Polyethylene Core Sandwiched Aluminum Composite Panel

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China main port
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1000 m²
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500000 m²/month

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Item specifice:

aluminum: sandwiched core

Product Description:

Polyethylene Core Sandwiched Aluminum Composite Panel

  • Structure

  1. Fangda aluminum composite panel is composed of a polyethylene core sandwiched between two sheets of aluminum. The surface of the panel is covered with a protective peel-off-foil.

  2. Outdoor aluminum plastic composite panel is coated with fluorocarbon resin (PVDF) on the surface, while indoor aluminum plastic composite panel is coated with polyester.

  • Features

  1. Light weight, high strength and rigidity

  2. Superior weather resistance and ultraviolet (UV) resistance, good color and gloss retention, suitable for all natural environmental situations, temperature ranged from -40℃ to +85℃.

  3. Good acidity and alkalinity resistance

  4. Flat and smooth surface

  5. Good processability, easy to be cut, tailored, bent, arched and installed

  6. Good for acoustic insulation and vibration damping

  7. Good for thermal insulation

  8. Good impact resistance

  9. Wide range for color selection, pretty and elegant in color

  10. Difficult to be contaminated, easy to be cleaned

  • Surface coating

    The surface of Fangda aluminum plastic composite panel are coated with PVDF resin based on Kynar500 (more than 70%)


 Item Result

 Testing standard         

 Pencil Hardness ≥1H ASTMD3363
 Color Retention Accelerated test 4000 hours, maximum 5 units ASTMD2244
 Gloss Retention Accelerated test 4000 hours, 90% ASTMD2244
 Chalk Accelerated test 4000 hours, maximum 8 units ASTMD659
 Flexibility (T shape bending) 1T, no cracked ASTMD4145
 Adhesion 1mm x 1mm cross, no peeled off ASTMD3359
 Impact No cracked, no dropped out ASTMDD2794
 Falling sand, sand blast pass ASTMD968
 Salt fog Spray For 3000 hours (5%NaCI, 35℃) ASTMDB117
 Humidity For 3000 hours (100%RH, 35℃) ASTMD714
 Mortar Resistance No change ASTMD605.2-7.7.2
 Acidity and Alkalinity Pass ASTMD1308


  • Performance

    1. Physical property


 Item Unit


          3mm           4mm

 Area Density Kg/m2          3.86            5.59 ASTMD792
 Temperature difference resistance GB/TD17748
 Thermal Expansion Coefficient X10-5          3.59            3.18 ASTMD696
 Temperature for thermal deformation ℃          113             110 ASTMD648
 Thermal Conductivity (appearance) W/m.k               0.15-0.19 GB10294
 Sound insulation dB           25               26 ASTME413


    2. Mechanical property


 Item Unit


           3mm          4mm

 Bending strength MPa            89.6          152 ASTMD393
 Bending modulus of elasticity X104MPa            2.55          3.39 ASTMD393
 Penetrating force of resistance KN            5.9           13.35 ASTMD732
 Shear strength MPa            24.0         42.15 ASTMD903
 Peel-off strength N/mm            8.47         10.7 ASTMD732


  • Color of the products

    There is a wide range of colors available for Fangda aluminum panels. Customers can either select a color from the standard samples or specify a color other than standard color. The specific patterns (wood, marble, granite effect) are also available for Fangda aluminum plastic composite panels.

  • Application

    Fangda panels can be used as curtain wall, interior decoration, display units, signboards and partitioning for exhibition stands, shop fittings, vehicle bodies, furniture, spandrel panels, ceilings.


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