification: ZR-YJV1KV3X6mm ^ 2.
Q:Where do u put the cables?
Run the power cable under the carpet on the side of the car with the battery and the signal cables under the carpet on the opposite side so that they don't catch any interference from one another. If you don;t know how to do it properly you may want to pay someone else to do it or try searching online for a guide on what exactly to do.
Q:What is the name of this computer psu power adapter cable from psu to 9600 graphics card....?
PCI express 4 pin to 6 pin power adapter it takes the 2 4 pin molex connectors that connect to a fan or a CD rom or hard drive/ect into 1 pci express 6 pin adapter. People use them if they don't have the 6 pin pci express on their power supply they use the adapter to connect extra 4 pin molexes to use for their video card/devices
Q:Power Failure-Cable TV Won't Work?
Yes, there is. Probably either a fuse blew cutting power to the distribution amplifier or the DA itself failed due to surges surrounding the power failure.
Q:Brief description of the difference between cable and cable.
Will not interfere with the middle there is no strong electricity! Cable no problem, may be the cable signal as before, you can use a waterproof tape wrapped up ah, do not exposed ah! If the wall with 220V power, then it is easy to string into the TV, the consequences ...
Q:How much amp does an ordinary power amplifier cable might have?
Yes many people use welding cable as long as its sufficient size, its usually the exact same thing as car audio power wire. 200 amps for how long? The longer the run of wire, the thicker you need. What gauge is it?
Q:What power cable to choose for electric meter?
What did the electrician say? This is not exactly a DIY project, because it requires inspection and possibly permits. You cannot connect this yourself. The size if the wire is related to the material, distance, and power. It may also be related to local practices. The old 60 amp service entrance is illegal, so you may have to upgrade to 200 amp which would be way different for wire size. An electrician will know the codes relevant to your situation. You can probably get the wire at a home improvement or electrical supply house but the electrician will have to make the connections. Plus, it keeps you from frying yourself or the electric company from pulling the plug.
Q:power and control cable can be installed in seperate parallel conduits?
Yes, on both questions. To be extra safe, use steel conduit. It kills the EMF better
Q:Is it okay to have a 1200 watt power cable hooked up to a 400 watt amp?
You wont see any problem as far as the cable is concerned, as each device deteremines it's own resistance, and which will result in a specific amperage being drawn from the system (constant voltage), so no need to worry about that. The one issue you will want to address is making sure you reduce your fuse amperage. You want your fuses to be rated just over what you system should normally draw. Any more and your system might be damaged if it ever experiences a short, as your fuse might not respond as quickly as one with the correct rating. (There are several other reasons to use the correct fuse, but you get the idea, it's just safer and smarter) I'm assuming you are refering to 1200w Max power when referring to cable, which would probably be something like an 8Guage, hich probably has a 40Amp fuse, which is a pretty solid choice for a system under 500w (assuming you are referring again to max, not rms). You might want to swap it out for a 30 amp, thought, just to be on the safe side. If you are reffering to 1200w rms, then you have a 1 guage or so cable, and you probably have anywhere from 80-150 amp fuse using either Maxi or ANL fuses. If this is the case, that's fine, just make sure you switch out those fuses for the lowest ones you can get. I beleive ANL start at 100amps, but I think you can get maxi's as low as 60 amps. (Anything you need can be gotten at BestBuy, Circuit, or any local audio shops)

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