Polyester Silk Shaggy Carpet

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Product Description:

This carpet is made by Polyester yarn. It is shining, modern and fashionable.  

1. material: acrylic,or polyester, or polyester and silk, or multi-structure

2. patern: shaggy

3. design: many different fashonable design

4. pile height: 3cm--4cm

5. weight: 2000g--4000g

6. backing: white or grey canvas of backing with latex

7. color: various and can be made as buyer's requirement

8. size: 140x200cm, 160 x 230cm, 200 x 300 cm, etc, or produced as customer's requirement

9.  payment: T/T, L/C

10.delivery time: within 30 days after order

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Q:carpet shampoor?
its usually blocked at the end that goes onto the carpet try cleaning that one part of the head put down the water (usually the front portion) while the back part lifts it up after a few uses the rear portion can block
Q:What harm does inferior carpet have to people?
Total volatile organic compounds is inferior in the carpet of indoor air pollutants harm in a serious, can cause the body's immune imbalance, affecting the central nervous system function, make the body dizziness, chest distress and other symptoms in a short period of time. Long term exposure can cause convulsions and memory loss, which can damage the liver, kidneys and even increase the risk of leukemia.
Q:How to get dry smeared nailpolish out of carpets?!?!!?!?
I truthfully have stumbled on a mix that works miracles in this problem. Make a mix of one section ketchup, one section grain alcohol, one section vanilla frozen yogurt and one section writer 1st baron verulam grease. Rub it into the carpet with a brillo pad for a competent reliable quarter-hour and then watch it artwork like magic to do away with your stain! good luck!
Q:How to get woolite out of carpet?
maybe try a carpet cleaner with just water in it and no cleaning solution. Since the carpet cleaner will suck the water back out maybe it will suck the woolite out of it as well! Good Luck
Q:Stair carpet, press bar, press plate
The carpet pressure roller is used in the ground inside of the corner, in steps, stairs, the quota items of different materials of carpet pressure stick is very clear;
Q:Carpet Measurement Question?
It depends on which wall the closet is on as far as the run if it needs a seam or not. Basically for the 2 rooms you need approx 504 sf (12 x 42) plus the closet which will be 12 x 2.5 or 30 sf. This is approx, but you can't get carpet that exact simply because it comes in 12' width's. So you are looking at 534 or 535 sf. As the guy says below, you can figure on about a 5% waste factor.
Q:carpet cleaning services?
you can seldom go wrong with SERVPRO. they're on Miller Avenue in Jackson.
Q:20 gallons of water leaked onto carpet?
Assuming the carpet does not have a separate foam underlayment, rent or buy a high end wet/dry shop vac and vacuum the carpet repeatedly to remove the maximum amount of water. Shampoo the carpet to remove / neutralize the nitrates, then vacuum thoroughly again. Use a fan-type electric heater to blow warm air over the surface of the carpet continuously. Keep the room well-ventilated. If you can, remove the baseboards and use the vacuum to suck out all the water you can then reverse the hose on the vacuum and blow warm air all along the baseboard. If you can get the carpet thoroughly dry within 48 hours, you're unlikely to develop a mold problem. If however, there is a separate foam underlayment, your only option is to lift the carpet and dry or replace the underlay.
Q:Will a carpeted floor crack in the sun?
Floor cracking is mainly caused by wood drying and water loss resulting in shrinkage deformation,
Q:Remove carpet in mobile home ?
Placing one carpet over the top of another carpet allows the top carpet to move around when you walk on it, and wears the top carpet out quickly. The original carpet could be attached to the floor with carpet tack strips, glue or staples. If tack strips were used, it will be a quick change you can do yourself. If it was glued or stapled, you will have to pull it up and remove the staples. Mobile homes come with the carpet stapled to the floor, sometimes before the walls are built and the walls set on the carpet. If this is the case, you will need to take a utility razor knife and cut around the edges of the wall to pull the carpet up. If you have tack board around the edge of the room, you can reuse it. If you don't have tack board, you will have to instal it before you can instal new carpet. It is easy to do, after removing the old carpet, just go around the room with the tack board and nail it to the floor about 1/2 inch from the wall. Next lay new padding and staple it to the floor. Again, don't try to reuse the old padding, it will wear out the new carpet quickly. Attach the carpet over the tack strip on one side of the room by laying the carpet on the tack strip and then pushing down on the carpet with the head of a flat metal object. Once you have one side attached, stretch the carpet to the opposite side of the room and attach the carpet to the tack board. Then do one side and then the other side. If you are going to seam the carpets together where they meet in a door way, do that prior to attaching that side of the carpet to the tack board. Easy to do, just time consuming. You can purchase a carpet stretcher for around $20 at Harbor Freight Stores. You can get a utility razor knife for around $1. It comes with 3 spare blades, and when your blades get dull, it is cheaper to buy a new knife with 3 blades, than to purchase replacement blades.

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