Polyethylene-Insulated Guiding Cable Signal Transmission

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Polyethylene-Insulated Guiding Cable Signal Transmission


Main Structure of Polyethylene-Insulated Guiding Cable

PE  insulated guiding cable is suitable for the signal transmission in the  longitudinal distance protection and distribution equipments, and the  telephone communication, wave-carrier communication and high frequency  communication protection. 



Product Feature

1、Advanced  techniques ensure that the product has steady signal transmission and  reduce the rate of occurrence of doing wrong operation on the equipment.

2、It can be laid together with the power cable in the same channel. We usually adopt the manner of burying directly. 

3、The structure of screen makes the product have the resistance of lightning strike.

4、This  product is suitable for the longitudinal distance protection and signal  transmission which has a large capacity and short distance high voltage  transmit electricity wires.






Copper core PE insulated copper wires braiding screened PVC sheathed guiding cable



Copper core PE insulated copper wires braiding screened PE sheathed guiding cable


Copper core PE insulated Al-plastic composite tape screened PVC sheathed guiding cable


Copper core PE insulated Al-plastic composite tape screened P E guiding cable


Copper core PE insulated Al wire screened PVC sheathed guiding cable


Copper core PE insulated Al wire screened PE sheathed guiding cable


Copper core PE insulated fine steel wire armoured PVC sheathed guiding cable


Copper core PE insulated fine steel wire armoured PE sheathed guiding cable




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It wont hurt anything.. You can always go larger, but the 7 ga will be hard to work with and attach to smaller wires...Unless you are using a very small guage 26 or something, it wont make any difference in your reception... Replacing the antenna, adding an antenna tuner, remounting the antenna to a different location, phasing two cb antennas and tuning to the exact frequency or channel you use most of the time will improve the reception and transmission.. You need a SWR meter to do this...
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Q:20 tons of double beam traffic acceptance standards and content which
Change the data line ah, often with non-original battery will be filled with bad
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220V is phase voltage. Then line voltage will be 3^-2 *220 =381V.The current will be 63A.(41.6/3*220 ).The specification of cable is 3phase 4wire 400V. 50mm^2(if aluminum) or 25mm^2(copper) UG cable . If neutral wire is not required, cable will be 3 wire type.
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